Veteran Near-Death-Experiences, Support for Veteran NDErs

Veteran Near-Death-Experiences, Support for Veteran NDErs

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Discussion Group: NDEs, Military Issues and Veteran’s Video, 2016 IANDS Conference with near-death experiencer Tony Woody; IANDS President & retired Army Colonel, Diane Corcoran; and producer of Near-Death Experience: What Veterans Need To Know, Roberta Moore.

Diane Corcoran, currently President of IANDS Board and a retired Army Colonel, was a young Army nurse in Vietnam when she treated a soldier whose leg had been amputated. One night he called her over to tell her about his very unusual battlefield experience of coming out of his body and seeing other fellow soldiers leaving their bodies as well. He then described a transcendent experience into another realm. Through the years, Diane became more and more aware of a hidden problem for veteran NDErs. Their care providers have virtually no training to distinguish the after effects of NDEs from other conditions such as PTSD or brain injuries. Veteran NDErs are getting little support and are sometimes being misdiagnosed and over-medicated, and they are left with nowhere to turn. Thousands of our vets have had NDES and they don’t even know what has happened to them. In response to this lamentable situation, several years ago Diane conceived the idea of a video to train veterans and their care providers about NDEs and their aftereffects.

Veterans NDE Video Project:

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  1. Please go be baptised under the water. Mo time here. Many. Even preachers mislead you, why would so many just say believe. Why would it be in the Bible at all then. Save yourself from misleaders. Verses show under the water will point out the falseness. I'd like to see u there.

  2. I believe I read an article by Corcoran that said millions of soldiers are having NDEs but have no counselors to help them. I had what is called an NDE as a child and want to help others know there is no such thing as death. I write about this subject all day long on youtubes. Read what I have written on this youtube down below. Maybe writing here is enough. I would go work as a hospice worker, but I tried once and they don't understand quantum physics and why there has never been death.
    I am convinced that this military industrial complex of satanic thinking generals must really be afraid of death. It is the fear of death that causes so much psychopathy. It is not just the greediness to own all the world, but WHY own all the world? WHY try to rule the whole globe of people when that is such a tremendous job for anyone? I believe that maybe these generals asked God for help once and they received no help. I think that now they believe no god exists so why not try to rule the world? What is left for them to do if they don't own the world by making everyone their slaves? I am convinced that the idea of there being a satan is really the fear of death. People fear death because they don't know they are eternal holograms proven by quantum physics. These satanists think they know all there is to know, so they haven't picked up the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. What is in this book fixes this whole issue.

  3. 29:24   Yes!  This is very true.  I am wary of some people saying they love God more than their loved ones here on earth.  That just contradicts things.  But this guy said it right.  The Source is in all of us so we are loved – period.

  4. This is why we need to stop calling NDE's "NDE's". They aren't near death experiences. They are returned from death experiences. Not only are they returned from death experiences, but when this group speaks of NDE's there is a distinctly supernatural aspect to them. When we use the term NDE, the term itself can be confusing because it could encompass individuals who were in dangerous situations who could have lost their lives–not a situation we would normally classify as an NDE. The term could also even mean someone who is clinically dead, but did not experiences anything supernatural. This, too, is not what we usually mean by NDE. It would be advantageous to adopt a new phrase as NDE is actually a misnomer.

    When the speaker stated that a third of military personnel have had an NDE, I believe this is where the imprecise use of language causes problems. I believe that a third of military personnel have nearly died or believed their were about to die, but I HIGHLY doubt a third of military personnel have died and had a supernatural experience.

  5. An observation:
    A reason for NDE being so difficult a concept for the military culture and brass is that instead of just lip service, Heaven does exist and so does G-d. If so, all that the military is about i.e. waging war, needs to be reconsidered. The NDE experience from which everyone concludes: life and existence are about LOVE, is in direct contrast to the activities of war.

    I wish the veterans much peace and healing.