Trip To The Afterlife: Near-Death Experience At The Dentist

Trip To The Afterlife: Near-Death Experience At The Dentist

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Trip To The Afterlife: Near-Death Experience At The Dentist

DR. LANI LEARY: “Dr. Lani Leary returns to Afterlife Television to share with us her incredible near-death experience during a program dentist treatment. She points out how she left her body and noticed it from above, frequented with her deceased mother (a gorgeous reunion), traveled by the infamous near-death experience tunnel, and last but not least grew to become a single with the Light (God/Supply/Enjoy). Dr. Lani Leary tells her tale with poetic articulation, and then I stroll her by means of it all over again additional bit by bit to extract the insightful facts and daily life-shifting classes this intriguing excursion to the afterlife teaches us. I know you won’t want to miss out on it.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

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Hear to the songs Dr. Lani Leary talked about all through the job interview
(really similar to what she read during her near death experience).

Check out the first interview with Dr. Lani Leary below:

Get hold of DR. LANI LEARY: Dr. Lani Leary welcomes your questions or responses about this online video and topic. If you have queries or remarks for her, you can contact her at [email protected]. Permit her know you noticed the Afterlife Tv set interview with her.

To Acquire Lani Leary’s Ebook: No Just one Has To Die Alone–please take note that THIS E book ONLY BRIEFLY MENTIONS HER NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE (just so there is no confusion)–the book is mostly focused on assisting persons prepare on their own and their loved ones for a significant death, which is some thing each and every of us would reward a terrific offer from discovering:

Lani Leary, Ph.D. specializes in do the job with chronically unwell, dying, and bereaved customers. She has worked for the previous 25 several years as a psychotherapist in non-public exercise, as a chaplain in the intensive care unit of a clinic, and as a counselor in 6 hospices across the place.

She served as the director of mental health expert services at an AIDS clinic, as a professor of Death Studies at George Mason University, and as a researcher at the National Cancer Institute of NIH. Lani has spoken nationally at about 250 conferences together with the American Holistic Medical Association, Virginia Association of Hospices, Spirituality and Health care, Worldwide Sudden Infant Death Symposium, and Omega Institute of Holistic Scientific tests. She is the writer of Healing Arms, an internationally greatest-offering audio tape about therapeutic touch and complimentary strategies to suffering administration. She is qualified in grief therapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and Crucial Incident Anxiety Administration.

Dr. Lani Leary’s site:


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  1. As a health care worker in a nursing home, I have witnessed many elderly in the stages of dying. It makes me wonder when they are restless, moaning and hallucinating, if they are having near death experiences rather than the "pain" that health care providers normally say they are having and then injecting morphine to make them more comfortable.

  2. Why do some clinically dead people experience things like this whereas most don't experience anything at all when they are clinically dead? I am a skeptic but I want to believe that these experiences are accurate reflections of reality. I'm on the fence. Thanks, Bob, for covering afterlife issues. I hope you're right.

  3. Okay I'm gonna just say it,because I know I can't be the only one who's been thinking it! I'd absolutely love to have a man/woman as a partner in life (like Bob) who actually enjoyed having daily conversations on the type of stuff discussed in his videos!!8o)

  4. I watch most of the interviews you have done Bob, and I thank you for them. Watching them brings the balance back in my life, it reminds me that we came here to experience emotions that we can not as a spirit! So whether it is good, bad or ugly, we can look at it as a lesson, experience etc and not get too worked up about it!! I very much enjoyed Dr Leary's NDE and her soothing, comforting ways must be tremendous asset as a hospice worker and such comfort to the dying and their families!!!

  5. i can identify years ago ive had nde and i understood feeling of peace wanting more downloads of info not wanting to stop understanding or learning. wow. i never thought id admit this 4 fear of ppl thinking im crazy

  6. I have enjoyed healing loosing my mom 8/2/2012 with you and your shows dear Bob Olson. I had seen the other Dr. Lani Leary interview and watched this one on my birthday this am, now a little over three years since her passing. Another wonderful show. And how special to see this one today with Dr. Leary's mom story and just everything. You both are PERFECT for this work and sharing the love and the light. The special surprise of happening upon it and watching it this morning when mom labored to bring me here 56 years ago…is just everything…feeling her love and soothing the grief..preparing to be with other family tonight…there just are no words for the healing time i just had. Mr. Olson, so neat you have a book out too. You are just so special and real…and nice…and so is Dr.L and you complimented each other so well…these things are so important and I really feel how far I have come. Thanks so much. Tender heart feelings are so healing..and the promise and remembering it is really better and bigger than we see here….prayers in God and light…no words for even the feelings because they are connected to other side and pure LOVE I think…thank you Lord and thank you two. Sarah

  7. Thank you for this this channel Bob! Thanks to all the people who have shared their experiences! Even I had a NDE when I was at the dentist's at the age of 10-12, I remember travelling in the tunnel to the bright light and so much love. I don't remember anything after that, maybe the anesthesia was wearing off.

  8. My step mother use to work at Hospice and would tell me stories of death bed visions patients would have before they passed.   My dad just passed age 82 and he saw his mother and pet dog with her that he lost a year prior before he passed away.  So sweet.

  9. Thanks for the work you do Bob. My father passed away not long ago, and i always find comfort in your videos. By the way, I recall you said in another video that when your father passed, you found it strange how your world suddenly ceased, but the world outside the hospital just kept moving along as though nothing had occurred. I had that very same experience. Its an odd feeling.
    Thanks again, and good luck on your journey.

  10. I have to take a moment out of my morning to tell you, Bob, that I am getting SO much out of your podcasts. Thank you; you and Melissa are a Blessing. It brings me comfort to know I'm not alone in my experiences and there are many others on our Earthly plain that have had many of the same Spiritual experiences as I have (not this particular one but I've been Blessed with many others). Thank you for being a great Teacher.