Extended Interview with Jeff Tolley About His Near Death Experience (NDE)

Extended Interview with Jeff Tolley About His Near Death Experience (NDE)

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I talk with Jeff Tolley a lot more about his Near Death Experience (NDE).

Jeff Tolley’s NDE: https://youtu.be/K0IChas11Fo

Jeff’s Hyperlinks:
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheKnightSkyAcademy
Internet site / mentorship software: https://www.theknightskyacademy.com/solutions/bronze-knight/

:00 – What Did Your Brother Glance Like?
1:19 – Did You Meet up with God?
1:40 – Spiritual Items
2:23 – What is the Most difficult Section of a NDE?
3:48 – Why are NDEs so Distinct?
6:12 – How to Make contact with You?


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  1. I’m struggling so much at the moment. My son, departed in September and we were so close. We both have a very Esoteric mindset, my son channeled, ET visitations, channeled in a book etc and even having experiences with Source……..and even though I might have a strong knowing about this Matrix we are in….it’s so unrelenting painful just missing him so much
    I just came across your channel…and it is helping ❤️

  2. In the previous video, he talked about seeing the world when is old and how the earth is changed. The video graphics notwithstanding, he never said whether the earthly changes are good or bad. As much as I enjoy these NDEs and find many of them inspirational, I often am left with more questions than answers.

  3. So beautiful. Creation is all, is everything, is us all. Creation is Light, is Love. The physical is not all of reality. Energy is reality, where we come from and where we go after physical death. Love, not fear is Creational energy.

  4. Thank you Jeff for sharing your incredible journey. Now you are helping others who NEED someone exactly like YOU to help them like no one else could. So inspiring!! I lost my brother to suicide, I miss him and I finally got over the "guilt" of not realizing he was in such deep pain and being able to help in some way. It is a great thing you are doing and people need your wisdom, help, and gifts more NOW than ever!!

  5. I feel like everyone is so vicious, evil nowadays and every job I have been on they attack me and try to get me fired for no reason. I keep bouncing around and don’t know what I am suppose to do. What is the purpose of being around these negative evil people who talk behind your back, envious, gossip make up lies and manipulative

  6. Love Jeff Tolley – great and sincere guy. Anyone can relate to my COMPLETE DISCONNECT I experiencing from society – the level of TRAUMA, INJUSTICE AND SUFFERING i am going through is NOT relatable to anyone.. so I gave up on Dating or Friendships. NOONE can understand. People seem to have much easier lives. I have been COMPLETELY ALONE in my SUFFERING for a decade.

  7. One thing I've noticed….critics will say, oh DMT was somehow released by your brain, that was causing it, or you know "I did acid once and I experienced some of this stuff!" but, no, you didn't….nobody who does psychedelics talks about they went out of body and then they saw beings of light, they had a life review, were told they had to go back, they did get to ask God questions etc.

    I just got through Dr. Eben Alexander's book today, and I just noticed how he repeatedly said that an NDE feels far more real than general reality. So a hypothesis that it's brain hypoxia or something, I don't think is adequate. Nobody says they felt hyper alert when they were doing psychedelics but people who have had an NDE always say that, they felt very alert, very much NOT out of it.