“Am I Dead Now? – No One Seemed to Be Able to Answer My Question” | Manuela Fazzi's NDE

“Am I Dead Now? – No One Seemed to Be Able to Answer My Question” | Manuela Fazzi's NDE

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Manuela Fazzi, a therapeutic Yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist in Switzerland, had an NDE next a regimen surgical treatment that went horribly improper.

00:40 Make sure you share with our viewers what transpired for the duration of a horribly failed routine surgical procedures.
04:13 So the catastrophe didn’t come about all through your medical procedures, but later on?
08:37 What thoughts for instance did you understand?
09:12 How did you perceive this see on yourself?
15:39 So you had the ability of being aware of that particular person’s biography with whom you ended up emotionally related with?
19:10 Was it in truth a chronological sequence of gatherings all the way again to your birth?
20:21 How did your near-death experience come to an stop?
21:25 Did you right away come to be informed of your near-death experience on waking up?
22:16 Did you get to talk about any of it with somebody?
26:06 How did your physical recovery proceed just after the surgical treatment?
34:01 How did factors evolve for you on your Yoga path right after all doors had opened to you all over again?
39:22 What concepts do you deem most related with regard to healing?
41:22 In your feeling, what are the most substantial and sustained results in spiritual transformation brought on by your near-death experience?
41:47 1 of your quotations reads: “I perception a strong wish to ease human struggling.” Is this yet another consequence of your near-death experience?
42:49 What does your common day of delivering treatment appear like now? What variety of people search for your aid?
43:50 Is the functionality and sensitivity of sensation another individual another end result of your near-death experience?
44:50 Can you properly inform no matter if individuals thoughts that you’re buying up come from the other individual or perhaps emanate from inside of yourself?
45:38 In retrospect, do you regard this long route as a consecutive sequence of individual steps with 1 primary to the upcoming? Do you truly feel that you were being guided?
47:12 Do you consider that an existence of the soul prior to bodily beginning is possible and that the soul bonds with a bodily body not only the moment? Do you consider reincarnation exists?
48:07 In summing it all up: Lifetime and the terrific experience of human existence is about evolving consciousness and death is basically a different transition, at the extremely minimum nothing to be worried of?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Werner Nieke
Editorial contribution: Heike Funke
Voice-over: Kate Howlett-Jones, Peter Cox
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2021 Thanatos Tv set EN

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  1. ❤️! I am grateful that she points toward an emotional reality that is widely missing from the world and which sorely needs cultivation. The absence of emotional intelligence makes the world dangerous for all of us. (Her surgeon was thinking of football, forchristsake!).

  2. Such a wonderful account and quiet gentle loving yet independent dignified respect for all, an account that inspires soul journeys, healing, and empowerment of others to reach their dreams and to me this is how you overcome the compression of the globalism, by spreading focus on inner healing of dna and mind/body/soul, and doing the individual and beautiful graceful growth and work of each person, expansion of the world, not the intended compression by the world mismanagers. This account caused me to write of journal pages about enabling others to express their soul journeys to find them and fire them up with dignity and self worth.

  3. Medical staff in Europe is so incompetent you’d think they were trained in the 3rd world. That’s surgery is a horror show and the surgeon was negligent. If in the USA, he’d be liable, along with the hospital, for all your pain and suffering, and lose his license.

  4. I am a medical doctor and this is the unfortunate reality of the medical field – it consists of the majority of people who chose a heavy veil of forgetfulness and will figure out things only after passing on. It's a bit paradoxical, becoming a doctor and having no insight into the human experience. But some of us have great insight and understanding. Thank you for your story!

  5. Wonderful interviewer, respectful and doesn't interrupt. As I listened and thought of questions, he asked them. I am so glad your guest is doing well and helping others. Thanks for the excellent English translation. Love to all.

  6. Thank you so much for publishing this wonderful, touching interview. What a truly remarkable woman!! Manuela is so intelligent, sensitive, strong, and articulate. I wish I knew her and could speak with her. Fascinating, uplifting, inspiring, truly special. Someone really should make a film about this young lady's life. Thank you so much for posting this interview.

  7. I am very glad to have discovered this series of interviews. I think the interviewer is very good indeed, allowing the guests to talk and asking intelligent questions. I'm very grateful for your work, and grateful to the guests who tell their stories.

  8. Profoundly deep spiritual experiential journey. religion of self realisation. its true as a medical professional we did not receive much spiritual aspect of medicine.
    My spiritual experience has been mostly from experiential coaching and from interacting with patients who were older and in end of life care… then I learnt about meditation. its only by journeying the dark night of the soul we really grow spiritually unless we are fortunate enough to find a path early in life