When Bad Things Happen to Good People… In The Wake Of Tragedy!

When Bad Things Happen to Good People… In The Wake Of Tragedy!

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Afterlife Television set http://www.afterlifetv.com : In this week’s 15-moment episode, I chat about my spiritual reaction to tragedies & disasters, precisely Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Each time catastrophe strikes, we naturally ask why. Why do negative points occur to excellent persons? Why does God permit this kind of suffering and devastation? So I was moved to share passages from my books Responses About the Afterlife and The Magic Mala that handle these extremely questions. I imagine they are related, comforting and hopeful. Acquire 15 minutes to listen and let me know what you feel. I hope you and your family are safe and sound.

Check out out THE MAGIC MALA and Solutions ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE, both equally readily available on Amazon. I am constantly fired up and honored to hear your responses. Truly feel free of charge to arrive at out to us on social media – I enjoy to interact with you all on Fb, Twitter, YouTube & Afterlife Television set. As usually, the wonderful photographs in this episode are some of the most the latest taken by my charming wife, Melissa. Right up until up coming time, Bob Olson ~ AfterlifeTV.com & BobOlson.com

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  1. Thank U Bob , u put this subject to rest. I often would wonder why good people died horribly , and those
    people who had so much good to give to the world. And here I am…I could have died a hundred times,
    but I was spared. I asked God, " why was I spared ?', " I haven't made the difference that I came here for".
    And then I realize, maybe I have made a difference without even knowing it 🙂 After all, it's not the quantity
    of life, it's the quality. Your right about people thinking Life is supposed to be candy n popsicles….all
    roses and no thorns. Life isn't meant to be easy here on this planet…I dunno about other planets. It is
    going thru those struggles, that build our character, we grow from it or self- destruct. It's a choice.
    No matter what happens…I will keep my faith. I also see God as an energetic force, I think can
    manifest into anything 🙂 One thing that I don't agree with is LOA. It simply is not the answer
    for every little thing. It is a contruct.. that doesn't fit all things. LOA followers will use this
    concept…on even this subject to explain why things are a certain way. Example : Crop circles mean
    many things to many people. The symbolic meanings…it is a theory such as LOA. What u have
    discussed here in your video,…they would have put a spin on it. Anyways,.. I have a lot of
    respect and high regard for you Bob. Thank u for reminding me of the Truth. Namaste ~

  2. My father recently passed this August and this has lead me to question everything about the human existence, at the same time being angry at the universal. For 3 months i was by his side at the nursing home and watch his slow demise from dementia. He was the greatest father a child could ever ask for in this life time, loving, caring and would give the shirt off his back to a person if needed, but yet at the end he had suffer before his death and it broke my heart seeing him going through this. Seems unfair to me for any good human beings to have their lives come to this final chapter. The light or God as people call it leaves me and i'm sure with a lot of other people with doubts.

  3. So beautiful! My own interest in what happens when we die, has helped my life tremendously as well. Today, having had a spiritual awakening, and having discovered the field of energy healing six years ago, my life is filled with more peace and possibilities than I ever knew as a younger person. Thank you for all these interviews and for sharing such beautiful work.

  4. My husband was one of those people…after hurricane Harvey he drove there from our home in Fort Worth ….with a boat and tons of water and supplies and helped anyone he could find. He passed of a heart attack October 4th. He was only 44. My heart misses him deeply.