Nature in Heaven…Pets? / Imagine Heaven

Nature in Heaven…Pets? / Imagine Heaven

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John Burke talks about Mother nature in Heaven and asks the prevalent query, “Will there Be Animals in Heaven?”
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  1. It is my firm belief that if you have a love connection with an animal – any animal – you will meet that dear soul again in the spirit realms. They are all waiting patiently for the day we join them once more. I do not want to die before my time, but I am not afraid of death and I know I will have horses, chickens, cats and birds waiting for "dad" to fuss over them.

  2. A new heaven and earth, most people think this earth will someday cease to exist but if you really think the creator of everything every where is just going to let one of his creations just go away, you need to get a life.

  3. I can’t help but sob whenever I watch this video.
    We played this when we put our beloved border collie to sleep lat year. The music and the message is so uplifting and emotional all at once. Please list the composer if possible. Love to know who created such a beautiful piece of music.

  4. You understand, I know, that you pet's body hasn't "gone" anywhere. No body means no tail to wag, no vocal chords to purr, no ears to scratch, and no fur to stroke. Oh, and you won't have arms to hold it or hands to pet it because your body isn't going anywhere, either. So tell me again why you want your pet to go to heaven. (Or, for that matter, why YOU want to go to heaven.)

  5. As I understand from the word of God that the earth was made just like heaven so everything that was on earth (before the fall) was like heaven so of course there will be animals in heaven as there are right now including our pets that preceded us. Heaven would not be heaven without our beloved furry friends who loved us more than any human could or would. God is so good and has thought of everything. I can't wait to go see this awesome place and of course my more than awesome Saviour.

  6. I have this strangest feeling that my buddy, who looks like an orange tabby-cat, is actually an angel that God put into a cat's body. And why not? If Jesus commanded demons cast into swine why can't God assign certain angels to the bodies of critters who can have a physical presence with us? Look into those eyes and tell me there aren't good spirits inside.

  7. I just said goodbye to my 12 year old Golden/Lab Chase this morning. I am hurting to the core. I had no idea how attached I was to him. It seems to me that there is something unique about the bond we form with animals that we can't get in human connection. There is an innocence and vulnerability with animals that draws something profound out of us. They bring so much joy and unconditional love to this fallen world and are such a huge part of what makes life interesting and enjoyable, I can't imagine why they would be left would be left out of heaven. I realize this is pure emotion talking and not reason or theology, but I for one am looking forward to seeing my beautiful boy Chase again someday!