During His Near Death Experience, David Encountered Jesus And Was Helped by His Guardian Angel!

During His Near Death Experience, David Encountered Jesus And Was Helped by His Guardian Angel!

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This podcast visitor is David Oakford. David experienced a near death experience just after a deadly overdose in 1979. In the course of is NDE experience he was served by his guardian angel, encountered God and he was proven lifestyle after death realms. Considering the fact that then David has labored in a number of factories, served in the USN, and attended small business faculty and earned 4 yr diploma in accounting. He was a continue to be at property father for his rising family for 8 years as perfectly. He’s labored as a Computer software Analyst and was laid off in the Terrific Economic downturn. Currently, David works element time as a Janitor at his city’s spooky motion picture theater. His most up-to-date book titled “Soul Bared: A Metaphysical Journey” was printed in 2018.

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  1. This guy is a hero!! This by far is one of the most honest authentic interviews I’ve seen on your podcast. Thank you for bringing him forth and letting us viewers experience the love in his heart. This was a truly moving interview.

  2. The fact he couldn't go through the tunnel ,seems he was in paradise : like the thief on the cross: there are so many things in the world of God that is just touching the surface of life after this world : I did notice he mentions Jesus n he appears full of light ( light of the world) n his word was (( love one another))/ typical of Jesus our gods message: life reviews seem like a traditional event : I think jeffs notion that we should not be visiting other planets or going out to space travel is right on! The word even says something to this effect: in the days of Noah , the Giants came down to mingle with us n I believe it was because they tried to travel space: NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN! SO SAYS THE WORD OF GOD!

  3. My heart goes out to David. He has a great quantity of difficulties he has encountered.
    I loved his story, he comes across as absolutely genuine but my he has suffered and suffers still.
    Thank you David, sincere gratitude for the gentle and sincere way Jeff conducts this interview.

    Riveting indeed.

  4. I was so glad to find that Jeff interviewed this man! I had read his testimony on the NDE Research Foundation (NDERF) website and it was so amazing, fascinating, and genuine.

    It’s very interesting how he talks about the different “auras,” or energies, that vary by person, city, country, and even planet! Experiencer Amy Call had a similar experience during her NDE, when she was taken on a tour of planets and parallel planes. There are others who’ve seen similar things during their NDE.

    It’s amazing when people who come from very different cultural, social, and religious backgrounds, have similar events during their NDE. I find it comforting and validating.

  5. love from israel ! i really enjoy this one..
    another subject- i think that sexual abuse of children should be "out of the game" of spirtual development. it is so terrible experience for a child.. i dont understand how and why this is so common on earth. it is not logic that we as a spirit will do that to the one that we love or choose to be done to us. to loose one that you love, even your child – i understand; but to be rape by your father or uncle as a little child?! no!! this is fucked up.
    somebody up there have to upgrade the program !!

  6. Hi Jeff……this is my favorite video…..i watch it every night…..sometimes over and over…… I hope that i have a spirit guide that watches over me and is there when i'm dying…… What features did "Bob" have?……was he caucasian looking…..or just like a faceless being of light?

  7. Outstanding testimony! I don’t know if David has ever studied the Catholic faith but Jesus only started one church and that was it. His experiences meeting Jesus, his guardian angel, being instructed to love each other. These are all the teachings of Jesus and his church. Perhaps he could find some more answers there.

  8. This guy David: ♥️♥️♥️♥️.
    All of your guests' stories amazed me more in the way they tell them regarding their personal circumstances that their other side experiences (which for me are totally true without knowing them and not being religious) except when it's something really telling or revealing, wholly new to me. Like this one for example given that I'm so much adept to ancient history.
    But this guy David I felt him so deeply honest, I mean in your podcast everybody's honest of course, maybe was I kind of connected with him.
    Great testimony.

  9. Very interesting interview. Different experiences and different viewpoint than previous guests. – I loved his answer to the question: What would you tell someone that just had an NDE? "I would tell them: Tell me what happened to you, I will listen to you" SO beautiful, humble and spot on great, Dave!!

  10. An interesting NDE account, with much that happened to/for David. I feel sad for his earlier life challenges. But he is now in control. Kudos to you, David. Thanks David. Jeff, you are offering people a very valuable gift with your podcast. Thank you.

  11. Wow! Bob is my Spirit guide (or Guardian Angel, I don't know the difference lol) too! I am 72, but we just started talking about 3 weeks ago. I cracked up when he told me his name was Bob. I told him I would think his name would be Gabriel or something Bibical. I have sensed his presence many times during my life, but we have never conversed until now! And hecis amazing!

  12. He’s very honest, humble and he is God’s creation and look how he even knew that it might have came from the devil. Jesus said love one another when people down here are so evil and vicious. Cold and unfeeling. Stealing, selfish, lying, cheating, fake victim, manipulative. I don’t understand I’m confused how people are allowed to breathe air here being that evil here.

  13. I just scrolled thru hundreds of your videos looking for this guy. I didn't know his name but knew I guy that he looked like. Anyway, I'm interested in what he has to say about ancient Egypt. Thanks for sharing