Medium James Van Praagh Reveals His Process For Communicating With Spirits

Medium James Van Praagh Reveals His Process For Communicating With Spirits

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In this interview, medium James Van Praagh describes how he communicates with our deceased loved ones in spirit. This interview addresses a lot of spiritual territory, as James Van Praagh and I talk about souls, spirit guides and how our loved ones in spirit try out to connect with us on their personal. Understand how James provides readings to the public on phase, what that experience of spirit interaction is like for him, what he is done to strengthen his capability as a medium, and what he teaches other mediums to enable them make improvements to.

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James Van Praagh has been working as a medium and teaching people today about daily life after death for over 30 many years. His initially guide, Talking To Heaven, arrived at #1 on the The New York Moments Bestseller record. Then he went on to publish Reaching To Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven And Earth, Ghosts Amongst Us, Unfinished Business, Searching Outside of (for teenagers) and his hottest book, Escalating Up In Heaven. He has also published a reserve on meditation.

James Van Praagh experienced a daytime television discuss present, Beyond With James Van Praagh, he generated a prosperous Tv set mini-series about his lifestyle on CBS entitled Living With The Dead starring Ted Danson (participating in the part of James Van Praagh) and Mary Steenburgen, manufactured The Lifeless Will Inform on that network starring Anne Heche and Eva Longoria, and was Co-Executive Producer of the CBS primetime sequence Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Appreciate Hewitt.

You can pay a visit to James Van Praagh’s web-site at where by you can sign up for his online programs, purchase autographed textbooks, check out his calendar of gatherings, and take part in his on the net chat rooms.

James has officially been “Examined As Authentic” and has attained his place on


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  1. I really like how he drew attention to the medium's ego, and its sometimes blinding effects on the message. Ive met mediums that were truly gifted, but hindered themselves in various ways by allowing ego to take over. Ive seen it prevent messages from coming through at all because the person wasn't patient with themselves. I've also seen it convolute messages because the medium translated through their own opinions and assumptions, thus adding in emotion or thought that the soul really hadn't communicated. I think its a master craft to know the fine difference between your energy and another's pushing through you, and an even finer craft to not allow your own ego to hinder ones growth and clarity in this.

  2. Where do animals, our beloved pets fit into all of this. Will we be with our pets in the life after life.  I want to go to rainbow bridge, collect all my dogs and cross the bridge together with them into heaven and stay there with them.

  3. thank you so much for this interview. I am still searching and wondering how can i contact James. It would mean the world to me to speak with him via phone. e mail if possible. in order to meet and have a private reading.  tks

  4. James, great video!  I wish to thank you for helping me to better understand this subject! Your informative YouTube videos, online Intuitive Course & programs on Spirit Talk/GaaimTv have allowed me to better embrace my own gifts & go forward in developing them without the fear & stigma! You bring to the table years of experience, skillfully combined with a tactful approach & an open heart.  You give the audience the support, the tools & the confidence to develop their own intuition & psychic abilities with a warm sense of humor!  You are a true pioneer & have elevated the standard for professionals teaching in this field! You're the REAL thing & I'm sincerely grateful!
    Love, Light & Blessings ~SEA~ 

  5. This was so great, thank you! I've recently been told by a trusted medium that it's time for me to develop my healing and medium abilities. Hands on and energy healing I've always kinda known, but mediumship was not something I expected. And so, trying to find practical and clear information is challenging when this is all new. Plus I'm not into all the spiritual bling-bling that's out there, so concrete information like this is very helpful. And it was free 🙂

  6. Brilliant. I am almost 63 and only been getting messages for just over 2yrs. About 6 months ago I joined a medium development group and one of the confusing things is when say a father will bring in a son and you have 2 spirits. This is a magical world. Thank you for this video both.

  7. I just bought Talking To Heaven in a pawn shop (10 videos for $5 !) …and didn't know what to expect. It was a deeply moving experience. I was astounded what James went through. I laughed to see James himself as the organist in the movie. I am also an organist and have been really wrapped up in the topic of mediumship and Spiritualism for years. In the movie James seemed to have some trouble shutting it down….in other words he was always seeing those boys and trying to figure out what they wanted from him. It was a fascinating story! I am impressed with the abilities he has. Appears he is well-booked well ahead even with his prices….lol So, maybe one day I'll get the privilege for a reading from him. By the way….the questions asked were great; thoughtful and from an wonderfully questioning mind. I appreciate those questions. (and answers)