Atheist Changes After Near Death Experience – John Scott 494

Atheist Changes After Near Death Experience – John Scott 494

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Podcast visitor #494 is John Scott who was an atheist in advance of his near-death experience.

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  1. John is so profound he touches into the inner most parts of my consciousness and leaves his comments in my subconscious. I wish Jeff can invite him again to his seventh visit. I love how he delves deeply in answering questions and everything resonates like a bell a sweet-sounding bell in my soul.

  2. Jeff mentions Melchizedeck, to which Jesus is believed to have belonged, in previous interviews. It is an order of High Priesthood that is mentioned in Genesis, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. Paul Selig channels the Malchizedeck, if anyone is interested. Their profound teachings and messages resonate deeply and feel relevant to these times of great transition. In addition to the profound message, their teachings are encoded vibrationally and serve to lift humanity from being trapped in fear. According to the Malchizedeck, humanity’s greatest challenge is fear, which is the denial of the Divine in all things (John mentions immanence and Panentheism, which speak to the presence of Source in all manifestation, and which also coincides with the teachings of the Malchizedeck, although they don’t use these words). Personally, my life has transformed since l encountered Paul Selig’s channeling of the Malchizedeck.

  3. Mr. Mara, please can you share, anything more that your guest might’ve said to you off camera, Re: Trump?
    Please please share.
    Trump is hugely popular and everyone wants him back in office as President.

  4. The holy significance of the mountain is: “The sacred mountain- where heaven and earth meet- is situated at the center of the world.” “Ascending it, the pilgrim approaches the center of the world, and, on the highest terrace, breaks from one plane to another, transcending profane, heterogenous space and entering a “pure region.” (From Mircea Eliade’s book “The myth of the eternal return.”

  5. I could have sworn I've seen John Scott in an interview about 3 or 4 years ago talking about amanita. I cannot find this anywhere on YouTube but he was talking about how it revealed to him layers of consciousness and sort of drawing like a big circle with multi layers from the earth and upward sort of like concentric circles of consciousness.