What He Saw Instantly Healed Years Of Addiction And Pain

What He Saw Instantly Healed Years Of Addiction And Pain

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To discover additional about Nate’s story and read through more than the 20 matters he acquired and wrote down, you should go to http://prioritizeyourlife.com/inside-ep-7-atheist-addict-sees-eternity-and-is-healed-immediately

Nate Hales was in a downward spiral of habit, thieving, and dealing. He experienced no way out and could see no hope for his existence. The a miraculous experience transpired. In a make a difference of times he was a improved man and never ever went again to the addictions that experienced plagued him for a long time. You should share this incredible tale with all those caught in the entice of habit and their family members.

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How a working atheist thief and addict absolutely improved with just one glimpse into eternity.

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  1. Listening to you tell the story of your life sounds like you are talking about my life. I was drug addicted and started reading the Bible and watching NDE’s and I just gave it to God. I have put myself in his hands and he has already done so much for me. I continue to need his help though so everyone pray for me. I love the Lord Jesus and God. I also know all things are possible through them.

  2. You forgot to mention that a large
    percent of us were damaged severely because of the abusive way your religion was thrust on us as children. Fear is normal in your religion. A way to control. Your god is a murderous beast. He says he loves to see babies heads slammed on rocks, loves animal sacrifices and even a woman (virgin of course) kills anyone he doesn't like, (25 million has been conservatively estimated) (in Old Testament) Satan killed 10, Jobs family. Tells us we were born unworthy. Burns us in hell forever because he loves us. Condones rape and slavery. Women are posession and expendable. And on and on. Never could understand how people could be so brainwashed to call Bible the good book. I am not an Atheist. I know there is more after this life. God is love and humorous, and your freind. So many better paths to take than an Abrahamic religion. Your temple will someday be your prison.

  3. Near death hallucinations, are not real death. It is all in the "wording." Had Raymond coined the term “Near death hallucinations,” rather than “Near death experiences,” would he then have had a "following?" Raymond Moody. Raymond A. Moody, Jr. (born June 30, 1944) is a philosopher, psychologist, physician and author, most widely known for his books about life after death and near-death experiences (NDE), a term that he coined in 1975 in his best-selling book Life After Life.

  4. The neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, (who was raised in a religious household) believed that his positive thoughts of heaven during his near-death experiences were “real” … but that his negative experiences were fantasy and hallucination. By the way, his brain had puss in it, so it was little wonder that he was hallucinating. From his book … Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander, M. D. come the following words … “The most interesting thing about this session of nightmares and paranoid fantasies, in retrospect, is that all of it was indeed that: a fantasy.”

  5. He is so right about God and Science being same outcome. Eternally seeking to know. The only thing something like the Bible says is, 'God IS LOVE'. To know God, know more – is to Love – Love more – LIVE. Scientists want the same thing. The good ones anyway – to sustain life the the BEST, TRUEST LIFE.

  6. I’ll speak to the addiction and addicts…Please stop it because the more you go lie to a doctor to get your drugs the more I have to fight to get the medications I need to feel normal and out of pain! I didn’t ask to have no operable back issues from my neck to my tailbone! I take my meds exactly as prescribed and take the urine test and show up for pill counts etc! You make us suffer! I wish I didn’t have to take pain meds! I can go off them and I do many times a year with no problems but I have to give in to what my body wants because I get tired of living in the bathroom with diarrhea or whatever way my body punishes me for withholding the drug! I’m on 15 mg oxycodone four times a day plus the gabapentin I have to take just so I can feel my feet! By the way there’s no high after you take these drugs for a certain amount of time. You just get pain relief! I would be happy to switch with any addict who is not really in pain but just want the high! I asked my doctor if I should try to come off them and he said you have taken this eight years! No! First you need them to get up in the morning! You will have to take something for pain your whole life!

    Now about Jesus? Yes he’s real and he loves us and died for us and I’ve known that since age of three! It’s stupid to be atheist! Sorry but I can’t get through my life for even one day without Jesus!

  7. Thank you for sharing your NDE brother, and past atheist brother, as an NDE I know what is like to get criticized lots of times, but?, why even take the time to think about that negative stuff, I wish you well on your path and many blessings

  8. I KNEW this was a trojan horse christian channel. You go to quite a length to not make this obvious, but with this video title you gave yourself away. Just be upfront next time and not so indirectly dishonest.

  9. I still come here 🙂 great testimony to be honest especially the connection part, we are cut off for a while but we have always been connected and this is temporary, we are still connected and we are still connected, they are involved much more than we think in everything we do, it is not intrusive

  10. Nate,
    Thanks a lot for putting it out there. I know it must have been hard for you considering, it wasn't a conventional NDE.
    I can resonate with you on certain things you shared. Like most of us, I was going through a very challenging time of my life with job and relationship. One night I felt as if my brain was going to explode with stress and non stop bothering thoughts when suddenly, I found myself in a vaccum for a couple of seconds but it seemed like good enough time. It was pure bliss. The next moment I was back but in those few seconds everything had changed. I came back calm, blissful and totally worry free.
    I just couldn't explain it. It felt as if all my worries , anxiety and stress just evaporated into thin air. I knew in my heart it was an intervention from something much much bigger. After that nothing of that matter bothered me. It felt like it was already taken care of and strangely the matter just faded away after that. What seemed ominous at one time was just not there.Strange but true.
    Thanks Wes, for enabling such wonderful testimonies.

  11. I love this guy!! Nate, your experience is absolutely real and authentic! Anyone who doesn't want to believe it is in denial because it would cause a paradigm shift that would require a reckoning with reality! Such a blessing to hear this amazing, edifying and inspiring testimony! God bless you and your family!

  12. TO ALL WHO ARE HURTING AND DESPERATE – PLEASE READ ALL* – this is for you. It is a matter of life & death.

    It has been said, “That the darkest hour is just before dawn”. When you have lost all hope, and all you see is darkness, remember, never let your life be defined by desperation and hopelessness, grasp this one moment in time, reach out to Jesus, He does His best work in dark places. John 12:46 I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. Lay your broken heart at the foot of the cross and let the light of Christ shine within you. The very fact that you exist is God’s testimony of His “LOVE” for you, you were created in His own image. Never give up, your finest day is yet to come, Receive Christ now, He is the caretaker of your soul. The Gospel message was created for you. The simplicity of the Gospel, – Here it is Romans 10:9 “If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved”

    Christ Alone is your salvation. There is Nothing you can do to add to it. The Holy Spirit dwells within you.

    *He bled and died so you could live. The devil wants to destroy you, Jesus wants to rescue and restore you. Jesus is calling your name, please come home to me, I am your Father waiting with open arms to receive you. Read: (Isaiah 41:10), always remember that your Prayers’ Matter to God, He honors them. My prayer today for each one of you who reads these words, is that God would remove from you all feelings of despair and hopelessness’, and restore you into the loving arms of Christ Jesus, and surround each one of you with the sacred Blood of Christ Jesus as a living, healing, protective shield, from the evil one and all the powers of darkness.

    *Remember the devil is a defeated foe, and you are never alone, Christ is always, and I do mean always, by your side. During the storms of life that you will go through from time to time, remember God is right there with you, hold on to Him. Did you know that when you have a hard time praying the Holy Spirit intercedes on your behalf (Romans 8:26-27), take comfort in that as well. I send you my personal invitation to receive Christ now. AMEN. The true God of Christianity (Jesus) is the only one who became flesh, and suffered and died for you on the cross, He rose again 3 days later, conquering death, and providing a bridge to the Father, and He did this for you. There are only two choices that you have, Jesus Christ or Satan (and hell).

    *Someone once said. “I would not walk across the room to tell you about my religion of Christianity, but I will crawl on my hands and knees through broken glass to hell and back to tell you about the love of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

    IT’S NOT A RELIGION, IT’S A RELATIONSHIP. He wants that relationship with you now.


    *(Isaiah 41:10) – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    I lay these words of truth before you today in Jesus’ name. AMEN

    DENNY T.

  13. I've had angels or healing angels or Christ or something wonderful of a spiritual nature come through me a couple of times … first time was when I was in my late 20's and another time was when I was at the end of my ability to cope with circumstances in my life – this last time was when I was getting reiki from a couple of healers – I felt all this love and healing spread through me and gave me incredible healing – I have had some wonderful mystical events happen through out my adulthood

  14. My husband was an alcoholic at the age of 28.. his addiction was taken in a blink of an eye! His story wasn’t one of an NDE but it was one where he heard the voice of God and Satan as well! The minute Satan knew he had been healed he started screaming in his ear .. no no no no! He was not religious at that moment but was at the place when he finally just reached out! His story is one that has helped many many people! Good experience was one comparable to Alma the younger..

  15. That was really fascinating. A little awkward at the end though, no questions. Really??? I could've kept him another hour grilling him. Would love to hear more. I'll have to check out your channel and see if you had him back. I believe I had an NDE but I don't know if I was actually dead but I highly suspect I was either dead or on my way out. In fact, it wasn't til years after it occurred that I started thinking that's what it was an NDE. So I look for stories like this. Thank you for sharing it.