He Was OUT of HIS Body for OVER 2 HOURS During His Near Death Experience – Phil Berthol Jr. 462

He Was OUT of HIS Body for OVER 2 HOURS During His Near Death Experience – Phil Berthol Jr. 462

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Podcast visitor 462 is Phil Bertholl, Jr. who experienced a near-death experience even though he was in his workshop. In the course of his nde experience he went to the black void and he was out of his body for 2 several hours and 18 minutes.

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  1. 1D – Mineral Kingdom (non living matter)
    2D – Plant Kingdom
    3D – Animal Kingdom (including humans)
    4D – Advanced Humans (perfect health, all loving)

    5D is immortal light beings!! there will be Light Beings among us?


    All this are 8D:
    Lord Sananda Oversoul of Jesus
    Lord Buddha Oversoul
    The Seven Archangels


    Objective is 12D where you can create entire universes design life forms and laws and perhaps something more beautiful than God himself !!

  2. Great guest. I also liked the way you just allowed him to tell his story. Too many interviewers interrupt the guest far too often and unnecessarily. You both did great. The interview was a pleasure to listen to. Thank you both.

  3. I am so happy to hear the word being spread about cannabis oil. There are thousands of testimonies of cures for cancer using the oil and nutrition. The time has come to stop relying on toxic synthetic chemicals to treat diseases that cannot cure the human body and are designed to make money at your expense. God has provided us with everything we needed to heal and stay healthy through nature and natural treatments. And cannabis is NOT the terrible gateway drug that will destroy lives that we have been led to believe. Its healing properties have been deliberately hidden from us and as the real reason its been illegal all these years. Thank you both so much for bringing this issue to light and for sharing your story. Its will help many people.

  4. This was so deeply profound. A genuine person who has become a wonderful healer. When Phil mentioned St Germain it gave me goose bumps. I hope Phil continues on his journey of healing into his 90's. Thank you for a beautiful interview. x

  5. Thanks Jeff, Your guest Phil seems like a really nice guy but he does make some mighty big claims Jeff, please try not to give people false hope Jeff, I am not saying his claims are false but just that saying you can do something is one thing and it being a fact another … maybe he can do what he claims, but a little caution is always advisable in these situations I think. Thanks again Jeff for the interesting shows.

  6. Our father in heaven we pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ for Candice .Our savior Jesus Christ we ask in your holy name for healing and complete health for Candice through your awesome and powerful love we ask for healing today for Candice that by your will Jesus christ and loving kindness your healing hands we ask you place on 11 year old Candice Today we Declare complete healing for Candice and perfect health In the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  7. THIS IS AMAZING !!!! How wonderful it is to heal others. You are so blessed Phil. There is no better feeling than to be able to help others. I thank you for your comforting words. My mother is dying and it comforting to know she will be live on.

  8. For years now Ive been telling other people I can smell cancer! Ive worked in hospice for years and use to be certified in chemotherapy over 20 years ago. I’ve never met anyone else who can smell it but hearing him tell his story I was shocked! Phil says it has a distinct smell like ammonia and I would say YES similar but I always describe it as a sour dishcloth smell. Very interesting to have someone else confirm that it does have this smell. This interview was great! Thank you for sharing it!

  9. I fell asleep listening to Phil last night and I woke up this morning and had to listen again and again. For me this is by far the best account of a near death experience. I resonate with his story. I so believe in the power of plants to heal the body. His story has given me an energy boost to channel more with my guides to try to heal our bodies. CBD RSO…… That was nugget of information that I will take with me… and I will be listening to more channeling about St. Germain
    Thank you Phil…… Thank you Phil….. Jeff you have changed my life path with these podcasts…. love you

  10. What a great story. RSO does miracles for cancer, but my father had less than 10% kidney functions left and just couldnt take it. His time had come. Thanks for posting these NDEs Jeff!

  11. I had stage four cirrhosis with hepatitis C. I was very very very sick. I could not get off the bed even walk to my mailbox. Someone told me about the Rick Simpson oil and I was on it for nine months. After the nine months and there was no sign of all of my liver cirrhosis and all the other complications that came with my Hepatitis c. It did not cure the actual virus but it healed my body unbelievable. Rick Simpson oil is godsend!

  12. Im so confused here.. All the psychic stuff goes against the Bible so I just find this extremely confusing the mixture of magic and psychic and saints and such. Happy people survived cancer etc but what exactly is this guy into? And what exactly happened during the nde?

  13. what a nice soul, healing every1. ive bn a part of that as well: i gram per day of any cannabis oil/hash cUres stage4 and you can start with 1/8-1/4 gram per week and work it up if they dont like the high feeling (after 1 week or 2 they wont feel 1/8, so go to 1/4 gram of oil, continuong to 1/2 and then 1 full gram. thc tollerance goes up fast.) you must use the Oil not the bud. try getting bubble hash, its cheaper❤
    stage4 is gone within4 months. also another way that helps is alkalizing with 1/2 tsp baking soda in 1/2 cup water 6+ times a day bcus c cant live in high alkalized blood. pls try

  14. Wow I have watched hundreds of NDE even from different countries and this is one of my favorite NDE stories I couldn’t stop watching it’s 3:30 am am I’m still glued Thanks so much Phil for sharing your story is fine detail I can see it when your explaining your experience!

  15. What a fascinating guy Phil is! I mean, he looks like such an ordinary guy-one you may pass in Home Depot, or the Grocery Store, and not even think twice about. But then, you hear his story, and how he is healing people, and his gift of seeing these masks on ailing people, and it just blows the whole 'ordinary guy' assumption out of the water. It proves how darned important it is to never judge any book, by any cover….Ever!

  16. Holy Cow Jeff,,you almost had up to 27,000 views on this video. Your getting so big! So proud of you,,hope you don't forget all us small people when you get invited to the Tonight Show..haha.. I plan on becoming an official member here in the month so.