During Her Near Death Experience Susan Encountered Singing Angels and The River Of Life

During Her Near Death Experience Susan Encountered Singing Angels and The River Of Life

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Today’s Visitor is Susan Redwine. About 30 several years a go she had a profound near death experience and encountered Singing angels and the river of lifestyle. Today we will learn about it. All through her NDE experience she encountered her soul team and Saint Barnabas.

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  1. Only those that believe they visited hell rather than heaven, are full of joy. Those who believe they went to hell and back, are full of fear, and because of the hallucinations, were frightened back into the religions that they once managed to leave behind. Such was the case that follows. The neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, (who was raised in a religious household) believed that his positive thoughts of heaven during his near-death experiences were “real” … but that his negative experiences were fantasy and hallucination caused from the medicine. By the way, his brain had puss in it, so it was little wonder that he was hallucinating. From his book … Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander, M. D. come the following words … “The most interesting thing about this session of nightmares and paranoid fantasies, in retrospect, is that all of it was indeed that: a fantasy.”

  2. My experience was similarly due to rushing ahead into life and not facing a traumatic childhood. It's comforting to hear that someone else had a similar experience because I could never understand why it is that I had such an experience when I wasn't actually dying. ❤

  3. i just love this woman, i mean i truly do love her. what an awesome soul and oh my, what an awesome gift she was able to recieve – im jelous (only a tiny bit) what a beautiful experience she was taken on.
    this womans soul was in so much emotional turmoil and anguish that it was in fact killing her – but how awesome that she was given this gift of spiritual healing – wow, truely a gift from the Most High.
    thank u so very much my dearest sister for sharing your gift with us – – may all ur days be filled with abundant peace and love from THE SOURSE< GOD
    and without a dout thank YOU jeff dear, great interview as always

  4. OMG I love her! I have had the same experiences that she had…dark night of the soul for many years. I also chose to come here to break generational chains. I had a very challenging life.
    She says…..I’ve got to find love somewhere…it’s got to be here…so she kept trying to find it but nowhere to be seen. This is exactly how I felt as a child. Thank YOU for this amazing interview Jeff. It was a huge eye opener for me.

  5. Omg! I remember watching this when she was on. Of course l forgot about her story after 8 months. What a wonderful testimony! I really needed to hear her specifically tonight. God bless this precious woman. I relate to her. Not that I experienced bad things in my life. I've actually had a wonderful life and I appreciate it so much. I'm just so tired of the suffering and injustice and pain that mankind has to deal with on earth. It really warmed heart when she said everything is as it should be and go back and thank people to agree to come to this earth to learn and grow. Being on earth is a very tough place to come to so we can evolve. I can't believe l chose to come here knowing in advance it would be a tremendous challenge. Apparently everyone of us here chose the same thing. I can't wait to finish my schooling here and even if l don't graduate with honors I still want to go back home. God bless you dear and thank you.

  6. Rather revealing interview regarding the "love" situation in our world or on our planet. How is it that so many aren't feeling love or being loved? I think whatever we came in to this life to do, we need a connection to our higher self and our soul group (angels") to accomplish it. Without these, we don't have a brain – like the scarecrow from "Oz".

  7. What a lady! What a beautiful soul! One could think she's totally reliving her experience in the hereafter right in front of her screen! Thanks Jeff for inviting this very inspirational person. Very informative testimony, some of my questions kindly answered 🙂 Thank you Susan (your family name sure suits you well 🙂