A Priest and Life After Death | Stefan Lampe's Near Death Experience

A Priest and Life After Death | Stefan Lampe's Near Death Experience

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Stefan Lampe, a Catholic priest in Germany talks about how the seconds during a vehicle incident experienced lasting outcomes on his faith.

Some more data about this job interview by Werner Huemer:

Near-death experiences usually contact upon religious principles as properly. That is why I discovered the job interview with Stefan Lampe even additional important.

In his interview, he talks about his experience and how it altered him. This was also the purpose of this job interview. He is a superior illustration of how persons, who are deeply rooted in their religion, can also have comparable experiences as individuals who are not religious. In this interview, I did not request further more queries concerning the Christian faith. Possibly this would have been necessary for some viewers. So, I would like to quote the pursuing textual content taken from my correspondence with Stefan Lampe as an addition to the job interview:

“Where does my experience go away space for Jesus Christ? This problem was not element of the aims of this interview. Having said that, given that men and women have questioned about it a handful of hundred periods, I am content to add my ‘stammering’. The experience that I recalled as an ‘addition of the self’ led into a room that was not only about the self but also about unconditional adore. I could also say a area about the ‘you’, of ‘acceptance’, ‘of getting recognised’, a sensation of ‘I am at dwelling here’ that went as far as to the unsettling idea that ‘I’d usually been here’. This ‘self’ that went far over and above the ‘YOU’ was obviously personalized. I was not located in a ‘heaven of the self’ but in the presence of an unbelievable friendship. To me, this had a title, specifically Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, it was a Jesus Christ that went lovingly further than the church, the bible and denominational means of pondering. It was a Jesus Christ that bundled all individuals. At the time, more than 20 a long time ago, I wasn’t actually quickly knowledgeable of that. On the other hand, when I go through the letter of the Colossians currently, wherever it states, ‘In him all factors hold together’, I am back in ideas at this ‘non-place’ I skilled at the time. I may perhaps be forgiven that I just can’t come across responses for myself relating to theological thoughts that can be requested in this context. Let us keep fired up and speculate.’ – Stefan Lampe

Interviewer: Werner Huemer
Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-around: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Werner Huemer
Editor: Werner Huemer

German model: https://youtu.be/fPPUNEZ69JU

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  1. I had a similar experience except my entire car with my husband and me were lifted to safety. .I have no idea where we went but we watched from above. Then returned when it was safe. All rush hour traffic halted on our behalf. I'm not explaining it well but it was the same experience he described. Without this intervention we both would definitely be DEAD.

  2. When I accepted Jesus and with my eyes closed I saw a golden light, felt love like I'd never known or since felt and heard/felt the Angels in heaven rejoicing. That's why I don't worry so much about Church or religion. All we need is Jesus!

  3. If we don't believe when Jesus said no one has ascended to heaven. John 3: 11-13

    And that Paul mentions that death is a sleep, until the second coming of Christ. 1 Thessalonians 4:13,14

    And that the soul that sins is she who will die. Ezekiel 18:20

    How will we understand the interpretation of a parable or a vision on death,

    which are symbolic if we do not understand Jesus.

    If he doesn't listen to Jesus, they won't be persuaded when someone from the dead will rise again.

    If I told you these earthly things, and you don't believe them, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?

    For no one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, namely the Son of Man who is in heaven. John 3:11-13

    The words of Jesus

    After these words, Jesus said to them: Lazarus, our friend, sleeps; but I will wake him up…

    Jesus had spoken of his death, but the disciples believed he was speaking of the drowsiness of sleep.

    Then Jesus said to them openly: Lazarus is dead but I will wake him up… John 11: 11-14

    In Christ Alone …

  4. I love how he sees faith and religion as a "crutch" that we use on this side and that clearly there's a much deeper reality beyond this.
    He also said, when summing-up his experience that "nothing can go wrong", which is something I've heard other nde people say. From my understanding I think he and others were saying that whether good bad or indifferent, it's exactly as it always is intended, everything for a reason.

  5. I think that when he says, “faith is a crutch” it is not the meaning Americans give to the word. There is mention of a walking stick which is something to assist us in the act of walking. If one hikes he knows that the stick can keep him from falling, assist him in going uphill with added strength and lightness, and even slow his steps when going too quickly downhill. Using the strength of the stick with his hands he can straighten his body enough to take a deeper breath when more oxygen is needed into his lungs. The stick can relieve pressure from some parts of the body that are becoming fatigued. So I would say that if faith is something that can greatly help us in our walk of understanding Christ, then a walking stick, or crutch in his German word, would be a great metaphor.

  6. What a fascinating NDE ~ I'm struck by his humility and his sense of wonder that's lasted all these decades. Those of us who have had NDEs are grateful for these accounts. They're marvelous reminders that our bodies – these skin schools – are temporary and that the rest of our time on earth is to fulfill agreements we made before out arrival to this plane.

    Thank you, Thanatos, for recording these interviews with experiencers and those who study consciousness. Blessings to all.

  7. Impressive. It's so difficult to find NDEs experienced by priests… and with such a good interpretation, as Stefan Lampe's. I'm making a similar work in Spain and I can tell this interview is just a treasure. Thanks to everybody who made it possible.

  8. I have no doubts about the authenticity of this man's testimony and I found he puts perfectly into words what he experienced. He is describing a state of enlightenment well explained in Buddhist philosophy. Thank you sir for your courage to share your story, wish you all the luck.