The Significance of Coincidences | An In-Depth Interview with Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

The Significance of Coincidences | An In-Depth Interview with Sharon Hewitt Rawlette

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Sharon Hewitt Rawlette, PhD is an American author, philosopher and researcher. Her ebook “The Supply and Importance of Coincidences – A tricky appear at the astonishing evidence” (2019) provides a wealth of evidence that coincidences are substantially much more than just possibility situations. The compact and good coincidences in our lives stage to a significant and supportive fact much beyond what today’s science can reveal or even contemplate feasible.

00:00:18 What got you fascinated in coincidences?
00:06:00 You say that coincidences truly level us to a meaningful reality – further than what science can measure these days or what phenomena they would accept today?
00:06:53 Can you give us a breakdown of all the significant sources of coincidences that you have found?
00:10:28 Can you don’t forget any incidents like intermission recollections, the time amongst two life?
00:13:21 Like a chain of activities
00:14:25 Do you have any favored stories or reviews throughout your research which truly amazed you?
00:19:40 About angels and guides
00:22:33 How good do you imagine is the proof that our consciousness survives bodily death?
00:33:06 The hard trouble of consciousness research
00:36:06 To describe an electron
00:38:19 Where by does consciousness appear from?
00:43:29 What kind of globe view or understanding of the universe can you see rising?
00:45:33 Future and destiny: Do you imagine catastrophes in our life are probability activities or is there a deeper indicating to them?
00:50:58 Struggling
00:52:08 Do you assume all those functions and suffering as perfectly contributes in the direction of our internal advancement in a deeper sense?
00:55:49 The deeper which means of our existence
00:56:46 Evil beings and entities which can system coincidences or experiences
00:59:20 Present-day get the job done and designs for the long run

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  1. There were a lot of synchronicities surrounding the death of my son which involved the death of my sister 35 years earlier . I would love to share them with someone like your guest Sharon is there a way to contact her ?

  2. I had been reading about “lucid dreaming” so that in this lucid state a person could consciously inject themselves into their dreams. A suggestion for entry to this process began by asking a person to tell themselves they would be able to focus on their hands in a dream which I was able to accomplish several times successfully. *In a very special dream I was in a scene in a kitchen where there was also my mother and one of my sisters (these two family members had been in a more intimate relationship with my deceased father than I) and I spied my obviously dead father in the background hallway adjacent to the kitchen. He looked very pale and dead but still actively there. I told myself at that moment in the dream that “I am going to get to Dad first” which I did before either of my family members even realized he was there. I succeeded in engaging with him telling him how much I loved him and missed him: in this instance my Dad and I interacted in an dynamic, loving manner. In other earlier dreams since his death my father’s presence was always momentarily fleeting and elusive unlike in this lucid dream. I had been crushed by his death but after this single dream I felt closure and acceptance.

  3. I just today discovered this channel, "thanatos", a name I just read 2 days ago in an apocriphal biblical text. Curiously a name I did not know about it, that I only seen it as a nickname in a game in my teen years, nickname used by a cool and easy going adult. Well, maybe the message itself it's "for me" but I must say: when I read thanatos 2 days ago, I've SEEN It with "uhmm…", with special awareness (for my previews life exp) but I definitely payed extra attention. Now I see this channel 1st time in my life… Thanatos, mmm..
    Now, I believe in God, and forces in this universe. So, I'm at min 14 of the video. But definetely there is a "message" to personally decode in this interaction with coincidences. What's that message? With what purpose? What's the guidance referring to? Not to be fanatic, but I will be paying more attention to the subject (I repeat, with ease, but at the same time, this happens, and it's not just random Intel)

  4. I've had several experiences with spirits. I had an experience also with what I thought was a past life regression. But, I came across something that was soul possession not reincarnation. There's no such thing. I never believed in the rest of this stuff until I experienced it myself.

  5. My mom used to live with my family and since space was tight she slept on a sleeper sofa in the living room and above the fireplace we had a 31 day clock that had two separate slots, one to wind the clock and the other for the chime, my mom wasn’t too fond of that clock when it chimed through the night and for the life of me I never thought not to wind that part, so when my mom passed about 20 years ago I stopped winding the chime until the spring was completely unwound, and every now and then whether it’s a holiday or someone’s birthday is coming or even on that particular day the clock will chime and I believe it’s my mom letting us know she’s still around watching over us, even though she hated that chime it’s her way of communicating.

  6. We are here to learn to love .. because God is love and we need to move to get closer to God .. and it is very easy to love people who are nice and kind to us but much harder to love our enemies as we love ourself .. that’s when we really have to stretch and grow ..

  7. At the 50 minute mark my heart fluttered just a bit.. when she talks about the girl who almost drown but her sister was able to see her in the dark water because she dyed her hair platinum the night before…

    When I was 4 I almost died.. long story short I got stuck upside down inside a box wedged between the front and back seat of our family car, in the floor board.. that's the part I remember.. but I've been asking for details of what happened outside of my experience ever since. My dad was "watching" me. He wasn't very responsible and happened to be working in the family grocery store we owned at the time. I was an exceptionally independent 4 year old who pretty much came and went as I pleased granted it was before the sun went down.. ah the 80's..

    He had a line of customers and all of a sudden he heard a voice.. he says he heard.. where's Tash..? you haven't seen her for a while.. find her…

    He stopped waiting on customers. He made everyone get out right away and he locked the door. He looked at the car and tells me he thought, noooo.. she wouldn't be in there.. but he heard the voice again.. so he opened the door and saw the box and tried to lift it, but it was heavy.. so he pulled real hard and pulled it up out of the floor board.. and there I was. Blood spots all over my face but I was there.. I was ok.. I'm told I was lethargic but otherwise fine and they did not take me to a Dr over it.

    But when I asked my dad what the voice sounded like.. he paused.. and thought about it and said… You.. it sounded like you..

  8. If reincarnation is true then in effect we actually have no family. We wouldn't have relatives greet us in the next world. We wouldn't have deceased siblings or miscarriaged babies waiting for us. Because we all would be in and out of different bodies to different people with different parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children. We wouldnt have stories of handing over the souls of babies that died at birth to an angel to look after until they can be reunited. I think children talk of past lives with vivid memories and how they died because humanity is all one. Everyone's story is recorded in the spiritual realm. More vividly than this earth. Children may find it easier to tap into highly emotional energies of past people…Like a death, or emotional event. When a psychic helps police solve a crime/murder they tap into the experience of the victim. They see what happened through their eyes. They feel what they felt, …Not as a bystander. People who have near death experiences tell us all people are connected…Made of the same 'stuff". We are one. it is an illusion that we are separate. Everything one person does, affects the 'pool' of humanity and time is irrelevant. In some moments and conditions we access that pool briefly.