Ishtar Thomas Howell’s Near Death Experience | How To Live in an NDE Consciousness State

Ishtar Thomas Howell’s Near Death Experience | How To Live in an NDE Consciousness State

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Ishtar Thomas Howell’s Near Death Experience | How To Live in an NDE Consciousness State
Enjoy portion 2 below:

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  1. Yes.You don't have to be near death to have this experience.I've had this experience after 3 in a half years of consistent meditation.I call it my Burning Bush experience.I'm going to start calling it,my "Near Life Experience",aka "NLE":)

  2. What a guy! He radiates joy!

    Melissa, you are an excellent interviewer – you let your interviewees continue uninterrupted and express themselves fully.
    Suffering – in realms where Love is in full control, immersion in Divine Bliss is like being a fish in the ocean, We come here where there is suffering to gain a true appreciation of Heaven.

  3. Hey Melissa! About a month before my Father died (some 30 years ago), I had an interesting experience. He wanted me to deliver his eulogy at his funeral (he had terminal cancer). I agreed, but hadn’t begun writing it – then one evening at my apartment, ALL of the major points and exact phrasing started to flow into me, and I wrote it all out. I felt a sort of presence with me, for lack of a better term, an angel (?) who dictated these thoughts into my mind. So many people attended the funeral that they had to set up seating outside of the chapel and “pipe” the sound out into the lobby and outdoors even. The weight of this message must have been important to so many there. God orchestrates certain things to occur sometimes for the benefit of someone, no matter how obscure they may seem.
    After the funeral, I had the same sense of mindfulness that your guest describes, lasting for at least a couple of weeks then tapering down. The Amazing details in every scene, vibrancy of colors, intimacy with people, a sense that you are participating and moving through a timeless blissful eternal experience, seeing this realm for what it actually is – a portion of heaven, one of the mansions inside the many mansions of God’s domain. It is definitely surreal. It is less than grounded.
    Eventually, the blissful experience tapers into a more mundane and grounded awareness, concerned with physical living and provisions. However, I can return to that awareness usually by choosing to expand my concepts of this time to include eternity, or even connecting with beautiful scenery, and especially colorful semi-cloudy sunsets, staring off into the endless horizon of space beyond. This timelessness I know exists because I have no doubt about our Creator, and the love principles that hold creation together. When I’m not focused on carrying out my human duties here, I sometimes enjoy slipping into this heightened awareness of my connection to the Creator Source of all existence.

  4. Is this like the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" experience that some people would describe? I knew it wasn't limited to just one religion. This is one of the realizations that I had that started to become a louder thought in my mind during my spiritual awakening even though I had noticed it for a while and it gave me some questions.

  5. Thanks sooo much to Melissa (I love you!) and Ishtar, for your amazing and powerful interview. I am so sorry for your loss, but clearly you are making the most of every experience in this lifetime and helping others along the way. I will look into your meditation style.

  6. ok I learned something that has me curious. I remember looking at the dresser out of my crib and the bottom drawer was broke so the one side hung lower. Other memories too.