Near Death Experience: More Than a Lucid Dream

Near Death Experience: More Than a Lucid Dream

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Daniel Spaulding has been a lucid dreamer due to the fact he was kid. His experiences are really vivid, authentic and enjoyable, as he has acquired to have entire control around every thing in his lucid dreamsf. Quite a few a long time later on as an adult, he had a in close proximity to dearth experience and promptly knew it was not a lucid aspiration. Daniel shares about his incredibly unique NDE, and he also goes into element of lucid dreaming.

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  1. This has got to be one of your most fascinating and enjoyable interviews, Julie! Daniel is one very clever guy to be able to lucid dream the way he can. His NDE was very enlightening and gave food for thought. Loved it xx

  2. Daniel is a great storyteller. His vivid and emotional account of his NDE was very helpful. It sounds like it was tailored for him. I don't know how he is trying to process it but I think he is putting too much thought into it. It might be better to just go along with the feeling of it. It's more about awareness than any kind of higher being or god.

  3. I've been listening to your talks and interviews via the playlists for a few weeks now (I also enjoy listening to Tricia Barker, so your channel came up as a recommendation). This fella, Daniel, sparked a lot of familiarity with what I go through. Wrestling with agnosticism, living in a conservative area, trying to neatly categorize experiences, and so on. You and he are both doing great work, as it often appears NDE conversation is going in circles (if I hear about "Maria's Shoe" one more consarn time…) and this illustrates there are still experiences and stories to be shared that shed some light on the great mystery.

  4. That was really interesting. I'm wondering if he has any sleep disorders at any point in his life that maybe gave him an easier time to lucid dream? I've done it a few times but they don't last very long.