After Having a Heart Attack, Raymond Had A Near Death Experience!

After Having a Heart Attack, Raymond Had A Near Death Experience!

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Raymond experienced a heart attack that brought on him to have a near death experience. Raymond O’Brien arrives from a family of “seers”. The competencies of ‘seeing’ operates in his family, He has been interviewed on BBC Tv set , The Victoria Derbyshire Exhibit, and The Amit Kainth Present in the United Kingdom. He was a highlighted speaker at IANDS conference 2019. Raymond has spoken at the prestigious Royal London Instructing Hospital on the matter of the psychological effects of surviving a cardiac arrest, be this trauma or STEs immediately after the NDE. He has been printed by the John Hopkins University on the subject of near death and the absence of treatment and knowledge of this in the clinical earth, as perfectly as about how he incorporates his very own NDEs in his possess follow of helping survivors of NDE/STEs. Raymond is a member of the British Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists, and life in London, England.

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  1. What an inspirational man you are Ray. God has given you the gift of speaking brilliantly and clearly. You’ve overcome so much and your smile is infectious! I will pray up for your continuous fight. You are an over comer in more ways than one! Love from Oregon

  2. I have never heard a more mesmerizing speaker. I could listen to @Raymond O’Brien tell his life’s stories every day.

    Thank you, @JeffMara, for allowing Raymond to share a part of his story with us.

  3. Raymond, and Geoff, through these videos I have tried to embrace God and heal. I have been toxic all my life and have fractured relationships with my kids. I close off and fear abandonment so I get in first. From a cold mother but who had an absent mother. I need to heal for myself and for my kids. These podcasts and your guests have set me on this road to recovery. I cant thank you enough.

  4. I’m somewhat confused on what your actually saying. I had a heart attack and 8 stents put in. I didn’t get shocked though. Was it the bringing you back that was traumatic? I don’t feel like my family looks at me differently. I do feel afraid when it will happen again. Should people not be brought back?

  5. I really enjoyed your interview Ray. I hope that you've had your operation and are feeling much better. I would like to second the idea of Jeff having you back so he can ask you questions and you can tell us more stories of your healing and your journey in helping others.