She DIED & Encountered Her DEAD Brother On The Other Side – Near Death Experience

She DIED & Encountered Her DEAD Brother On The Other Side – Near Death Experience

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  1. God yaldebaoith he is a lesser God he is evil Saturn represents time time is temporal everything that is temporal has a season and a cycle that keeps repeating our energy is needed for food for the archons and the chief archon Yaldebaoith this world was never good and it never will be good we are living in a frequency we have to change our frequency and we will be living in the garden of Eden again. Coming into the body was the fall of Man the tree of life is our central nervous system which gives us our five senses that allows us to see 0.003% of the spectrum and also to perceive that much of the spectrum we are God's but do not know it because God sold the fig leaves for Adam and Eve to cloak down and keep them in ignorance a cloaked them with the lies of him being God and Jesus is the serpent in the garden Jesus and Lucifer are very similar they are trying to wake people up to tell us who we really are. We are unconditional love once you have that your ego your your addictions everything melts away. You have to clean your inside of the house before the outside of the house.

  2. A lot of comments are very harsh here. I am a retired therapist and a reiki master. Her report of trauma from abuse and the ensuing victim is causing the problem is unfortunately very common. It is also very common for you f people who are abused to be heavily medicated with extremely strong medication that often damage a person who is still developing their brain even more. Please try to have compassion for trauma victims, especially ones that find a spiritual path to rise above.

  3. I do not believe that going out and being an activist or demonstrating anything is good your precious soul energy is being wasted on hating a structure of this world that has always been here you must be like a Taoist where are you let it flow and you raise your vibration to unconditional love and everything else will melt away you can be a voice for all the victims of the world but that will not raise your soul level out of here you have to be at the point where the world does not recognize you this is a frequency.

  4. I’m curious if her NDE is not related at all to the opinions she is expressing as the interview progresses, or did her NDE actually cause those opinions because of other details that occurred during the NDE? I also feel that her mother’s abuse has caused a rather depressing feeling I get from her?