I Died And God Spoke To Me, I Promised Him One Thing Before He Saved Me | Near Death Experience NDE

I Died And God Spoke To Me, I Promised Him One Thing Before He Saved Me | Near Death Experience NDE

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  1. Sincere prayer will always be answered. The answer may not come in the manner or at time that we anticipate. We trustingly surrender our will to that of Christ and the Holy Sprit, with faith, that it will be answered and in a manner that is best for all.

  2. You had me, right up until you brought up HAVING TO GO TO CHUUURRRCCHH!! Nope, sorry….I just do NOT BELIEVE that EVERYONE must attend an organized RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION LIKE CHURCH in order to be one with God. I'm beginning to wonder if these are really true accounts, or just thinly disguised parables and short morality stories….intended to shame, guilt, or TERRIFY people into joining a group of people who are mostly just a bunch of self-righteous, holy rolling hypocrites, which has always been my experience with those kinds of people. Some of THE most evil, nasty, GREEDY, hateful, LYING and intolerant people that I have ever had the displeasure to have known….won't DARE miss a Sunday of church, wanting everyone to KNOW that they go to church, sitting there to make sure everyone SEES them sitting there, on their hypocrite asses, inside a Goddamned CHURCH! Conversely, the nicest, most generous, sincere and kindest people I've EVER known in this life….have been those who NEVER go to church! Just why IS this?! I reject this notion that you MUST go to a Christian church in order to be "saved" or included in the kingdom of GOD/Heaven, etc. Religion has been THE root cause of most of our wars; religious fanaticism IS what gave us 9/11….the current co-mingling of church and state that we're seeing in America is about to pull us into yet ANOTHER war, possibly a civil war, or at the very least, a cultural war, ALL of which will have DEADLY CONSEQUENCES. God does NOT want us killing and mistreating each other, particularly in His name! Nor is He a "jealous God" or an angry and vengeful God; THAT is just yet ANOTHER construct of organized Christianity to keep everyone obedient to, and enslaved by, the damned chuuurrrcchhh!!!

    Enough with the "I- promised-to-join-a- church-and-all-is-
    perfect-now" B.S.
    WHY do SO MANY of these same experiences on OTHER CHANNELS dealing with this same subject have NOTHING to do with attending a church, and a "Christian" church in particular? Why are there just as many non-religious as well as religious experiences with this same thing? Why would God demand one join a damned, poisoned-mind church and tell others having the same experience that it absolutely does not matter or make a difference? There's something very fishy here!

  3. I am a heroin addict. I don't wanna be a heroin addict. I lie and scheme to get money from my parents to feed my addiction. If I don't use.. then I will go through deathly opiate withdrawals. Horrible horrible pain that's unspeakable. I keep praying to the Lord to free me from this addiction. I told Him "Lord I give you my life. I lift my life up to you. Do what thou wilt. Just please Lord.. I BEG of you.. please free me from this addiction. Give me a way out". Been asking this for a long long time. But.. He hasn't replied. He hasn't done anything. I'm still stuck in this turmoil. I told Him I don't wanna lie anymore. I don't wanna scheme. Please Lord.. help me out of this addiction. And still.. after a long LONG time of asking.. still nothing. Why won't He answer my prayer to get well? It's not like I haven't tried. I've been to rehab i think like 13 or so times. I've tried Suboxone, Subutex, and yes even methadone. But these don't cure your addiction. It's just more drugs. God it seems.. just isn't listening to me. I feel so alone. I don't know what to do.