He Knew Everything During His Near Death Experience

He Knew Everything During His Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 424 is Doug Flomer who had a near-death experience. During his NDE experience he encountered 2 power beings.

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  1. Glad this wasn't one of those religious NDE's whereby you meet Jesus or Mary.I don't believe them .This one is so explanatory and so in depth.Thankyou so much Jeff and Doug .
    From Australia.

  2. This interview was exceptional for me. The guest spoke with such simplicity, clarity and gentleness that I listened to it twice. Jeff, you’re an excellent interviewer with tremendous patience and insight asking very thought-provoking questions. Thank you for continuing this outstanding podcast.

  3. This man might be entering taboo territory. Leaving his body. It's just the look he had on his face. And the words he used…."when you sip from that fountain " he looked possessed. No harm or negative vibes. I just worry. Jeff even mentioned it. He said something like, "Maybe we're not supposed to go there while here." Because
    " We're here to experience that separation."
    Not comingle with home. It's like cheating. Or like being in a horror movie but knowing you can walk out into the well lit lobby any time. I don't know.. I am gonna try it though. I want to go places. And if I can even be above my body, that would seal the deal for me.

  4. 29:31 This is where he explains how to do an OBE "Out of body experience". Has anyone else tried it this way? I have done them just from breathing deeply. It's exactly how he describes it. If anyone who is watching tries this prepare yourself in advance to remain calm "with a still mind" so that your obe is even more enjoyable. Not that it isnt in the first place but, in my case, when I tried it as soon as my body separated I looked down from the ceiling and saw my body. I didn't have any plans on what I was going do next so I tensed up and my Vegas nerve tightened up. That instantly "yanked" me back into my body. Yank is exactly what happens. Look up "silver cord". We are each connected between our bodies, souls and the Universe. You can also read about it in the bible as well in Ecclesiastes 12:6-7