Mother of 24 Human-ALIEN Hybrids and has had a Near-Death Experience!

Mother of 24 Human-ALIEN Hybrids and has had a Near-Death Experience!

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This podcast guest is Geraldine Orozco. She is the owner of Bay Spot Meditation in San Francisco, CA. She oversees the Worldwide Experiencer Assist Team known as and she is at the moment writing her book: DNA Origins and the Hybridization Software. In 2017 She underwent numerous hypnotic regressions that uncovered a life-lengthy history of abduction and participation in human hybridization, with 24 human-alien hybrids as a consequence. In this podcast we also discuss of her NDE experience.

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  1. There's tons on the History Channel Series, Ancient Aliens about how involved the extraterrestrials are in the government/wars with evidence. Great question. Russel Brand did a great video on the 5 companies that profited from Afghanistan War, and with all the money and time there- nothing has improved for them.

  2. It’s interesting how her take is based off of free will yet there is parasitic programming. However others who have experienced nde mention this is all laid out ahead of time. I’m curious why such different perspectives

  3. She has had amazing experiences and then has retained her learning from experiences which enables us to understand some of the political agendas and the way we are linked by DNA and as a medical professional I now understand deeper knowledge of DNA’s purpose. I see many reasons why medical professionals declined the vaccine mRNA, our RNA and dna is not to be messed with; it could mess up the plan for us. God’s plan. This was fantastic linking other information together that other interviewees have touched on. As we watch your videos, Jeff, we are getting the awakening and more information as it builds our knowledge! Great video!

  4. Does that mean that our experiences on this planet are the main currency for ETs? I'm not sure if I understood that correctly. These beings feed off our energy patterns as we go through the motions of everyday existence on this planet? In this way they don't have to (or at least from their perspective they don't) experience pain, suffering and all the other aspects of the "human experience" first hand? Is that what it's all about? And do we have a say in the matter whatsoever? Do our souls agree to do this for them? Are forced into this? I have so many questions I don't even know where to begin!

  5. I think about some of the things your guest speaks of. The design of our food being altered, countries being kept in a state of war, how much free will do most people actually have access to. I find it quite interesting that she touched on so many of them. It is all quite curious that there have been so many alterations, and basically none of them actually improvements. We are not doing biological uplifting on this planet. We make MORE but we do not make better. In many ways it is as if humanity is being kept beneath the wheel, for some reason.

  6. One of the best podcast from Jeff. Unfortunately, I can feel that the experience with the Grey aliens was really painful for her, I feel sorry for her. Besides that, she is full of insanely (true for me) insight. THANKS!!

  7. 1. I'm roused from sleep by police pounding on my bedroom door. I am in my early 20's. I am female. Apparently my Christian roommates heard some weird shit going on in my bedroom which I have no recollection of, and they won't talk about.
    2. Months later, I am struck with intense pain in my left ovary. I am rushed into surgery with an ectopic pregnancy. I have not had intercourse in YEARS, being a devout Christian. The surgeon therefore rules it as an ovarian cyst.
    3. Roughly ten years later, I'm waking up, and suddenly I see something like a telescope appear in front of my eyes. Through this "telescope", I see the face of a boy alien. He has a large, hairless head, enormous hazel eyes, indiscernible ears and nose, and a slit for a mouth. I have hazel eyes. He is smiling at me while tilting his head left to right. By this time I do realize that we are not alone in the Universe, and I send him a telepathic greeting. He seems to receive it, and the conduit closes. THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SO HELP ME GOD.

  8. I'm sure not everyone can relate to this type of experience. But as others here have commented, this woman has gained vast knowledge that most couldn't process. it's pretty heavy stuff. But I know as a counselor and from my study, that what she is speaking about regarding fragmentation is very true. I believe many need the healing Christ to gain wholeness. Another thought I have is I don't embrace the concept that anything controls me or my DNA. That's where God comes in because He gives mankind free will and I know from my personal study and experience that our DNA can be cleansed spiritually from all ancestral weaknesses, tendencies or fragmentation because Jesus provided freedom for all past root issues that we may need to be free of. I would also be interested in knowing if this woman has learned how to break her bloodline free of the alien ancestral contracts, so that her family and descendants are not controlled by these alien contracts in any way, as they have been in the past. Lastly, I do not agree with her that her contacts are helpful or non intrusive. She was kidnapped and I see that as control against her will, along with forced hybrid children. I see that as an ancestral root that wasn't and isn't healthy. I don't see that as a personal contract but an ancestral one, based on a spiritual portal that was left open by an ancestor, through error or deception. If she came to that understanding, she could break that intrusion in her life and from her bloodline. Their input may seem helpful now but her life is being influenced by that contact in a way that she isn't aware of. Deception is the nature of any trespassing entity. I have had a strong education in the realm of darkness and understand it very well and how to stop all such trespassing forces. The control they have exercised at times is key to their function in someone's life. Alien forces who have had contracts with her ancestors doesn't give them a right to her present family. They have been given divine free will if those choose it. If she resisted their influence, she would see how quickly they would react.