What Near-Death Experience Teaches Us About Suffering, Souls & Spiritual Guidance.

What Near-Death Experience Teaches Us About Suffering, Souls & Spiritual Guidance.

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What Near-Death Experience Teaches Us About Suffering, Souls & Spiritual Steerage.

NATALIE SUDMAN: “If you do not know Natalie Sudman, you are lacking out on a single the most enlightening near-death experiences of our time. This is my 3rd interview of a 3-section collection with Natalie, but you really do not want to view her former interviews to have an understanding of or delight in this one. Though at some level you will want to observe all 3 for the complete, lifestyle-switching experience that they give.

“In this Afterlife Tv episode, Natalie Sudman reveals what took place to her in what she calls the Healing Ecosystem. She talks about the distinct styles and appearances she took in all 3 environments, how her soul (complete self) chose the accidents she would endure when re-entering her actual physical body, and why her soul selected all those accidents. We also discover what the Healing Surroundings was like, and what it teaches us about our soul’s detachment and perception of humor. In addition Natalie discusses why our souls make possibilities for tragedies in the to start with place—a issue lots of people today have contemplated pertaining to struggling. We even converse about spirit guides, the setting in which spirit guides exist, and how they satisfy our requests when they get blended messages from us. This interview is so jam-packed with intriguing info that you won’t want to pass up it. I’d love to hear your ideas right after seeing it, so you should enable me know in the remark section.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv set

Do not miss Bob Olson’s e-book: “Answers About The Afterlife: A Non-public Investigator’s 15-Yr Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Lifestyle After Death.” http://www.amazon.com/dp/0965601986/?tag=ofspiritcom07-20

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TO GET AN INTUITIVE Looking through with Natalie, call her by way of her private web site: https://traceofelements.com/intuitive-readings-info/

Click To Buy Natalie Sudman’s Guide: “Application Of Impossible Items — A Near-Death Experience In Iraq” http://www.amazon.com/dp/188694024X/?tag=ofspiritcom07-20

The earlier mentioned online video is the 3rd of 3 interviews with Natalie Sudman about her near-death experience. TO Enjoy AFTERLIFE TV’S First Job interview WITH NATALIE (Year 1): http://www.afterlifetv.com/?p=2328

TO View AFTERLIFE TV’S Next Job interview WITH NATALIE (Year TWO): http://www.afterlifetv.com/?p=2412

Natalie Sudman labored as an archeologist in the Excellent Basin states for sixteen several years just before accepting a place handling building contracts in Iraq. Just after getting wounded by a roadside bomb (improvised explosive device–IED), Natalie has due to the fact retired from authorities assistance. She is now savoring artwork, composing, and continuing explorations into the non-actual physical.

Natalie has been a matter of research carried out by the College of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Experiments, and welcomes invitations to act as a lab rat for any scientific investigation. Describing herself as an open-minded skeptic, Natalie finds that the demanding methodology of science appeals to her significant mind, although her creative nature enjoys the expansive independence of leaving behind the critical mind in repeated forays into the non-actual physical. She maintains that an irreverent sense of humor and a willingness to look foolish are the cornerstones of constructive exploration.

Lifted in Minnesota, Natlie Sudman has lived most of her grownup lifestyle in japanese Oregon, Montana and South Dakota. She lately moved to southern Arizona. Her artwork is available by means of Davis & Cline Galleries in Ashland, Oregon.

TO GET AN INTUITIVE Reading with Natalie, get hold of her via her particular web page: http://www.NatalieSudman.com


AFTERLIFE Television set is hosted by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson http://www.afterlifetv.com. Bob Olson’s other web pages involve:

Bob Olson is also the writer of “Answers About The Afterlife: A Non-public Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Existence Following Death” – obtainable on Amazon in both of those paperback and Kindle book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0965601986/?tag=ofspiritcom07-20 or take a look at http://www.BobOlson.com to down load a absolutely free excerpt of the ebook.

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  1. A question I wonder about and I have never heard anyone ask is this:  most , if not all near death experiencers say time is not linier . Anita Moorjani says that we are living many lives at once  and in some lives we are victimsand others the perpetrator . So why do (awakened people) and everybody I hear talk about enlightenment( including Eckhart Tolle)  say that once your enlightened you wont have to reincarnate . They point out that you made it to the (end) of karma etc. That implies a linier progression where you finally reach a goal and your free. time is not linier right? right? so from thatperspective you can be enlightened in this life then experience the next life  as a psychological  basket case, or a very dense crude person from 200 years ago.  The Buddha  could be currently living a life as a terrorist . If anyone has some insight  on this I would like to hear.   thanks…

  2. Couldn't go another episode without saying thanks, Bob. (I've been viewing your shows for a few weeks now.) As an artist, I'm frequently secluded in my studio, with seemingly endless hours to listen to audio and video recordings of every kind. Your show has become what I'd call a healthy addiction. 🙂

    Years of amateur investigation into subjects as diverse as natural history, theoretical physics, psychology, and religion have led me now to you and your guests. The concepts being discussed are intriguing, exciting, and certainly push the boundaries of my range of thought. Thanks so much for the work that you do, and a huge thanks to all of your guests who've been an absolute delight to listen to. (I often find my mood lightened considerably after hearing an interview.) Your show has been a paradigm-shifting experience, and I'm so grateful for this new "thought playground" that you've opened up for me! All the best, Mark

  3. I have enjoyed every interview I have watched so far with all of your guests.. but the 3 interviews with Natalie, that I watched 1.5 last night and 1.5 this morning, have been the most fulfilling. My mom had a NDE and much of what she says is similar to what your guest have said.. but I love how in depth and detailed that Natalie is and how she really gives a better understanding from the limited words of humans. She is an Angel on Earth.. Bob, great questions as well.. honestly the most uplifting interview.. <3

  4. Bob, would you be interested in interviewing me? I had a near death-like experience. A major spiritual transformative experience without injury. Ego collapse and kundalini rising. Theres very little info out there on it and i believe it will be happening more to people. I had no understanding of anything spiritual or any spiritual practices before it happened so it took a while to find the words. I made videos on it in attempts to help others who may have similar experiences but seems kind of rare. It was life changing and very similar to NDEs when it comes to what i saw and felt during it

  5. I think that a lot of interactions between us and the other side are often wiped from our memory. Having a memory or awareness of events like Natalie's NDE are often meant to be for a particular purpose.
    I had an experience where I went to heaven to meet my future son when I was 10 yrs old. Being allowed to remember the event wasn't granted to me at first.
    I was told that I had to ask to see if it was permissible. The angels that were guiding people on the other side did keep themselves veiled from our view. We were not allowed to see them for some reason yet I was allowed to remember interacting with them.

  6. I have around 50 lives. I don't believe in the probability of having say hundreds of versions due to different choices. i believe there may be infinite probabilities but once you arent thinking about what might have happened if… that possibility no longer exists, only the ones you continue feeding.

  7. I am from India and I love your interviews,Anita moorjaani-,Rob, Natalie,neuro surgeon etc etc and it has given a closure to my mom's death and questions I asked,just like u did after Ur dad passed way.thanks a ton Bob

  8. The book Seth Speaks, channeled by Jane Roberts really made the idea of infinite possibilities and probabilities understandable for me – amongst other things we’re not aware of in this physical experience.