Why He No Longer Has Faith After His Near Death Experience | NDE

Why He No Longer Has Faith After His Near Death Experience | NDE

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Peter Panagore talks about his NDE (near death experience) and how it changed him for good. This is his testimony. A Near-Death Experience or NDE is when an individual dies and comes again to daily life. A Near Death Experience (NDE) is something that another person hardly ever forgets and modifications them forever.

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  1. Loved this testimony!!! When my very devout Lutheran grandpa was dying from cancer and an aortic aneurysm at 82 the hospital wanted to do a surgery on him in an attempt to save him but he looked the hospital staff dead in the eye and said “Im not signing anything.” He was to sign off on consent for a surgery but he proclaimed “I dont want this surgery I want to die because I know where I’m going.” It was like he just knew. It was so comforting. He told us not to cry or be sad because he was finally going home and my grandma was there too waiting for him. It was such a relief. The hospital staff did look at him like he was nuts but I knew he knew. It was peaceful❤️❤️❤️

  2. Question Peter. At 16:19 you said “the voice said ‘you won’t live your life’ And sent me back” Am I hearing that correctly? Why would the voice say “you won’t live your life”?

    Also I think it is so sweet that you chose to come back so your parents don’t have to suffer more than they already were. That is really selfless of you. I’m happy you have such a strong relationship with your parents.

  3. The bible say that it is a lie, John 3: 13 only Jesus went to heaven, even King David did not go to heaven Acts 2: , why did you come back, did you misbehave and got expelled. Was it so bad you had to come back

  4. There are people who did the most horrible, unimaginable things to other people. If your Soul feels these things a thousand times stronger, it must be quite painful. Perhaps people should think about this the next time they’re about to hurt someone. I wonder though if you’ll feel this pain when you’ve hurt someone to protect yourself or others.

  5. If I had the absolute certain we’ll get to see our loved ones again after death, I’d just freakin kill myself no doubt, I just want to see my brother again, it has been too many years without him.

  6. I know believe feel and live my life exactly as described though never had a near death experience. It’s a sense of enlightenment to the level you see through everything and realize how insignificant it ALL is. So yeah you know what’s up but it leaves you depressed and detached and worse but hard to describe. No real excitement no belief or disbelief. Just is.