Imagine Heaven / John Burke

Imagine Heaven / John Burke

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John Burke talks about his e book, “Think about Heaven” that shares about the study of near-death experiences.

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  1. I've been a believer for many years and feel pretty grounded in my faith, reading this book has been a wonderful experience for me! My faith has increased and I have a renewed sense of peace…I have told so many people to get this book and read it!

  2. I had an NDE as a small child. I had a brain injury and convulsions and was half paralyzed. I think the NDE must have happened then. I remember looking in His eyes…the most beautiful loving eyes and face I have ever experienced….a warm and beautiful smile! He looks with such perfect love and clarity into you..and sees everything within you and accepts you…He told me I had to go back, and there was much to do in my life. He also told me I would need to be kinder to my brother. On my way back, He told me why life is so hard….the difficulties help spiritual beings to grow and to decide who/how to serve and to mature. My perspective on life and death is very very different than most of the people around me. He is luminous and loves shines out of Him. Such a wonderful person…I LOVE HIM! I can't wait to go home…it's been hard to be such a reluctant inhabitant of the earth…but….I LOVE LOVE LOVE and that is the point of everything. Not the stuff…just HIM. There is a saying…Consider the end…from the beginning. So all you do…your path should be walking towards Him and towards heaven. Anything else is vain and fruitless. NO point in it at all. Give your life to Him. He will guide your steps now and forever!

  3. I’ve read this book 4 times.
    First time I read it was after my Mother died. It gave me sooo much peace.
    I have given this to other people & it’s helped them to not fear death.

  4. I read this wonderful book when I was in jail. I was intrigued when I saw the title. 6 days I was in jail. 4 days I read. Read the rest when I got out. I love John! Jesus was albino. With gold skin. Definitely God's child. White hair and red eyes. Flames! I wish I could see him!

  5. The story of Jesus, to present day experiences of Him in the here and now. Jesus, for most of is a series of do's and don'ts, but the character inside of us is created by our childhood experiences, But like the testimony of the abused girl that overdosed, and met Jesus in person in heaven, She became completely transformed. How to meet Jesus on earth here, not to speak poorly of the Holy Spirit, but the Spirit doesn't exactly have a gown hem to touch for healing. John, can such a transformation happen on earth without that personal encounter in person with Jesus in Heaven?

  6. I believe near death experience is the brain refusing to close down, so it throws out as many visions as it can in an attempt not to die. That's it once the brain dies that's the end, it's not painful and it's not frightening all those experiences die as your brain gives up. Once the brain is dead that's the end of consciousness. Nothing to fear, because all your sensation have gone, you don't exist anymore.

  7. I have friends who died and came back while in the ambulance and who will not turn to Christ because they saw a white light which assured them they're fine. "Satan masquerades as an angel of light" is my response. No angel of God would point one away from Christ.
    On the flip side my cousin died in his youth 3 times in the ambulance and years later at a funeral asked my great aunt if the person had died was with Jesus and escorted to Him by angels. I forget the exact question, but it caught my great aunt offguard the way he said and what he said. She sat him down to ask about how he knew what he knew and that's when my great aunt and aunt heard of his experience for the first time. Sadly, he is in his 40s now and does not believe in God or Christ nor listen to anything about them, even though he met Christ. Such is the selfish/wicked heart.

  8. We are a spirit , having a soul , living in a bodyyour spirit can not die, only the body.
    When you are born again, beliving in Jesus as your savior, you will come to heaven When you die. But you have to receive Jesus as your Lord and savior

  9. This is definitely not a biblical based book. Very disgusting because Jesus I described as this very happy lovely beautiful Jesus filled with love to people who fall into heaven, when they were sinners, swearing God's name, no mentioning of repentance like everyone is welcome does not matter how you lived! Not what my Bible says. The author must repent please he will be accountable for 1,000 s of souls in he'll not actually telling them that you must turn from your wicked ways

  10. My name is Michael just read your book,GREAT,,,in 1975 ,I had a NDE, and in life books. Review it showed every thing I ever did,plus over 200 street fights (I was on the path of perdition) the books revealed everything/ it was bad and I was crying ( I hadn’t cried in years, a heart of stone) there was so much love : before I came back,an angel touched me and gave me feelings ,heart of flesh,,,and they also gave me the gift of gardening,,,,this was 47 years ago I’m a believer studied the word and my world has never been the same,,so literally I’ve forged my weapons of war into plowshares and pruning hooks ,but I’ve never found my place in this world ( I suffered a traumatic brain injury in the incident ) after all was back to normal/ I didn’t want to fight any more ,and I’m like a big kid: although I’ve been in the construction world ::beacauseof my curious brain re=set:::: I see things no one else sees especially about grass ,and flowers I’m obsessed with this idea , I dream garden dreams as well,, point being; I HATED gardening and pretty much everything and everybody as well-before. But after wards at least I came back with something to love (AND GODS WORD ) I was born again when I was 20. , I don’t know what to do with all this: I’ve ever published any of this , I’ve told a handful of people ,,,( there’s much more about my trip to heaven,,,if you want to contact me.