She Learned All the Mysteries of Life and Death and had all her Questions Answered | Nanci Danison 1

She Learned All the Mysteries of Life and Death and had all her Questions Answered | Nanci Danison 1

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This is section 1 of my job interview with Nanci Danison about her Afterlife Experiences (Near Death Experiences)!
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  1. Love it. I think experiencing a situation through the other persons thoughts and emotions is the perfect form of learning. A perfect learning for source and the beings involved. This brought me satisfaction :)) To my ego probably lol.

  2. I love Nanci! When it happened to me I was in a beautiful velvety black void. It was like floating in liquid love. I knew everything there was to know while there and I knew I had ALWAYS been there. Suddenly I was physically struck by my own earthly voice saying: "Oh s_ _ _! I'm supposed to be doing that," (living on Earth…) I immediately panicked and was back in my body.
    I brought none of the knowledge back with me. While there I wasn't aware of another soul. I felt as though a part of me had always existed in that space – infinitely blissing out!

  3. this may be the silliest thing i've ever written. i realize i was very impressionable at that point but the first time i read the bible, when i got to the rooster crowing after peter denied jesus 3 times, i felt like i was transferred back through space and time into the body of simon peter. i wept at what i had done. later when jesus asked peter 3 times, do you love me, 3 times i answered yes i love you jesus 3 times . that was big for me at that moment. silly what?

  4. A fellow x ray engineer who died from factor 5 clotting was dead for 42 minutes in the Cath lab where works was sent back, a story I've mentioned to you before- he told me something that I find lacking in the Nanci Danison portfolio of offerings. When I told him to write a book or get his story out. He told me he was by telling me. He said he was told to share it with anyone who wants to know, but not to profit from it.

  5. I appreciate her books and I didn’t mind buying them. We are in a physical life that entails eating and sleeping and making a living. Lots of other NDE folks have written books where they receive compensation. I have no problem with that as some of the other comments seemed to. The books are good.

  6. In my humble opinion I don't think that the souls reincarnate back into this physical life over and over again. I don't doubt what the NDErs say about seeing multiple past lives but I feel that the NDErs are unable to process and reconcile their newly found senses in the next life with the limited senses on this plane and so when they return back to this world and try to explain what they experienced, they are left with using the known worldly knowledge such as reincarnation. In fact, as we study more and more NDEs we see that in the next life, as the soul meets another soul, they get to experience the other soul as if they were them! Even during life review as one experiences encounters with other souls, they live that experience even through the other soul's experience as well during which time they become that soul! So the question is this, when these souls that return think that they had lived multiple lives in the past, could it be that since they became one with the Source, they were able to experience all the lives of other soul's to the point that when they return they mistakenly take this experience as reincarnation of their own?

  7. I love Nanci's insights such as…. our beliefs can manifest scenarios in "heaven." That explains why different religious people experience confirming experiences there. True of this world as well. I am source. No death required to experience more non-duality, less ego. We are creators, even the creator.

  8. I am so glad you had Nanci on. I have read all her books, have listened to several of her podcasts on IANDS and watched several of her interviews. I hope you have her back to answer more questions. It was Nanci that helped me to move beyond the Christian dogma I was raised with. In my heart of hearts I knew God would not condemn me to hell, when I heard Nanci's story it resonated with me and I knew here was the truth I had been searching for. I know it is difficult for lots of people to accept it because religion has been the focus of our beliefs for so long. The more NDE's I watched on Youtube the less I believed in heaven and hell. I am so grateful this beautiful soul came back to share the experience with us.

  9. Did anyone pick up on when she said 5 eternal friends. When my boyfriend died I had an OBE. It's a very long story but the last thing my boyfriend said was "I said your name. Remember I said your name". I had no idea what that meant.
    As I learned how to speak with my guides I eventually asked what he meant by saying my name. My guide told me that we each can tell God/source 5 people names you want to remember and if they say yours you will be linked together. At first I thought we would be linked just in heaven but it could also mean your next incarnation. I wonder if she knows more about the 5 eternal friends?
    I haven't read her books or finished the video yet. I just had to write this as soon as I heard her say 5 eternal friends. Does anyone know what she meant?

  10. I went on her website and saw a couple of audios you can buy on self-healing. To me it doesn’t make sense though because she used chemo for her cancer. Why wouldn’t she use the self healing that she learned from source? This is a red flag to me. Surely sources advice is much better than chemo, which just kills you anyhow, so yeah I’m lost. Does anyone have any insight about the above? Thanks! She also stated once we get out of the body we can instantly manifest, this would leave me to believe there is no such thing as manifesting in the physical body? Any insight greatly appreciated.

  11. Hey Mel,
    Have you heard of the 7 root races. Very interesting, also kinda depressing but that seems to be this whole human experience

    Fascinating and depressing haha

    I’m kinda thinking source is a sadistic fuck. The level of some darkness in some peoples experiences in so fucked, coming from my human self,, I’d rather not go back to source and just cease existing all together.

    I only just heard about the guy who kidnapped his 18 year old daughter, held her hostage for 24 years, had 7 babies to her. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK SOURCE YOU TWISTED PIECE OF ENERGY!!!

    So source just creates players to experience things that make the person kill themselves. What is it that source/our souls even gain from going through such traumatic experiences

    I’m mad at source and I’m ready to cease any form of existence

    But yes, the root races. We are in 5th root race apparently moving into the 6th and it’s I believe it means we are moving away from so much cutely and suffering! But it is very complex so I could be misunderstanding!

  12. I’m confused. I watched part 2 first and now I’m watching this and Nanci said she chose to come back to her body, they gave her a choice didn’t she say that or am I losing my marbles because she literally just said she didn’t choose to come back down to Nanci… I don’t trust this lady… it didn’t feel like you did either Mel

  13. Nanci talks about thousands of incarnations. Are we able to choose a time or a period in history to incarnate, or do we follow the current time line. I know in eternity everything happens at once so it would seem as if we can choose a time in history to manifest?

  14. I was more interested in her thoughts on:

    Jesus was not a real biblical character.

    Channeling is not real, it is simply a human remembering or getting glimpses of their own memories, therefore A Course in Miracles from her perspective is not an authenti channelign of a spirit being.

    I think she has also said she does not believe in Law of Attraction

    Dismissive of regression hypnosis, says regression doesn't work, it can only regress you to experiences during this life. This would put the experiences of Dolores Cannon's into question.

    I was somewhat puzzled that her understanding was she had completed her mission and wasn't coming back yet was sent back against her will.

  15. The melding back into source and "illusion of individuality" isn't sitting well with me. She's basically saying that none of us are truly individuals and that source uses us to experience things in the physical world that source can't experience on the other side. So all of us have to go through all of this pain and suffering so source can experience those things through us? And at the end, we pretty much cease to exist? Ceasing to have a consciousness separate from source sounds like the end of me, which to me is death.

  16. That's the point, right there: "We do not require a human body to be ourselves." We may require a human body to be a man or a woman doing man or woman tasks and having man or woman experiences but being ourselves does not require a human body.

  17. This is fascinating! I have never had a near death experience, but everything she has said I just know. I cannot explain how I know, but I am guessing it’s because we all are source and created ‘All’! This has been confirmation for me! Thank you!

  18. My family kicked me out of the house I was recovering from brain damage in because "the house was dirty". This seems like typical animal behavior, it's good to know there's someone with a reasonable connection to her soul on planet earth.