Your Life's Purpose & True Soul Calling

Your Life's Purpose & True Soul Calling

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Afterlife Tv:
Your Life’s Function & Correct Soul Calling

These days we are discussing destiny—your soul goal for getting here and your accurate life’s contacting. Occasionally we can see clues about our life’s contacting when seeking in hindsight at our childhood or previous. I’m going to share two stories from my past that serve as illustrations, little hints that I was meant to do the work I’m now doing. And past visitor Nancy Canning talks about her new ebook, Your Soul’s Contacting: Answering the Question Why Am I Listed here?

As they say in infomercials: But wait there’s a lot more! You are going to also listen to two tales from the audience, one from Debra who shares her Near-Death Experience and just one from Milton who shares his Immediately after-Death Communications. And I’ll answer a dilemma from Afterlife Television listener, Jack, about the goal of spirit evolution, and then solution a issue from my ebook, Answers About The Afterlife, which asks: Does My Liked A person In Spirit Forgive Me? I hope you appreciate the exhibit! ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

Many thanks to my wife, Melissa, for her wonderful pictures.

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  1. your show has given me hope that I'll someday be with my man. he's only been gone 9 months 11 days and 8 hours. not a single day passed by without thinking of him. I feel so abandoned , so alone.if there's any song I'd like to share for him, its "ill never go" by Eric Santos. a powerful song filled with so much longing and love for my tippy. please find time listening to it. God bless-wing

  2. I hope you film more videos again , when you have time . I miss your conversations / chats / stories . You are a light to everyone who feel alone in sadness / grief . Best wishes from your friends in Ireland ☘️ .