Dr. Laurin Bellg- Near-Death Experiences in the ICU

Dr. Laurin Bellg- Near-Death Experiences in the ICU

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(The first 15 seconds of this video are audio-only). For twenty years, Dr. Laurin Bellg has worked with patients in the intensive care unit who have near-death and out-of-body experiences during sudden cardiac death and severe trauma. Many of those accounts have been documented in her book Near Death in the ICU: Stories From Patients Near Death And Why We Should Listen To Them

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These experiences are profoundly meaningful, yet when they are reported, they are frequently met with skepticism and dismissal by medical caregivers and family members. Dr. Bellg maintains that we don’t have to fully understand these events to honor the transformative role they often play in the lives of those who experience them. A thought leader in the area of working with patients who’ve had near-death experiences, Dr. Bellg has been a keynote speaker at many venues throughout the United States. Her presentations are popular for their strong story telling and thought-provoking message on the importance of honoring personal experience as a part of healing.

Source: (2016 IANDS Conference)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. This helps me relieved from a barrage of NDEs themselves each with different stories. Maybe I was so obsessed with finding an objective truth that I may have overlooked the fact that what happened to each person was truly meant for them.

  2. I was pronounced for 8 min after a failed 45 min to revive me in 2000 while having an amniotic fluid embolism. It provided me the most profound afterlife (not near death) experience. My Anethesiologist was the only physician who would listen to me, even though I insisted on informing everyone very specific details on my attempted resuscitation or the experiences I had in the afterlife.

  3. Somos espiritos milenares.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  4. Eckhart Tolle in his The Power of Now mentioned about our consciousness that allows us this out of body experience once we access it! It is making perfect sense to me now after reading and listening to these accounts! It is so fitting what Tolle wrote in his book and these real life events, our consciousness or soul exists and never dies! In light of this and Tolle’s I sure hope mankind in general and science in particular is more readily open to this truth! Namaste

  5. I see many empty chairs at this conference and that is disappointing. I fear we as humans are so busy that we have no time to appreciate the spirituality of our existence or that our egos don’t allow us to appreciate the greatness of life and of our being. We marvel at the things we can make like cars and houses and computers but we fail to marvel at the moon, which we know men did not make but it is just as real as the things that men make and made. But the existence of the moon directly points to something that we fail to ponder or admit to ourselves and that is that there is something greater and very profound right in front of us and we fail to recognize it. When we finally start to recognize that, then maybe you will have to have these conferences in huge stadiums and every seat would be filled. My eyes see angels and spirits sitting in the empty seats so know that this work is being recognized and admired. And the day is coming when we will all work together to tear down the veil and then and only then will we all see who made the moon. And every NDE is a slight tear into the vail. We are evolving but it is apparently a very slow process.

  6. someday, someone is going to see their favorite AI in their near death experience, and when they come back to tell that story, that's going to open a whole new bag of worms.

  7. 42:55 "And what a shame, to have had such a transformative intense feeling of eternal love and to come out of it thinking you're crazy."

    This seems par for the course for spiritual awakening.  NDEs are just a type of awakening.  I experienced spontaneous awakening via the twin flame path.  It is often confused with being a romantic relationship goal but it's an awakening path and requires work in self growth/healing & lessons surrounding unconditional love. The patterns in both paths (NDE & TF) are similar. 

    In the end, the knowing is truth – external validation of the experience isn't necessary and many know others will be skeptical.  Awakenings are like human metamorphosis- it's super messy, painful, and traumatic.  Awakening altered every single aspect of my life and wouldn't change it for anything!

  8. To be honest…if "science" will ever be able to prove that NDEs and all the others spiritual experiences were just hallucinations made up by the brain they would definitly lose their meaning. If "science" could prove that there is definitly no Afterlife this whole life would be meaningless. If everything (love, memories, connections, experiences…) was just completely erased at the physical death, life wouldn't be more than a really bad joke. "Life" would be just a really slow way to die.

    And i would definitly not want to live a life without meaning. This life is so full of loss, anxiety and pain. Why would anyone want to live it if there was no meaning to it? Life is not fun enough to live it without any meaning. Its usually not fun at all.

    So…well i guess they better don't prove that there is nothing but this single life. Would really surprise me though if they ever could.

  9. I have a question not specifically about this video, but if life here for a person is a struggle, and life on the other side is just a blissful state, why not commit suicide? Friends and family wouldn't even have to be sad, because he/she is literally in a much better place.

  10. NDE in 1985. Life changed after that. I was given heightened intuition, greater compassion and an understanding of eternal life… it’s not a physical eternal life, it’s a united connection to the life force of the universe from which we gain perfect peace and perfect understanding. Unless you have experienced it you cannot grasp the concept.
    It’s the greatest gift I have been given. I am humbled as a human, respect all life forms and never “ sweat the small stuff”.
    It’s wonderful to hear the experience of others.

  11. Just watching this in 2021 and wow, thank you so much for your tenderness, caring and kindness. You have helped me understand having had a NDE and being a critical care nurse.

  12. I wonder why there aren't more peer-reviewed studies done on this phenomenon? Especially regarding visual veridical phenomena, I'd think it would game-changing for brain science. Very interesting stuff.

  13. People have been brain washed for centuries, just for control, ie. burnings in Hell if you committed SIN & other things.
    I wld be scared to death if it was NOT TRUE.!! Like when you die, there's nothing more, just blackness & non existence,Iike when you go to sleep with NO DREAMS.
    I LOVE HAVING a LOVING GOD, it's fantastic to have our father in Heaven, being pure LOVE.
    Like Ebon Alexander said: