He Was Saved By Jesus During His Near Death Experience

He Was Saved By Jesus During His Near Death Experience

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This podcast guest is Darrin Shinabargar. Immediately after his aorta ruptured he had a near death experience. Throughout his NDE experience he questioned Jesus to conserve him and then he went to the light.

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  1. Yes! Everyone is so beautiful! Just sit down for half an hour with someone you don't really like very much. After speaking with them and hearing their story, you'll notice that they are actually interesting and beautiful and there is a reason they are the way they are. I wish everyone would give everyone else a chance…or even a million chances…

  2. I absolutely LOVE this guest!!! He is so REAL and just overall Happy Guy… His personality is a lot like mine. His exp.. is 1000% believable in my eyes. Thank you for having this guest on and allowing him to share his beautiful story.. inspiring and comforting. I also do not think that he was just dreaming with the exp. he had while in coma.. Jeff great point in the past lives comment!!! VERY INTERESTING GUEST

  3. Darrin, I’m sorry to be the pickle that tells you this, but the Jesus you saw was a demon and demons gave you all the paranormal experiences. They have an agenda for the human race and that is to get us to believe everything EXCEPT that Jesus died for our sins and rose again and that’s what we need to believe when we trust him. Now, it’s not impossible that some people come away from these demonic visions and in looking for spiritual answers they accidentally find the biblical ones and put their faith in Christ and are instantly eternally saved in him; and that’s what I’m hoping happened to you. PS demons often manifest as tall beings of light and Paul told us that Satan “appears as an angel of light.” The Bible is where we connect with the mind of God – not in experiences where we’re deceived that our spirit/soul can detach from our body when it’s one unit – we are a “living soul” that sleeps in the dust of the earth when we die and God will raise us to everlasting life if we’re in Christ.

  4. The bad boy prodigal son! I celebrate with you your new found love and service to God, and feel your sincerity. I get the feeling none of this is easy for you to talk about, but you did a great job and I got so much out of it. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  5. He was talking about how singers had to be good looking in this world and that it doesn't have to be that way. I totally agree, and I want to say that this connection between physical beauty and music only happens in popular music. I'm not saying that there isn't some music that is popular that I don't like, because I do. But it's not pure because it's highly controlled by people and things that have nothing to do with music. That is so strange to me because I grew up mostly playing and listening to music that had none of that attached to it. I think most music in the world for as long as humans have existed had none of that attached to it. Because music has nothing to do with anything but music. It's only been less than a hundred years that this phenomenon called "popular" music has been around. It's controlled at the top by very powerful people who are partly to mostly using it and the musicians for propaganda. Influencing the masses. And the money and focus on what the people who sing or play look like is what gives it legitimacy to a lot of people. Same with the phenomenon of stardom. It's artificiality created by elements having nothing to do with music. "Popular" acting is the same way. These very powerful people who control the musicians and actors have hijacked and monopolized the arts and because of that pure music and acting are barely paid attention to. But for most of human history this was not so. So yes. I agree completely. Looks have nothing to do with it.

  6. why do I get the feeling that god punishes you for exercising your freewill? especially in a world where everyone according to many of your NDE's say hat they agreed to come here and experience these things! I'm a nerve rack and confuse cause It just feels like any little thing can send you to hell and or negative place!