“I Was Welcomed by the Light“ | Sabine Mehne's Near Death Experience

“I Was Welcomed by the Light“ | Sabine Mehne's Near Death Experience

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Sabine Mehne, who endured from serious most cancers, had a near death experience that transformed her existence completely. Right after her experience, almost nothing was the way as it was before.

In this interview she speaks about her experiences and which implications this sort of experiences can have on the human perception of themselves.

For even more information:
Sabine Mehne’s English Website. Right here you can also signal in for info about an approaching documentary movie with her. https://www.sabine-mehne.com

00:46 A near death experience 20 years in the past
05:54 Getting out of the body
07:54 Welcomed by a light
10:29 Obtaining back into the body
11:35 All good and undesirable inner thoughts of all men and women at the identical time
14:23 Leaving the body as a boy or girl
18:47 Talking about the near-death experience
21:21 A traverser in between worlds
24:50 Why persons are concerned to be confronted by such experiences?
27:25 How society need to handle death and dying
29:33 Partnership with various religions
31:37 Why do religious concepts normally guide to a deficiency of flexibility?
34:06 Clergymen and near-death experiences
35:02 The meaning of lifestyle
38:57 Self-reflection, self-awareness, self-discovery

Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-in excess of: Kate Howlett-Jones, Peter Cox
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2021 Thanatos Television EN

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  1. Thank you for sharing.. I know there are a lot of people hurting…Please know however, the continuation of life is real
    indeed…nothing to fear and comforting to know, we will… experience the Light and Love of Jesus too.

  2. Hi I watched your video very interesting. I had a few experiences of my own I just want to put it out there to help others recognize if mine triggers a memory for someone but have tried you tube but it's not getting out to the media quick enough I'm afraid I'm overlooking something somewhere..any suggestions please

  3. Has anyone ever heard the theory that the light we see near and at death is actually more of a moth light or bug zapper that sucks loose souls back into the grid or karmic circle of reincarnation and that one is supposed to actually go away from the light. The light acts as a beautiful bait funneling and shifting souls back in the endless circle of life and if one moves away from the light and the alluring blissful feeling they actually find freedom. Quite a risky proposition but interesting thought.

  4. Really a fabulous video. He is always such a great host. And she is a truly lovely soul….so full of wisdom and gentleness, I was reminded of many important lessons from hearing her, I wish her book were in English….I checked , it doesn’t seem to be. Thank you Thanatos. Love your videos!

  5. We are millenary spirits.
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  6. If the very powerful insiders, composed of several blood rich inbred families that have managed major world affairs for centuries, through political, educational and religious means, were to allow this knowledge to become commonly known by the masses, they might lose a lot of their control over them. Ignorance breeds slavery.

  7. What a great testimony from this soulful woman.
    I've had v certain spirit experiences – a friend made contact with me after they died … but not my own near death – & I know how hard it is to convey .
    She's so clear while so deep emotionally & really.
    I recognise also how most people find it hard to hear such beautiful accounts & it makes those who have them feel isolated till we find others.
    I'm grateful for finding your chanell .
    & wish all well.

  8. Understandiing near death experience as the devil wants you to is one thing. Real death that comes when passing the line of no return is something else!
    From the island of Cyprus the island of the Saints [Acts 13:4-5]

    The devil sets up a great con performance for those not Baptized during NDE experiences!
    [2 Cor 11:14] “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” Without Baptism as delivered by the Holy Spirit 2000 ears ago the day of Pentecost, life after death conditions remain the same as before where man can not see God and live! [Exodus 33:20] And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

    There is an after death life witnessed by thousands and thousands today however there is a certain ~con action~ needed to be noticed on the behalf of the devil that deters people from seeking God in case they return to life! This is because those having these near death experiences are convinced that God loves them and that there is nothing to improve on their relationship with Him when they return to life.

    Please study and see that this type of near death experience that has been taking place very frequently after the coming of Christ and the creation of His Church is experienced by people from all Nations and all Religions in the world.

    The devil sets up a great con performance and this is why!
    The "heaven “some people describe at a Near Death Experiences or a tunnel of light were they “see Jesus” is a trick (set up) by the devil who is still the “prince” of this world upon the exit of the soul from the body. The devil appears as as “Jesus” or “god” or an angel of love or a tunnel of light right after the soul leaves the body in order to convince men and women that there is NOTHING TO CHANGE in their relationship with God in case they return to their body. Without Baptism as delivered by the Holy Spirit to the Apostles , the devil knows he can keep these souls for his self as he always did before the coming of Lord Jesus and the creation of His Church! He knows that without the therapy of the Church (from sin) beginning with Divine Baptism, no one can be SAVED!

    The Aerial Toll-houses in the pre-schism Western Church is a trial belonging to all those Baptiste . All those without Baptism that unides man with God, are driven to Hades by demons till His Second Coming as allways

    Ierotheos Metropolitan of Naupaktos about Greek Orthodox Baptism
    “Through the "rite of birth in God", holy baptism, man's nous (mind) is illuminated, freed from slavery to sin and the devil, and it is united with God.

    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY
    (To cure man from sin to enable him this way back to the presence of God)!
    God bless

  9. The light was coming from her soul by the richness of her soul
    We Have to endure to our soul
    Just like a fruit
    The beauty of a fruit is on the outside But the beauty of our soul is on the inside

  10. I have experienced obe's but i also believe in nde's. I also believe in a pergatory state where we may experience a blissful or non-blissful state. I think nde's do not take us far enough to the other side of the veil to experience the pergatory state otherwise we would not be able to return back to earth.

  11. Maybe Sabine would find the Quakers (Society of Friends) a good spiritual home. Quakers believe in an experiential faith – there is no dogma, although there are witnesses to truth, social justice and peace. I am clerk to the Quaker Fellowship for afterlife Studies, which explores phenomena like near-death experiences, afterlife communications and personal experiences of spirit. The Fellowship is open to all, not just Quakers, and has an international membership.