NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES of Sharon Milliman Part 1 | She Died Four Times and Saw Jesus Face to Face!!

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES of Sharon Milliman Part 1 | She Died Four Times and Saw Jesus Face to Face!!

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NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES of Sharon Milliman Component 1 | She Died 4 Periods and Saw Jesus Confront to Encounter!!

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  1. What I don’t understand is that none of these people mention God’s Grace and the gift of salvation due to his sacrifice on the cross and our acceptance of Jesus as our Savior!That makes me wonder about the authenticity of their stories!

  2. What a beautiful woman! I am one of those she mentions who say that Jesus is a story. Naturally I listen to her lovely testimony and let it be what it is without trying to fit it into a box. Like David Wilson I was disappointed that she spoke of dying on the cross for sins, but her getoutofable hell that we choose to go to is wholly credible. Come on part 2.

  3. This confirms what I just realized. I’ve been shown so many dreams of war and natural disasters. I didn’t realize before that she mentioned seeing the future and how awful it could turn out. Ken Leth saw the same in his NDE and visions dating back to 1963. I think humans have been here before. Every time we fail. We blow up our great civilizations and turn to war after suffering through lack and greed and sin. The world does not have to be blown up again like we did before. The world does not have to be like the days of Noah again and washed away. If we don’t grow up and rise up and help one another it will not be a world anyone wants to be in.

  4. Thank You Mel Denyce and Sharon, for continuing to Shine Your Light. We just had to shed tears because of God’s and Jesus’ Great Love for Us, as shared by Sharon. Her life and afterlife stories are Always So Touching ❤