Texas Rodeo Cowgirl Visits The Afterlife During A Near-Death Experience – MarVeena Meek

Texas Rodeo Cowgirl Visits The Afterlife During A Near-Death Experience – MarVeena Meek

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In this job interview, MarVeena Meek shares the particulars of her near-death experience after her horse fell on major of her for the duration of a rodeo. Discover how MarVeena still left her body, appeared at herself from afar, and traveled into the spirit globe.

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MarVeena Meek is from Dallas, Texas. After a near death experience opened the space of her brain that enables individuals to see beyond the actual physical dimension, she was in a position to see and listen to spirits. In this movie, MarVeena talks about her near-death experience, how she was out of body and wanting at herself, how to frequented the spirit earth, what the afterlife looked like and sounded like, and how she was sent again to her body. It truly is a fascinating tale about lifetime after death and near-death experiences. Take a look at MarVeena’s web site at http://www.MarVeena.com.


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  1. Bob I really love these videos and am so grateful that I found your channel, it has really changed my perspective. But I did notice that after the first few days of hearing all of this new information, my physical body felt a lot of discomfort especially around the solar plexus area as I tried to sort of assimilate all of the info in these videos.I especially felt really emotional after Nanci Danison's story.Is it maybe the ego rejecting the thought of its own death? Id love to hear your opinion

  2. Hi Susie. It might not be related. But if it is, it could be that you're having an awakening of sorts. When you begin to learn what these videos teach, an internal shift can take place. The emotion could be so many things, like letting go of old fears, and feeling more inner peace. The solar plexus is the chakra that governs personal power and an abiding sense of who we truly are. So this might explain what you're feeling.

  3. This proves we "return" back here many times, I'm convinced we are here to learn and grow spiritually, those of us who don't get attached to this world or materially minded learn the most or are possibly born again spiritually, it would be senseless to be judged for eternity by how we "Behaved" in one lifetime..!