Why Spirits Refuse To Visit Some People — Afterlife TV

Why Spirits Refuse To Visit Some People — Afterlife TV

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Afterlife Tv set Chunk-Sized Episode (13 minutes): At any time speculate why individuals in spirit deliver signs or alerts to some men and women and not other individuals? Or why they frequented your sibling’s dream but never arrived to you though sleeping? It’s a legitimate dilemma and a common one particular. Prompted by a tale from one particular of our lovely Afterlife Television set viewers users, I reveal the important good reasons your deceased beloved just one may well not pay a visit to you from the spiritual realm in this chunk-sized episode from the vault.

Shots in video clip generously delivered by the lovely and remarkable, Melissa Olson.

Serving you additional helpings of love this week,
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  1. Oh Bob, you did this video right on time. Some of us with "Parents of Murdered Children" we're actually discussing this very topic. I can't wait to share this with all the others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bob. Please keep on helping us ALL thru this journey. ❤

  2. Thank you For being here Bob for so many people that you truly help. Thank you to your caller as well for her story and as far as you Book Bob I LOVE it. It is truly a gift to everyone who reads it and it is sch a great reference tool! You ROCK but you already know that because I say it over and over again!! OXOXOX

  3. I think that is an excellent explanation. My ex appeared in a dream to me after many years (no kids), and I was shocked and exclaimed about what he was doing there… I did not find out for another 5 or 6 years that he was deceased, and now even more years it makes so much more sense. ;D

  4. Hi Bob, thanks for the video. I have often wondered about the purpose of the dream visits from my Mom, who passed in 2006. I had my two dreams in 2012 and my thought has always been that they were motivating me to explore the spiritual aspects of the afterlife. When you mentioned this around the 11-minute mark in your video I felt a confirmation of that thought. To further my confirmation, my Mom was born on Nov 5th, she passed on Nov 16th and I had my two dreams on Nov 27th. Each of these three moments are 11 days apart (ignoring the years of course, just days in November). Since my dreams I have continuously explored the afterlife, of which you have been a big part. Thank you!

  5. Have visited my parents in Heaven (separate dreams) and my brothers, who are engineers/scientists have not. Think the reasons are that 1) I had a prior interest in the afterlife, 2) my brothers are agnostics/atheists, 3) I actively requested for Mom and Dad's help/support/meeting.

  6. This was a great talk, Bob. I have often wondered why my husband, who passed away in a mountain climbing accident several years ago, visited my friend, but not me. I actually felt some resentment about it. However, one of your explanations, that spirits sense when people are actually afraid to see them, makes sense. When James died, I was in such deep grief that I couldn't bear to think about him on any "objective" level, such as "visiting" me in dreams. I was in a state of shock, actually, and all I could do is feel things – not make sense of them. Also, I have seen several actual ghosts in my life and it was never a pleasant experience – always a chilling shock to the system. However, I must say for those experiences, I got some good stories for my writing out of them, lol. Anyway, just a little note to end: thanks for being in my life. You have helped me enormously throughout the years with Best Psychic Directory. Now I have a channel here called "The Psychic Is In." I'm still tuning it up. I'm also thinking of a site for Instagram. In any case, where would I be without the Directory? It has been a blessing.

  7. I lost my husband in 2013 to an illness. The night before he died we talked for hours. Though under the influence of Morphine he told me that he was going to get the answer to the question that every human on this earth asks. “What’s on the other side? “ He also assured me that he would watch out for me. He told me he would send me signs and I would know it was him. Well he does! He stuck to his word and I hear from him a lot. I feel him a lot and I’ve dreamt about him too. I get my coins and my particular songs on the radio much more frequently than the dreams, but he is watching over me. I personally believe that he built that bridge before he left this earthly realm and the pathway was already established and I was also already in tune to receive it because of what he told me before he departed. The three dreams that I’ve had of him over the last seven years have been very powerful …..So I’m quite happy with having only a few of those but with the power and the love behind them. This was a great video and I’m sure many people as well as myself we’re happy to see it today. As for the people who can’t make contact. You have to open the pathway. You have to welcome them in. Because they don’t want to frighten us, upset us. I believe if you open the pathway by talking to them connecting to them through objects, music art whatever it may be you have to establish the connection and have yourself open to receive them and then I believe they will come through. I’m so glad my husband laid the groundwork before he left. It really has helped me through my grief. It helped me to understand that he’s really still here …..or can come through….he’s just a non-physical energy. Thank you again …..God bless everyone!

  8. My best friend of 35 years died in an accident and did not come to me in a dream state for probably over a year. He came to mutual friends and even expressed concern to them about my grieving and how concerned he was for me as I was absolutely devastated and broken by his death. When he finally came to me it was wonderful. We hugged, we talked and he reassured me that he could hear me when I spoke to him. I cried tears of both sadness and joy at having this brief time with him again. I think he took his time visiting me because I think it would have set me back into depression if he’d come to visit too soon.

  9. Thank you for the awsome & comforting work you do Bob~
    I recently found this channel after a heart break caused by the loss of my boyfriend a few weeks ago. We had many plans but suddenly passed away in his sleep. I've had multiple visits in a lucid dream, including hugs & usually comes through whenever I ask him. Joshua was really my soulmate. I know he's in beautiful place & I believe I'll see him again when the time comes.

  10. Well, many years ago my dead father visited me in my darkest hour and comforted me through beautiful thoughts of comfort I heard in my heart so deep as not any live person could do. It was late at night and I felt him on my right side but I didn’t see him. It was just like people with an NDE talk about hearing others telepathically inside themselves, not with their ears.
    As a seven year old child I had several dreams in which my dead mother appeared shortly after her death assuring me that she wasn’t dead, that she was alive, which somehow surprised me as I didn’t really miss her since she was mostly ill in bed and or in hospital for many years before her death and I hadn’t had much interaction with her.

  11. I first dreamt about my grandparents when I had a very bad addiction in my twenties. I had numerous dreams about them, and when I quit the substances, I stopped having them. I am now in my fifties, and both my parents, relatives, and a number of good friends have passed on. Now I have 2-3 dreams/week, with most of them, very powerful, and in the dream I know that they are dead and I feel protective of them because they are no longer of this world. I am going to take a series of psychic/medium development classes in August. Hoping to deepen the ability, and see if I have any other gifts. Btw, someone sent this podcast to me, this is my first experience with Afterlife TV, looking forward to reading/watching.

  12. I have a file of written dreams from over 30 years. And i have dreams visiting with friends and loved ones who have passed. And i have funny incidents to tell and share.

  13. Nice video! My mom passed away on April 3rd, 2019 (two days after my birthday). I'd been reading and watching videos about the afterlife a long while before my mom passed. So I was expecting to see signs after my mom passed. There were a couple of situations at home and while I was out where some weird things happened which I wasn't sure if it was my mom. But my dad and some of his friends (who helped watched my mom in the past few years, she had dementia) told me they had dreams about my mom. They said it appears my mom was smiling and was happy. It was interesting that I have never dreamed about my mom since her passing. So it was interesting to watch this video. I'd like to think I am open minded. But one reason is I am (for the most part) at peace with my mom's passing. It was a bit surprising when it happened. But looking at how 2020 has gone (COVID19 and wildfires in CA), I think she is better off not being here.

  14. This came to me after I had a message from a friend about seeing my beloved in a vivid dream about one hour after listening to this video: My beloved has given me many signs and visitations, but when my friend shared with me this morning her dream of me and my beloved I understood in that moment that sometimes the soul works most powerfully to reach YOU by sending signs and dream visitations to OTHERS. I had recently in the last few days descended into doubt again about all the visitations and was swimming through dark and deep grief waters – my beloved knew that visiting my friend in her dream would snap me out of this disbelief. What my friend dreamed about is something that only my beloved and I know. I will also add here that it is my personal experience that the soul has a hard time reaching you when you’re in deep grief – because of the energy discord between your state and theirs. It’s possible that your guest is not yet able to receive the dream visitation because of the level of grief she is in (which is around the energy vibration of skepticism.) Grief is a process we should not sidestep, it’s actually a portal to really opening up to the afterlife – but as we walk through it there will be times when it creates for a very heavy curtain. When that curtain is drawn the most tight, is when the soul will use others to help us to come to believe, and come to believe again and again…