Empaths, Channelers, Spirit Reunions & Dream Visitations on Afterlife TV

Empaths, Channelers, Spirit Reunions & Dream Visitations on Afterlife TV

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Afterlife Tv set: http://www.afterlifetv.com
Empaths, Channelers, Spirit Reunions & Dream Visitations

“A transform is in the wind! I am pretty pleased and very pleased to announce some thrilling new changes to Afterlife Tv set! It is really February 2016 and this is a Brand name New Episode…

“Even though we however utilize movie with a great twist, Afterlife Television set will now be offered in audio only with plenty of new topics and characteristics! I’ll be answering queries from you, the audience, and this 7 days I’m answering the issues ‘Who will greet me in the spirit entire world when I die?’ and ‘How do I know that I genuinely had a dream visitation?’

“We’ll start off with a discussion on why improve is great for advancement and a reminder on how the Universe responds to what we target on. I’ll also be presenting Paul Selig’s new reserve, The Guide of Mastery, an audience member’s out-of-body experience, and conversing about my experiences at a channeling workshop and having an empathic looking at.

“This new structure will rely much more on my viewers, so listen for information on how to request me an afterlife-associated question or share your tales with us. I hope you appreciate this new format and I look ahead to your feed-back and conversation” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv set http://afterlifetv.com

Many thanks to my spouse, Melissa, for her stunning images.

Clearly show NOTES:

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Bob Olson’s e book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0965601986/?

Get a Looking through with Paul Selig: http://paulselig.com/readings/

Paul Selig’s Workshops: http://paulselig.com/class/information/wo

Paul Selig’s new guide: The Reserve of Mastery http://www.amazon.com/dp/0399175709/?

The Afterlife Meeting: http://www.afterlifetv.com/afterlife-

AFTERLIFE Television set is hosted by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson http://www.afterlifetv.com. Bob Olson’s other websites incorporate:

Bob Olson is also the creator of “Answers About The Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Yr Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Life Immediately after Death” – offered on Amazon in both equally paperback and Kindle ebook: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0965601986/?

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  1. Hi Bob! Just had to write to say how much I enjoyed listening to this today! I've appreciated your show for a long time – don't usually post because I'm listening on my iPod, but had to jump on here to write today. As much as I've always loved your show, I have to say I might even like today's format better, but would still of course enjoy interviews. I have your book, but listening to you discuss it was more accessible to me – I get much more from hearing people talk then sometimes reading. I also really enjoyed listeners questions and stories. This format really reached me and I appreciated it so much. Please keep up all your great work! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Melissa! ❤️ – Shaun from Montana

  2. What is your opinion on whether certain psychedelic drugs, such as DMT, can enable a person to get a glimpse of dimensions that our brains may be filtering out? I've heard that people on such drugs have encountered strange beings/entities. What do you think these people are perceiving?

  3. Speaking of change…I think you should do MORE of your own experiences. Seriously Bob you should seek trying to create "paranormal" experiences of your own. Because whatever you say I'm going to believe! I trust you and want to hear about how you get deeper with your own abilities. That would be quite a journey to share with all of us.

  4. well bob ,its new so like everything new its going to take a while to get used to it-but im willing to take this road with you
    i liked the q&a from your book ..and also the q&a for the show @.@
    my intrests are inquirys into the afterlife in all forms / thanks again bob

  5. I like to see you talk on screen. Feels like more of a connection. But amazing photos to remind us this is a beautiful world when sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Like the NDEs but I like new things like the channelling and psychics. Glad you're making changes to inspire others. I will be watching.

  6. I trust your integrity, and sincerity. I liked your old format, but this one is a good change. Interviews are good, but they can wear thin if that's all you do. I'm a skeptic. I really haven't seen enough empirical scientific evidence of an afterlife to be completely convinced. I have had many synchronicity experiences that make me wonder about the nature of reality though. I've only questioned the sincerity of one person that you've interviewed. The interviewees are generally interesting, and seem sincere. I've been especially interested in these topics since my long-time woman friend died. I want there to be an afterlife. I want to see, and talk to deceased loved ones again. I can definitely say that I vastly prefer your type of content over mainstream media. I honestly believe that MSM news has become mostly a black propaganda factory. They've been caught lying, and perpetrating blatant hoaxes too many times to be worthy of our trust.

  7. What I like about your channel is that in your videos you're the Everyman. As an investigator you investigate in such detail that you are asking the questions that the everyman would ask. The difference is that we, your viewers have watched you expand in your comprehension, and in your acceptance.

    Keep up the good work.