Ann Frances Ellis: Near Death Experience (NDE)

Ann Frances Ellis: Near Death Experience (NDE)

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Ann Frances Ellis, author of “Revelations of Profound Enjoy,” was two a long time old when she wriggled from her father’s arms and slipped beneath the floor of the Potomac River. She recounts her Near Death Experience in which she communicated with “a wonderful girl” prior to coming back again into her body. At the age of 32 she experienced a mystical experience of Divine Really like. Ann tells us about her e-book and the several elements of “Profound Appreciate.”

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  1. Thank you, Ann. Your insights are beautifully presented, well-organized, and so obviously from a genuine and sincere heart. Your personal story is as amazing as any NDE I have read or listened to. My best to you.

  2. I too have felt this all encompassing love, it permeated the air, it was everywhere, it surrounded me. It was a magnanimous love full of compassion, I felt protected and so safe. Life is a blessing and a gift, the good and the bad. We are here to love and help each other as best we can. Thank you for sharing your experience, much love to you!

  3. This is so inspirational. Many humans, myself included, have not been loving all the time (understatement!), but if we learn to focus on kindness and love, we can improve and advance our souls. Thank you for posting this valuable information.

  4. If you've never experienced the love that is on the other side, you'll never in your life understand it, it's simply impossible. It comes from the heart chakra, where God is in all of us and there are simply no words to describe it. It's not romantic love, it's not even the love you have for a child or pet, it is divine, pure, love and energy of oneness.

  5. Ann, I also had a "Mystical Experience", like what you speak of, and I was shown and given pure love, it came as a very sweet smelling 'mist' that rolled in through my open bedroom window early in the morning, and settled over me. I had hoped for every year thereafter for this 'experience' to repeat itself, but it only came to me that one morning, but I can never forget it, and it did change me, and this occured in my 40's, I am in my late 60's now.

  6. Ann, YES….! You're absolutely perfectly stating what Reality IS and that we are THAT too! I have had and continue to know the same experience and I just loved hearing you voice it so beautifully. Have a great day!

  7. I can personally corroborate everything she is saying, as I had a similar near death experience in 1970, and ironically wasn't able to tell hardly anyone about it, due to ridicule, but I wanted to so badly, cause I knew that such knowledge could forever change our world for the better. We all need to soften our hearts to have heaven on earth. Thanks for this video. J. Neiss

  8. That which is in/of the higher dimensions can't be contained in words, can't be delivered in 3D. Almost everything we think we know – well, we're wrong about it, starting with who/what we are. We're taught/programmed to identify with the body-mind, the ego-mind. That's a costume for the awareness we are. We cannot die. We just ARE.

    My words for that are Source-in-form, but again, no words can convey it. Nor do they need to, since that's what we already are (& always have been). Source is Love so that Love flowing about which she speaks so beautifully – that IS Source.

    Our job isn't to find some way to be that Love – since we're already That. Our job, instead, is to get out of its way. It's the body-mind ego thing with all of its thoughts & beliefs, it's programming, that blocks the flow; nothing else. No, nothing. That makes you & me the only one standing in our way. No one else can since Source transcends all.

  9. I just love this lady!
    I had an NDE too and indeed it was only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
    Sometimes I make a joke and say to people; the best experience of my life is when I died. But it is not a joke, it is the truth that I understand….and others… is a pity that it is not everyone, because this will change the world society, we will change, we will love, police would be helpful and loveable, politicians would rule with their hearts ending poverty and giving chances to all humans. I know it sounds like Cinderella or Snowwhite…I know, but that is still my wish.

  10. Thank you for your testimony and knowledge. I learned something new. I didn't think any suicides made it to heaven. I have Family members who killed themselves. I also did not think Gays were in Heaven either. My brother killed his girlfriend then himself. He might not have made it, but who knows. Learning more thanks due to nde's. God Bless Everyone.

  11. I don’t know how I was able to see it…but when my father died I saw a light and a being made of light collect him. The being showed me the intense love. The love was almost crippling. I was pulled into a life review and then I was back in this reality. I wasn’t asleep either. it was the middle of the day. Love was the message.