Jessica Haynes – Death and Back, the Ultimate Journey

Jessica Haynes – Death and Back, the Ultimate Journey

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Death and Back, the Ultimate Journey
Jessica Haynes —

Presented at the IANDS 2010 Conference, Sept. 2-4, in Denver, CO

How I got my life back when it seemed impossible. How I have helped thousands not fear death and embrace loving life. How to explain the conundrum between fate and free will. Miracle healings, including my own. Creating what you want can be easier than you think.

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  1. IDK exactly why or how, Ms Haynes, but you delivered your story so directly to me that you carried me to a heightened awareness and brought me into fuller contact with my own losses and loves and blessings.
    I will come back to your video again.
    Thank you!

  2. I know I am late I am nerves about the life review I done good and bad things in life and some of my review will be boring due to my disability in this crazy world I want to be home with my late wife and the Lord.

  3. That would be Amazing tho have these increased psychic abilities, to know what dates and "freinds" really think about me, then you wouldn't waste time on them if it was bad, you could also see shy people who liked you too, I guess you would have a responsibility to help people with this extra power and not misuse it, also turn it off sometimes as I guess it would wear you out too.

  4. Wow. What energy! And a different perspective of what happened to her. So amazing and a blessing she had witness. I also Googled Ocean Ave and San San Carlos st which Google goes up to the parking right to the white sand. The blue ocean water at the shore line… just beautiful!

  5. Isn’t that funny that there is no one that comes back from an NDE Saying: “God told me or Jesus told me that if you don't accept Jesus as your savior you are going to hell'. Or tell them that they can only go
    to heaven trough Jesus.” Or even no one is mentioning that we have to read the Bible. That is really scary for these Radical Christian, and they get angry that is why they post such despicable messages of hate, they are no different than the people that put Christ on the Cross, because he was not telling them what the wanted to hear.
    Yes and a snake talked to Eva, and Eva talk to the snake, isn’t that laughable and an insult to the intelligence and wisdom of God. Wait and the Earth is only 6 thousand years old, and God created the universe in six days. And the bearded
    man with the son Jesus they are both sitting on the throne, waiting for us. actually now God is nothing anymore because Jesus the Son told us that we can only go to the father if he agrees, so, he is in charge now and God has no
    power anymore. Dogmas are the true evil against spiritual understanding. These are the people that Jesus warned his disciples not to reveal his hidden teachings to narrow minded dogmatic people. You know “do not reveal the pearls
    to the swine or they will kill you” Bible is not literal mostly is symbolic, most of the misunderstood passages have a scientific eternal meaning behind it,
    but Jesus knew he could not explain it to a bunch of illiterate people. But patiently I was teaching the truth to his disciples, 
     I do believe in Jesus and that he is a son of God just has we all are. Jesus didn’t need to reincarnate, he came to fulfill his mission for the benefit of Jews. The bible was written for uneducated people living in a desert That is why
    Jesus had to resort to say things in parable to the crowds because they were not educated enough to understand his esoteric message and the bible is written
    the same way meaning symbolically in addition it has been misinterpreted and lost through the dark ages. Jesus yes did teach his disciples about reincarnation. It was declared heresy in the year 553 AD by a bunch of egoistical
    drunk men. Once you understand the true teachings of Jesus you realize that there is no different between the teachings of Buddha, Krishna, and others there is only one God and one truth. There are thousands of testimony of people
    that remember their past incarnation. And if even one is true then incarnation
    is real. The story of the boy James Leininger (He was a pilot in WWII) is just
    one of them. Google

  6. Wow! wow ! Wow! I';d sooo like to connect with this most alive,enthusiastic Being of Light. The Spirit of ALiveness,when you REALLY REALLY LIVE YOUR HIGHER & DIVINE PURPOSE to da FULLEST!! JESSIAC YOU ROCK!! Plz if you're reading this get up with me on facebook. thank you kindly. Keith.

  7. im glad im not like a lot of these people that have commented on this ladies story, i dont understand why people like them care to even watch something so personal then put her down, they are the one's that deserve someone putting them down, if you cant say something nice about someone then keep it to yourself, im only saying it about them because she is probably to nice to.

  8. Sorry, not a beliveable NDE. Aside from how good she looks after horrible facial trauma plus crippling back injury. She has a "NDE" just by thinking to herself that life is not worth living?

  9. I wonder .. if she knows, that she is a sinner and that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
    “` Consider these words from Romans 3:23-26 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

  10. Studying NDEmany years, never heard: begging to come back told “you’re dead you can’t return,” marketing self during NDE event, mixing own story with other’s stories “from what I had read,” see scenery clearly (saw boyfriend wash hands saw wallpaper?), using story during event to market self “I helped thousands,” “all over the world,” “I already had marketing background,” “helped people become famous,” “worked 7 days wk 14hrs day,” begging to come back to broken body in severe pain, having not 1 not 2 but THREE life reviews. First 5 seconds notice nervous voice/body/dramatic-nde normally come back confident to share story and relaxed to tell it. She said “I was always coming up with marketing schemes.” Has no facial scars yet described destruction of it. was excited “I am dead!” claims fought not to be dead!? says “I was a speck of light” – nde never see themselves. Her website link in comments is not accurate. Many firsts for me with this story — normally NDE people come back very humble – not sell themselves.

  11. Thank you for you courage to present such a difficult story. Your story reminds me of the series of Seth Books, by 'Jane Roberts'. There are several, I have read all the early material which can be difficult to follow but you would understand every bit of it. His (Seth) premise is you create your own reality and there are multiple life dimensions. I hope you the best.

  12. I can understand why some people find her difficult to listen to. She is suffering from stage fright which can freeze up your voice and your emotions. The emotions involved in talking about such a personal and spiritual experience are profound. But she really has a fascinating story to tell and one which my own psychic experiences jibe with. My husband actor Tom O'Rourke was a lifelong secret cheater. When he passed away, he began communicating with me to free me from the lies that had damaged our life together. He, too, saw everything he'd missed in life by not dealing with his problem. And he missed a lot. I wrote about it in Bedeviled

  13. Just for one MOMENT, I became her , I could really hear her voice ,,TRYING to be brave ,because she was so determined to run up that hill , but close your eyes ,just for one MOMENT, don't JUDGE her ,she is being human ,yet we crunch, stomp on her ,what in gods name our we here for .Reach out ,and lift your sister up. My sister up , thank you Jessica for surviving , for showing us that being human is scary and brave ! We all have coping mechanisms, lifting each other up ,is why were all here! Life is so short my dear friends! GOD Bless You All!


  15. This Lady irritates the heck out of me. The story is almost stereotypical – like 'copy paste' from the best moments from other peoples NDEs.
    If she were at my dinner party, I would prefer to eat on the patio with my cat.
    If it's really genuine though, I apologize…

  16. Is't this rare experience when one desperately wants to go back? usually everyone feels so at home, and disconnected from the earth plane, that a split thought of going back makes them grieve. I have found this unusual. It was a miracle, that the healing happened so quick. Interesting overall, Thank you for sharing.