Elke Macartney – An NDE from Both Sides of The Veil

Elke Macartney – An NDE from Both Sides of The Veil

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At 21 yrs younger, Elke woke up to see a shimmering, colourful “mist” all around the sleeping type of her very first husband. She sat up and rubbed her eyes to get rid of the mist—it did not do the job. Marginally afraid, she believed: “Wow, far out! I really don’t do medications, but this is amazing! Hmmm… maybe this the impact of endorphins on my optic nerves?” She went back again to rest, confident it would all go away in the early morning. She was improper.

When early morning came, she not only observed the high-quality mist of color all over him, but the mist appeared to be communicating personal specifics about this male to her. In a panic, she ran to the window to see if any person else had glowing mists and sure, they did.

Hence began her journey to wrangle the gift—and problem–of looking at auras. The journey has introduced her to research with wisdom teachers and shamans from all around the earth, as effectively as get and rely on information and facts from Spirit, and most importantly, her own realizing.

IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) business with a mission to advance an being familiar with of near-death and linked experiences by way of research, training, and guidance. We envision a long term in which all men and women embrace near-death and related experiences as a resource of indicating and inspiration for a improved world. We feel a near-death experience can change an individual’s life, impact the sciences, and embolden culture. The International Association for Near-Death Scientific tests, (IANDS) engages in considerably extra than research now. IANDS has customers from around the planet. We invite you to look at turning into a member of IANDS. To understand far more about near-death experiences, pay a visit to iands.org.

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What is a NDE or Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is commonly a profound, lifestyle modifying, intensely emotional experience that normally takes place throughout a medical disaster and has popular features and aftereffects. It is not a desire, hallucination, or mental health issues (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to determine who will have an NDE. They come about to persons of all ages, religions, socio-financial teams, cultures, educational backgrounds, and perception techniques. They arise under a range of conditions these types of as mishaps, close to-drownings, sicknesses, overcome, surgical treatments, and childbirth. Subsequent an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) generally display screen some typical aftereffects. Research has set up a set of common NDE characteristics and extended-expression aftereffects. Prevalent theories applied to describe near-death experiences have been established inadequate by NDE researchers and many others.

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  1. Fascinating! I am 61, I was 10 to 12 years of age when the hippie thing was going. My very first thought about this testimony was "A hippie?" No, she doesn't look that old. Then Elke says that she is 65, that age would put her in the thick of the hippie thing. Why did I wonder this? Because she talks and has always talked of metaphysical/philosophical matters that hippies talked about. She went through university at the time that the hippie thing was going,, the hippie thing began at universities and radiated out of there. Ele's shirt alone would not evoke thoughts of hippies, but it IS what flower girls loved to wear. My father was totally immersed in metaphysics, in those years, hippies would come to the farm that my family was trying to scrape out a living from, they would stay three weeks or so, then move on, they came, they went and I loved to sit for hours to listen to the conversation because it was about INTERESTING things, IMPORTANT things, a time a place infused with naive, happy, optimistic casting off of old , lifeless, dusty religious ideas, it was an age of inquiry, idealism, disenchantment with the war machine. Then, like a shooting star, the era passed, and society sunk into carnal self gratification, sad.
    Anyhow, I am not saying that Elke was a hippie, but her entire persona radiates that. Also, Elke gives us an insight into the alarming effects of her husband's pathology and the outcome, the "serendipitous" events eg. not being hundreds of miles away while her husband went through the disabling trauma. Thank you Elke for sharing.

  2. It is important at this time for NDE's to understand how to heal ourselves. We are being asked to heal our Cellular Memories and ensure our futures are amazing. GM's are stored in our organs, body, muscles and bones. We pack into our bodies memories from our experiences during birth, our childhoods, adolescence, from family schooling, adolescence, adulthood, from families, school, marriage, work and from friendships and with loved ones and our ancestors before this lifetime. If we have good CM's we are healthy and happy …. conversely if traumatic ones we are unwell. Cells record good, bad experiences which can be passed on from generation to generation. Creating generational traumas. We consciously do not realise this. Meditation to look internally help us to heal our bodies. This expands our consciousness. Longevity and balance in this lifetime. This filters out through positive energy to all humans on the planet now and stays in its purity for future and current generations to access and be. Hope this is useful .. be happy and well. Sherryl

  3. It is a very important time there are strong energies that are being transmuted … for instance one energy system that has given so much grief to NDE empaths by securing our trust by getting us to give them something small i.e. attention, showing friendship etc. They want us to tell us that they are invested in us. When there is often very hurtful outcomes when this is withdrawn or outright personal attacks. There has been so many NDE's and other spiritually advanced people here on earth working to dissipate this from humanities consciousness. Happy to say this has been achieved and is no long at play in human consciousness. I thank all who have held the energy for this essential shift of consciousness for humanity. Be well and i thank you all for your kindness, compassion and work that you may or may not know you are assisting. Sherryl Australia

  4. I really wish people would start making reference to Greyson Scale (or NDE-C Scale) scores.

    I see lots of people who have had STE's (spiritually transformative experiences), or OBE's (out of body experiences), etc and they are commonly trying to convince their selves and or others that they have had an NDE.

    it is disappointing and generally confusing, every time someone in good health goes out of their way to try to identify as an NDE'r.

    NDE's are important because they are associated with scientifically measurable observations and determinations. this quality of information is compelling to the postmodernist paradigm, that does not trust the philosophical powers of reason. so if everyone is going to subscribe to this paradigm why throw away Bruce Greyson's scientific organizational tool in the Greyson Scale (or the NDE-C Scale)? there is no good reason.

    I personally have had an OBE that scores 80 out of 80 on the NDE-C Scale (similar to the Greyson Scale), that was the result of being ultra healthy. I have had a handful more of experiences that score between 17-39 out of 80 with NDE-C Scale too; this is all the result of healthy culmative practices.

    these are ineffable experiences that can help us to evolve, if we are reasonable, and we are not even using the language that we have, to orientate our selves on the path.

  5. 4th December we are having the final solar eclipse for 2021 in Australia. It is time to get philosophical. If our sense of the meaning of life has shifted within the last 18 months since the June 5th 2020 eclipse. This eclipse is super charged new and full moon that speeds up timelines and brings about fated events for each soul and shakes things up for us all. Bringing big changes for us all by bringing changes by removing the old and inviting in more space for more aligned work and projects that feed our souls. Ask yourself am i fulfilled by your work. If not, this is your chance to break away from the mould and take a step towards more fulfilling work or pursuing your purpose. This eclipse will take you on a spiritual journey of exploration of your divination tools to approach the world from your lights and fire within us. Love, light and peace to us all around the world, rest, self care, setting boundaries at this auspicious time for humanity. Sherryl Australia

  6. I hope the follow information will help everyone to understand this evolutionary leap for humanity and why we NDE's are here to help wat this time .. one of our purposes …. "Things will become better and the Pandemic will end. When people change their attitudes and start being aware not only about "myself" but how I influence the community. Covid means – Co – Co-dependent, vid – video (video of co-depency). It means we influence each other with our attitudes and our energy. When most people become aware of how they influence others and accept attitudes of compassion, tolerance and love – Covid will mutate into common forms of flu because it would have completed its purpose."

  7. My friend of 40 years+ since I knew in high school told me what happened to him. He lived on the 4 floor and one night while he was sleeping felt a spirit grab him and he shot thought the ring of Saturn. He described it as rocks showering him experiencing blues and green colors and heard a voice send him back is not his time. He jolted straight up on his bed and yelled to his wife the old sweet lady who lived below them must've died. He want downstairs knocked on the door and the old lady's daughter shouted my mother died.

  8. American soldiers committed many crimes during WW2 that Americans cannot imagine. The American people think that US soldiers were all saints and liberators….nonsense. They were like all soldiers….criminals, rapists, and mass murderers.

  9. Ha! Keep exploring and you will find validation. In 1991, I was on a working holiday in the Simpson desert, central Australia, about as remote as you can be. I met another team member who somehow struck a chord within me. Within days, I Knew "he was the father of my children"-to-be. Like Elke, it was heard in my head but at the same time, like a neon sign across my brain. (NDEers know what it's like to hear or witness something impossible to doubt, the TRUTH is so self-evident.) What are the chances of finding the father of your children in a remote desert location? Despite numerous spiritual experiences since infancy, I was a scientist and found this difficult to accept at face value. However I can only state simply that I knew my 1st daughter's name and personality long before she was conceived, almost as soon as I met her father, which triggered some kind of cosmic switch. From the same moment, I also heard from my other shoulder (one voice on each, my future daughter and some other), "don't marry him!!" Well, reader, I did, and even though Spirit keeps saying there are no mistakes, this was a big one. Some time later I was "told" my life would have been less difficult had I followed the advice given, which has cost my family enormously to this day. (The ripple effect, not just me.) However I was hampered by our human moral religious conventions and felt if I was to have a child with him, I should be married to him. The cost in monetary and spiritual terms to all members of my family has been immense, and continues even now. My choice at this juncture was responsible.
    The lesson here is, if Spirit speaks to you so clearly and insistently, LISTEN! Our religious conventions are just that – human cultural artefacts, not the deeper Truths to our being as offspring of God/Source. So much of our religious belief is based on what humans have said, human to human across millenia (usually male to male!), with all our biases, fears, egoic contaminations, need for power over others, habit-thinking – whatever deep Truth was there at the Spring, it is now hopelessly contaminated by humans' limited conceptions and translations of translations. Spirit, perceived in its full Truth by direct experience, is not so contaminated, and if you get that tap (or 4×2) on your shoulder, it's a gift! Take it, no matter what the human may fear. The human personality is short term and does not survive, our deeper spirit being does, for eternity.
    Thanks for your testimony, Elke, and IANDS. You change lives!

  10. I understand that we are tired of being in form but i am reminded by my guides that i am here for this time to help humanity and the earth to evolve. Very harsh energies being worked on by people around the world some knowingly but many just big hearts without knowing. We are being asked to understand that VOVID-19 is here to evolve us. This is definately happening as people are friendlier and seek connection with each other. See the differences in interactions and the knowledge which is being brought into the open for transmution which is to be transcended. All is good but we are the density of life but we are all here at soul level to help this transition. Love and light to you all.

  11. I've felt and seen like a pink swirling energy around me. I've also seen like a red color of the room. I also saw a dark door with an illuminated light around it. I looked to my door and it was dark. So I am seeing something. It is usually when I'm in bed. It occasionally happens. I've also heard things or for some reason just something comes to me. This was around the time I started learning about n d e s and also human energy fields.

  12. As a 5 year old i passed over due to a car accident. I found myself talking to a magnificent presence. I was told i could stay but if i did i would reincarnate again to a similar family as this was my soul purpose.i agreed to come back but i was not the happy giirl i was before. I saw angels and other people who needed my help. I took lost souls to the light so they could go over to heaven. Some asked me to go with them but i said no i had more work to do. I married and had a healing service. I then studied with a spiritual master in Australia where i lived then and still do. I have given my life over to helping the earth and humanity to evolve to be heart, light, love, grace and kindness which is our heritage.

  13. There has been a dry spell in NDE's the past year. I know their is a lot of YOU folks who have had them and are very hesitant in coming forward with your story. I know fear is a big part, but I know a whole lot of folks (I would!) would love to hear your story. Nobody can know who you are. Faces blotched out or a screen saver…The best experiences/stories are the ones just like you folks. Out on the farm, in the back yard, shop or in the kitchen…Make a video or get help in making one. Contact IANDS…We are just scratching the surface with NDE's.