Near-Death Experiencer Panel

Near-Death Experiencer Panel

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This near-death experiencer panel features three NDErs. The panel includes Rudi Rudenski, the CRS Radio show host who has been interviewing NDErs for over 3 years. Rudi had an NDE while serving on active duty and changed from hating everyone not just like him to loving everyone. The panel also includes Sharon Heller – The Brain Gym Lady – her experience is outlined in the book When Ego Dies; and Ellyn Dye, intuitive coach and healer. The panel is moderated by Linda Truax.

Rudi Rudenski’s NDE Radio Show:

Sharon Heller’s web site:

Ellyn Dye’s web site:

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  1. Hello, I am a Texas NDEer or death experiencer. My journey was last year, 2019. I am interested in your groups and gatherings. Thanks for sharing your experience. Mine was not a religious experience but was scientific. I would like to meet up with you guys someday. Thank you.

  2. Thank you IANDS for sharing all the incredible stories about near death experiences. P.S. I feel very uncomfortable to watch Rudi talking very handish and had no clue how he bother Ellen. No empathy despite of his experience?

  3. I loved listening to this it was really fantastic thank you so much for these ladies end this gentleman. God bless you all I feel the same way about insects I apologize to them I'm sorry I don't want to hurt you. sometimes if I can pick a spider up with a napkin I put it outdoors I don't kill it. I tried that with a Tiny mouse. But it bit me. Lol

  4. In the Torah are guides/angels, some appear as human as to Abraham and Sarah told they would have a child. Angels/guides appear in Torah and NDE with names, mentioned by name Gavriel (Gabriel) and Michael, there are more. Reincarnation is also part of Torah

  5. My take on Ellen Dye. Seems to me she is a little confused. I believe she had an "experience" of the spiritual kind. However she talks of God the creator, evolution and seance's in the same speech. Evolution is a lie of the devil.
    She speaks of evolved "lion like beings" which is mentioned one place in the Word of God in a negative sense ( 2 Samuel 22:20 ). The Word says to try the spirits. The Spirit realm is very real which I found out myself. Not something to be played around with.

  6. Why is there so much suffering in this world? His Word has all the answers. "Your Salvation is made perfect through sufferings " Hebrews 2:10. Jesus, the Disciples,the Prophets & ALL the people suffer in THIS world. You also suffer. But what good is all your suffering, if you learn nothing from it and do not surrender at the Cross of Christ?

  7. Reading the comments. Their seems to be a lack of understanding that these are not professional speakers. They must be nervous, excited and doing their best to describe something indescribable.
    Maybe it would be better if we practice more love.

  8. I thought it was interesting that she was talking about the Golden age and those beings she saw were Lion like since the last Golden age was during the age of Leo since Leo in astrology is the Lion. (Also Jesus is referred to as being from the tribe of Judah which is also represented by a Lion)

  9. Sharon thought she was going to say a whole bunch of confusing inside jokes and then pass the mic then had to get asked to actually share her NDE … what did she think she was asked to speak for??

  10. I so enjoyed this panel's talks and answers. Thank you. And I so appreciate the definition of a pest – because I too feel bad when I have to kill a roach/spider whatever that is in my house. After I kill, I say I am so sorry, but you should not have been inside my house – so spread the word – stay outside!

  11. I almost feel sad to say, but these stories feed my soul more than going to church on Sundays.  I wish that churches would start welcoming these testimonies.  Sadly, it might not fit their agenda though since the simple message is that it's all about LOVE.  After all, what is religion without love.  I can't remember a sermon that focused on just learning to love God and others so that we can help expedite the Golden Age of Christ consciousness.  Oh well, we will get there eventually, with the help of angels.

  12. this was great! I can't wait to see the colors of Heaven that so many experiencers speak of, that aren't found here on Earth, that this plane pales in comparison. wow. can't wait!! also, the Lion beings. wow. I've heard of a feline race of Beings before. that's incredible. No wonder I love cats! 🙂 Loved all of your testimony thank you :)))xoxoxox

  13. Although I didn't know her name until today, Ellyn Dye's was the very first NDE I ever stumbled upon anywhere (this was years ago). She told it in such an entertaining way that I was hooked and have been watching NDEs ever since. So happy to see her telling her story again here in this video. Thank you Ellyn! (Edit: I found the old one. It's called "Near Death Experience – Heart of God, Energy of Light of God" here on you tube).

  14. what is this dude talking about when he says, " My neck was badly damaged and if I had looked up, I would have done major damage…or I would have been paralyzed, etc." ? Remember, he was in the so-called spirit world at that moment, and had he looked up ( so to speak) it would have nothing to do with his physical condition, right? Right. But the interviewer and the people just sit there like morons and don't question the person who puts out such nonsense. I am really, really sick of all these interviewers and their soft questions. They never EVER ask the fundamental stuff. Always the same BS material…

  15. I truly believe that there are people who have NDEs but I also believe that there are people who thrive on the attention. I have read many NDE stories and some of them are absolutely ridiculous like the woman who turned into a blue orb as her spirit jumped out of her body while she was standing in her body.