Preston Dennett – UFO Investigator Talks Alien Agenda and MORE!

Preston Dennett – UFO Investigator Talks Alien Agenda and MORE!

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  1. I'm from Armero Colombia. I was eighteen when the volcano event happened, we used to live on the other side of the mudslide (we did not heard any explosion but it seems the top of the mountain a dormant volcano, had been getting warmer and all the melted snow created a huge mudslide that went down the mountain and buried almost everyone). I have never ever heard of ETs help or anything like it. I really doubt the information at the 53 minutes mark, this happened during the night when we were sleeping and he says they were collecting people in the morning…… Nope. In the morning all people were dead and just a very few were on top of trees and roofs. My cousin doctor was on the hospital roof for a week waiting for the helicopters to save the people in most danger before them. The first person who realized what happened was a commercial airplane pilot traveling from Cali to Medellin at 6 am next day) That wasn't a village either it was a small city with all kind of services and 24.000 people living in it.

  2. He is absolutely accurate. ET’s cannot interfere with our karma or lessons we need to learn, in any way. They can’t come and be belligerent toward us, or try to tell us what to do. But they can send ships down to help us move into the New Earth (the 5th Dimension). These ships send pure energy (from Source) to the Earth’s core and bounce back again. This sends healing properties through to help our Mother Earth heal from all the damage we’ve done to her (Thanks to your Boring company, Elon Musk, and many others who are guilty as well). In the New Earth, we will automatically be psychic, live eternally, not have to work for money, can live there forever if we want. Or we can move on to other, higher realms and/or other planets. We will work for Mother Earth and what we need will be provided for us, or we can move on.

  3. Thanks a lot Preston and Jeff. I really believe in UFOs now. Mainly from watching this podcast. I’ve believed in them since the 70s. But no one was mentioning them to me and they just weren’t anything that I was considering.

  4. Jeff I wanted to tell you about an experience that my wife and I , her mother and father and aunt and uncle all saw . the thing. IN 1962 in late summer we traveled from So. Calif. to Hill AFB in Utah and my wife's uncle who was in the air force took us up in the mountains close to the base to look at the lights and while we were parked close to a huge canyon there as a large ball came down over the hill on the other side of the canyon which was about a half a mile a way, It was a really bright white ball and moved down the hill really slow until about half way down then stopped and
    went back over the hill at an extreme speed and disappeared.

  5. I’m sorry but this guy seems really naive and uninformed. He’s laughing and giggling like it’s a laughing matter. Is he not aware of the abductions and the cattle mutilations? So quick to forget their hidden agenda? Pretending along with Steven Greer that it’s all going to be roses and unicorns when they are using us to save their own race, and have as much regard for us as we do for ants.

  6. Steven Greer and CE-5 is 100% real and anyone can do it. If one wants to see a UFO, they can wait their entire life trying believing it's a "random" occurrence. Do not HOPE it will happen, MAKE it happen. Here is the recipe: go somewhere secluded with a good view of the sky, a field or a beach are great places. Being secluded with nobody around is very important because they do not want to affect consciousnesses that aren't prepared or ready for this. Step 2: get into a heightened state of consciousness/ meditative state. Drop all information in your mind that in not necessary at that moment. Become absorbed in the present moment. Step 3: broadcast your mind to the universe like a radio beacon, visualize it. Blast your consciousness to the universe, show your mind, show your power, show them where you are, push your pure intentions through your signal. Step 4: visualize the flight path to your location. Step 5: speak to them, ask them if any intelligent beings are in the area, ask them to show you, ask using only good intentions: love, knowledge, adventure, curiosity, friendship, possibility, wonder.
    This is actually very easy to do but it takes an open mind, courage, pure intentions, heightened consciousness and love. Most people lack the courage to go out in the dark where no people are around to meet beings from other places in the universe. The intention part is soo important as well, if you have bad intentions this will not happen, if you are doing this to try to make money, it will not happen, if you are doing it to prove someone wrong, it will not happen. Another thing, the more complicated, creative, beautiful the signal you broadcast, the more interest you will draw. Make them interested in you! Most importantly, believe in yourself, you are a supernatural being, powerful beyond measure, KNOW that you can do it. This has changed my life to ever and I hope it can do the same to others. Bring pure wonder into you life, magic is all around us. Good luck!!

  7. I had an experience in my car being followed. Saw it out of the corner of my eye and I just thought it was the full moon. Only it was yellow not white. But it was HUGE not goofball size. And it put itself in front of my car up in the air hovered for a few mins. Then shot sooo fast and disappeared over the hill. It was so freaky ! (And I was scared shitless !!!) I kept saying outlook to myself, "please don't abduct me !"). But I did tell family members and a few close co-workers. They didn't believe me. Asked me laughingly what I was smoking !!! Till this day I'm like what was it ? It wasn't a ship. It was like I said a huge orb. Haven't seen anything since. And no, I never called mufon or the police.