Crushed By Truck, Touched By Angels – 1/2 – Bruce Van Natta

Crushed By Truck, Touched By Angels – 1/2 – Bruce Van Natta

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Moira Brown speaks with Bruce Van Natta about how he was crushed by a transport truck and survived to chat about it.
Bruce Van Natta
Author, Speaker
E-book: “Saved By Angels”

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  1. This is such a powerful story. All the better because it involved medicine and science over a period of years and is well documented. It is a potent testimony that everyone, particularly atheists, need to hear.

  2. I just keep asking. he's standing on 2 legs and 2 feet? Awe…He's a miracle. I agree, this true in life. If you want to live you gotta fight. This brother's testimony makes me feel like I can't talk. No need, God speaks just looking and listening to Him.

  3. Something similar I lived thru I was working on my truck in garage. I was by myself had both back wheels off sitting on jackstands I was under the truck. When all of sudden truck fell with me under it I was pinned from my head and both arms on my chest and leaf springs pining my arms to my chest. I remember trying to scream but I couldn’t out of breath from truck landing on my chest remember trying to get out but I couldn’t move my upper body at all was pinned down. I remember saying please god not like this my wife or kids can walk out and find me dead like this. I remember coming in and out of consciences next thing I remember I was on the side of my truck catching my breath and then I was inside laundry room walking into living room where my son was at. But I don’t remember walking thrue the garage to get inside my house or how I got out from under the truck.. my daughter said she heard a big thump she thought I drioped something. Wife called paremedics I told her I was fine. Paramedics checked me and told me I was fine nothing wrong no broken bones just a few bruises on my head and chest. Went to hospital wife wanted to make sure and was dismiss a few hours later I was lucky but till this day I wonder how I got out. I’m almost positive I had help that someone had to had pulled me out.. had my angel with me that day lucky me..