Near Death Experience: I Died And Saw The Holy Trinity | NDE

Near Death Experience: I Died And Saw The Holy Trinity | NDE

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Today’s near death experience (NDE) is from a lady who suggests she encountered three beings on the other side whom she now …

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  1. I died in my bed in feb this year. A starry hand reached through me and as i awoke my head flew back. Story on my chan. Ever since ive captured images from the Lord in the sky. We are in the final days, Jesus was in the sky the other day with his army and i caught it. God Bless. I binge this channel i and absolutely love it! If you feel beat down then i hope this encourages you!

  2. This is very upsetting to me. I have been comforted by God, more than once, it's the most beautiful, unexplainable feeling. You just know that it is Him. I believe that there is no trinity. If you read and know the Word of God…how could you. Why would Jesus pray to himself?
    It doesn't make sense and the Bible itself Never speaks of a trinity. I hope I don't offend anyone by what I just said. God Bless

  3. Not the holy trinity, but instead a council of three operating under delegated authority to do what they did. Could've been relative forefathers, but it's not important exactly who they were. The content of this interaction was the real take away. It wasn't time to stay in that world, experiencer was shown it exists and we got to share it. Thanks!

  4. Hello. I follow nde's pretty regularly. Like the others, I found this hopeful, and reassuring, yet simultaneously perplexing. I am not saying the young lady did in fact experience the holy trinity. And, I am also not saying she did not. The bible warns us that even the devil can appear as a angel of light. But, I tend to lean more toward she probably did experience the holy trinity, and here's why. 1. The college professor commented that it's strange how the brain makes stuff up, to help one cope in traumatic events. Yet, the young lady with the nde stated she had never been religious, nor had any prior knowledge of Jesus, as Jesus was not discussed. 2. Her former husband explained it as, "probably the devil trying to trick her," yet he failed to see where it wouldn't be to the devils benefit to appear as Jesus. The devil is about the business of trying to drive people away from God, not expose people to God. And it's perplexing to me, that her views are such as suggesting there is no hell. The bible repeatedly makes references to the Very Real Hell. Which incidentally, was created for the devil, and his demons. But God is also HOLY, and JUST. As such, he cannot tolerate unrepented sin. So unfortunately, those whom die without having accepted Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, this is their reality. The bible states there will be weeping, and gnashing, of teeth. Please see Matthew 8:12, 13:42, 13:50 & 25:30. Also, see Luke 16:23, & 16:24. Also, Isaiah 33:14 for complete descriptions of the very real hell. Finally, it is unbiblical to feel the deceased, pass thru the living. And if someone is seeing "shadow people, and spirits," seems like demonic activity. Jesus cast out demons in 1st century Jerusalem. But nowhere in the old or new testament have I ever read anything about actually seeing shadow people, or spirits.

  5. It probably won't happen, but I often wish I'd have an NDE. I would never make it happen on purpose, but I'm anxious to see the other side..I'm a Christian, and I honestly think I'm ready. Would I come back? I don't know. But I want the Lord to reveal more of himself to me while I'm alive…I guess thats a better thing to ask for then death.

  6. Not the devil, it does not give second chances it just takes. Trust your instincts, perhaps at the time this happened it was exactly what you needed to alter the direction of your life. Thank you for sharing, stay blessed. As an aside, there are several books that make a valiant effort in explaining the Holy Trinity.

  7. God – Holy Spirit – Jesus Christ = Holy Trinity

    Humans – we are flesh and orbs of white light , we are part of Holy Trinity , more holy humans are the brighter we shine and closer to The Holy Trinity

    Sinners light shines low, further away from the Holy Trinity

    John 14:6
    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

  8. I very belive there is an after life with Jesus! She was with the Holy Trinity, and I believe in God andvhechas a plann for all of us.
    Not scared to die. I do not blame her for not wanting to come back!
    Very interesting testimony and video.

  9. There are definite consequences when we dont live the way God intended us to. A friend from school died in a car crash on the way home, drunk, was immediately standing next to his body and looking at a creature coming for him from across the field he was in. Said he's never been so scared or ever will be, closed his eyes, counted to ten, opened them to see his dad looking at him seven days later. To him it was only seconds. I was the first person he told. Neither of us were Christian's then and he didnt know why he was allowed to come back but he knew if he stayed he was going to hell because that being was going to take him there and there was nothing he could've done about it. He felt all the peace and contentment that everyone talks about, until he saw the guy. This was in the 1980s, before ndes existed. I have given my life to Jesus since and believe what Gods word says about death. I'm very wary of ndes posted without Jesus involved. It's so simple for satan to divert a person's mind from the truth. One little half hearted sob nde story stating it's okay if you dont believe in Him and tons of people feel as though they dont have to worry any longer. I wish he would send his story in.

  10. I have a question for admin. If you're a Christian, why do you post ndes that go against His teachings. Knowing what you know about satan's work on this earth and his objective. Dont you think you're helping the enemy of all humanity?

  11. All of these people are describing experiences that are very familiar to me. Except Ive never had an NDE, I simply sleep and see and hear them in my dreams.
    The interesting thing is that all the messages I received eventually unfold before my eyes.
    Could it be some kind of communication? Who knows.

  12. "There is but One living and true God. But we worship One Triune God, neither confounding the Persons, nor dividing the substances of the same. For there is one Person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Ghost but the GODHEAD of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is One God. The eternal God has revealed Himself to men as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In all worlds the Triune Godhead has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The throne of our Almighty Father is likewise established in all these kingdoms, He rules in all worlds, for His hands has made them all. The earth is only one small footstool”

    "The Son of God is and always was divine. He is the expressed image of the Father. He was always One with the Father. He was truly the Word of God, the creative energy of the Almighty Jehovah. Without Him God (Head) did nothing. “Let Us make” was an expression common in all the works and creations of God. He was The WORD from eternity. His TITLE always was “The WORD” (John 1:1), and until He was born on the earth He was not known as "the Son" (Isaiah 9:6 – ‘Unto us a Son is born, unto us a Son is given’) but as “The WORD” only” (Rev.19:13). He has been present in the creation of all the worlds and was and is the glory of the Father’s throne in this (and all) celestial kingdoms. While on earth we always held Him to be divine and worshipped Him as God; and in Heaven He is confessed by all, both saints and angels, to be God and equal to the Father. All the hosts of Heaven worship Him, He was God manifest in the flesh"

    “The Holy Ghost is One with the Father and with the Son. Equal in eternity, power and glory. In creation He moved upon the face of the waters and developed form and beauty out of disorder and confusion. He proceeded from the Father and from the Son and took up His abode with His Church on earth. He has ever been with them since His coming on Pentecost. He is the Comforter, Guide and SANCTIFIER of His people”

  13. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful testimony.
    If I may share a few thoughts…
    Science and laws of physics talk about laws of thermodynamics. One of which is that matter never dissipates. Energy doesn’t fade, it just converts to something else. Other forms of energy. Whether potential energy, thermal energy, electromagnetic energy. Heaven has been mischaracterized. There is a spirit world, which you seemed to have visited. All life goes there. Scriptures say that we were all formed in spirit before being formed on this planet. Call it a close and parallel dimension, but not like “multi-verse” as pop culture decorates it. We are all loved by the beings on that side, and no matter how you were born, what your culture was, or how you lived, you go there. The aspect of the being of Jesus ensures that there will be a time when we defeat death. There is written, scriptures about the day of the great resurrection. Not just in the bible, but in holy scriptures found all over. Especially in writings in Egypt.
    Jesus ensured that someday we will defeat death. Depending on the way life rolls out for you, and how you react, the spirit world is a place of comfort, or sadness and regret. It is the same place, but Heaven or Hell is on the inside. Not an external lake of fire, but an internal one. Not a paradise of external destination, but an internal paradise and peace.

    A lot of religions say “ready to meet Jesus” as if it’ll happen the instant your heart stops. I imagine, had you stayed you eventually would have met the Son of God. And known Him. He would know your name and all about you. I also imagine that Jesus is very busy (that’s how my limited mortal mind has to think of it) I also know it states that he is a God to many, many attend Him and he attends His Father. Time would have come to meet Him.

    I appreciate the testimony. It gives me much inspiration.

  14. I think maybe the beings were her spirit guides or elders, but because she was so violently knocked out of her body and didn't "remember" where she was or who they were, they knew it wasn't her time to come home yet. Certainly not the devil! When we are ego-less (out of or expanded beyond the brain; ego is a construct of the brain) we can sense that we are all one as spirit, all connected, there is no real separation. Separation seems real in the physical, but it is an illusion. Perhaps this is what she was perceiving, more of a symbol, different beings and yet somehow one. Often spirit is described as that we – spiritual beings – are all drops in one big ocean, individual beings and yet one — that's the paradox of the Holy Trinity. She never sensed that the being/s was/were God or divine- just that they seemed like an "authority" she was drawn to. In most NDEs, people (not necessarily religious) sense the unconditional love from a light/being they intuitively recognize as God/Source/Creator. But she came to the belief later that maybe these beings were the Holy Trinity. I am glad she had the sense that when non-Christians die, maybe they go to a place that is still heaven/a lovely afterlife – but it may not be Jesus' house/mansion, just a different heaven or place in heaven. She says she understands/knows that from her many different spiritual experiences, not just the NDE. That's also what I know, from lots of experiences, including my own crisis experience (not near death, but a very similar kind of experience with a being of light). What religion a person professes doesn't matter. What does matter is that we are here to learn and grow in spirit. We're here to love one another and share our light! Live and love selflessly.

  15. I really appreciated how open minded this Christian lady was to the fact that possibly everyone gets to experience life after death in their own terms and perhaps not everyone gets condemned to hell just because they aren't Christian, I mean like that would be most of the planet going to hell right – lol.

  16. If our father loves us unconditionally, endless empathy without judgment, how can any human be better than any other human for any reason? I think that the statement about it being a heaven for only the deserving must be false.

  17. When Jacob wrestled with the Lord, he asked his name. He was essentially told it was not time for him to know. The answer is found in this Eastern statement. When seeking God, the one you are looking for is the one looking. In other words, when asked if the person knew who they were, the answer is the same answer for all questions you can ask. YOU. Know Thyself.

  18. I wouldn’t trust in my feelings, what I say, or what someone else says about what happens at transition. I put my trust in the Word of God, and Jesus is the Word, and He said, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.”