Creating Soul Level Changes for Lasting Growth

Creating Soul Level Changes for Lasting Growth

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Making Soul Amount Changes for Long lasting Growth

DANIELLE MACKINNON: “So quite a few of us really feel like there is some impediment amongst us and the adjustments that we seek, an impediment that is blocking us from our aims and wants. I’m not chatting about an obvious obstacle. I’m talking about anything hidden–likely subconscious–that is so subtle that it goes unidentified for years.

“Yet if I have learned anything from my research of the unseen (the afterlife, spirits, auras), it’s that there IS a way to realize the seemingly concealed. And from my experience, pinpointing these kinds of matters (and bringing them to our conscious mind) is a giant move toward removing them at the root level. My visitor nowadays refers to this root level as the ‘soul stage.’ And that is the matter of discussion in this video dialogue with intuitive and soul agreement expert Danielle Mackinnon who shares with us her excellent strategy for encouraging people today make lasting adjustments and development properly.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television set

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DANIELLE MACKINNON’S E book – Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance — TO Acquire (paperback, Amazon affiliate) The book launch day is June 24, 2014, but preorder your duplicate now and be the initially to get it. Acquire KINDLE Version:

In Soul Contracts (the book), intuitive mentor and advisor Danielle MacKinnon can help you identify and launch the energetic limitations lodged deep in your soul, called soul contracts. Born out of despair, worry, ache, or anger, a soul deal is an unconscious assure that you’ve manufactured with your self in the earlier that is now hindering your potential to transfer ahead in everyday living. By way of a 5-action approach, you can detect, master, and launch these hidden blocks, and therefore unlock your finest prospective.

Danielle challenges persons to re-feel how they watch on their own, their strengths and their weaknesses. Combining her intuitive capabilities with her distinctive capability to hook up with the Soul, Danielle carries on to direct countless numbers of people by their personalized “challenges” into a earth of possibility and brilliance.

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  1. Great topic, ty Bob and ty Danielle. I couldn't help but wonder while watching this if perhaps some of these buried 'seed thoughts', besides what you've discussed here, could manifest in later life as things like fibromyalgia or other chronic ailments that an increasing percentage of the population is currently suffering from.

  2. YAY..You are back!! So GLAD!!!! SO I have to figure out why I felt my life was not complete wo a new interview..hmm..let's get to the's obvious! Great mental and spiritual stimulation!

  3. Hi Bob, I was very moved by your article about your experience with Danielle. I think it is basically part of the normal human condition to have these seed thoughts that block the development of our souls. I also think it's normal for a lot of us to feel a little embarrassed about them because they expose the very coping mechanisms we subconsciously use to "feel okay about ourselves."

    It takes courage to admit these things to ourselves (as I well know), and to share them with others, as you so eloquently did. But it's the only way to grow. I use my meditation practice to uncover and "dissolve" all the "soul crud" inside of me. But it's good to see that you can also do it with the help of others, like Danielle.

    I'm looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. Cheers. 


  4. I have just read your article Bob. Beautiful!
    There was me, thinking "nah, I don't have any safety, support or protection issues!"…..
    I sincerely thank you for having the courage and conviction to open up and share your session.
    I think you have just helped set me on my way to figuring this out.

  5. This made a huge difference for me, thanks Bob and Danielle. I especially love when Danielle shared about her client's statement of being able to live her life with a joyful feeling. Her client had many things in her life shift from her new state of being and the law of attraction responded, but the RESULTS were not the most important thing, the joy she was feeling was the best for her. It was her joy of just being alive and being her that lit her up. This is important for many to hear because too many people are focused on the "outer results" or we could say "the manifestation" and not on the joyful feeling of our being. This now makes a difference for me. I'm willing to do the work of finding my seeds. I want to continue on creating my new business, but not out of the operating system of needing money and security. I will now create from a sense of worth and making a profound difference for human beings. The financial prosperity would be just like a natural outcome for the value that I will provide people and the sense of value I have of the service I believe in (and the value of who I am and what I offer).

  6. Also, Bob, I read the article about your session with Danielle and I want you to know that EVERYONE, especially ME, appreciates your interviews because they make a huge difference to us. So please know that although you may be working "behind a computer" and "promoting other people" that you still contribute IMMENSELY to humanity in more ways than you could probably ever know. You are deeply loved for the difference you make in the world. Because of your article and this youtube video (and your many others) I am committed to doing the work and letting my light shine as bight as I can.

  7. This is a wonderful interview! I am so glad you are back after a too long pause! I have missed your interviews. I do realize that you do always interviews only when you have a personal involvement or inspiration from the persons work. That is what makes the interviews good and then worth waiting for. I saw this the day it was uploaded but didn't have time to write a comment, so I am doing it now! I am happy that you are expanding on the afterlife subject. Danielle has such a bright energy and such wonderful information. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Bob for your videos. Your interview with Anita Moorjani changed my life. I always knew we didn't need to be afraid. The way I was raised didn't make any sense to me. Keep doing what you do! You are awesome!

  9. I need help in this arena myself. How do you actually make these changes? Being analytical, I have isolated my seed thoughts, but knowing them does not make them go away. It is difficult for me to leap between the analysis and the practical. Here is where I just have no clue, but I will purchase the book and keep trying. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. I really, sincerely feel grateful for all the information presented on this channel. And this is seriously crazy, but one of Ms Mackinnon's examples was my current situation to the last detail. I would have thought it was me, except I do not know her. LOL

  10. Thank you so much for this, Bob.  This is really great.  I am a big fan of your near-death experiencer interviews, but this has taken me to a whole new level, and I foresee will continue to do so, and to help others do so as well in a much more balanced way.

    Something I noticed whilst watching this is how distracted I was and how I kept jumping around the place.  I understood that watching this video was making me feel uncomfortable because of the somewhat painful truths that it was uncovering.  I stuck with it, watching it right through, and repeating certain parts that seemed most pertinent to me.  Now I feel that a great wound has been discovered and is now healing (my primary issue being one of worthiness) 

    Seemingly coincidentally, but probably nothing of the sort, I stumbled upon this video whist browsing YouTube.  It seems that this is very timely for me.  And a big thank you to Danielle for joining you.


  11. Bob, you are a very kind and professional person. Thanks for your interesting guests and your gentle and honest way to communicate. Your are a great benefit for me. Thanks, your work is important to many many people. Greetings from Germany.