My Husband Killed Me And I Met Jesus | Near Death Experience | NDE

My Husband Killed Me And I Met Jesus | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. This is straight is the gate narrow is the way Christ talked of… forgiveness regardless this is how he is and this world tramples his grace and mercy daily but everyday he renews it. But there is a set time that grace and mercy will stop. And his compassion and love will end and judgement will begin. Mercy is now

  2. Honestly this is one of the most important stories you have put out for us. Because it answers the question of how we are to be towards people who hurt others. Forgive them.
    Don’t stay and and receive abuse, get away. But forgive them. I hope and pray she and her kids are well.

  3. I trusted in the Lord of Jesus Christ as my personal savior into my heart through faith alone, and not of works, by accepting his free gift of salvation by his grace on February 16, 1996, each day, I confess sins for process of sanctification, to receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior, please refer to John 3:16-18:36, 5:24, 6:47, 10:27-29, 14:6, Acts 2:38, 16:30-31, Luke 15:10, Roman's 3:23, 4:5, 6:23, 10:9-10:13, Ephesians 2:8-10, and Titus 3:5. God bless the world, and thank you for sharing this testimony.

  4. I’m John 3:3-5 Jesus says that unless you are born of WATER and Spirit you cannot see the kingdom of God. Acts 2:38, Acts 8:10-16, Acts 10:44-48 & Acts 19:1-7 shows you HOW to be born of WATER and SPIRIT. Do it in the only saving name of the Lord Jesus Christ

  5. This Is a very shocking story and I am so sorry for all the pain she had to go through. I don't know how It is possibile to forgive someone (moreover your husband!!!!) so cruel , real the Devil himself. I don't know. Jesus can forgive, I would not be able probably. One day this man Will feel all the terrible pain and horror She felt. In his Life review he Will understand all.

  6. This story focuses or morbid details of attempted murder. Not on Jesus. This is not something lovers of Jesus would watch. Sneaking it into a story was almost worse. This is either very immature Christian making money on experience or a complete lie. I will block this channel and pray for you

  7. This week i have been having a hard time with anger even rage welling up in me. I don't feel heard by anyone. Its always what every one wants what they need. People keep dumping dogs in our back yard. We do everything we can to help them. However no one is responding to our calles . These dogs won't let anyone near them. It's 110* out side. we are not rich by any means but we put together what we can to feed them. we have already adopted one of the dumped dogs along with our own 2 dogs and a cat. Im at a loss and feel so angry. This story just lifted that right off my shoulders, THANK YOU.

  8. He was a sociopath and very much hated this woman imo. I wouldn't be surprised if the husband had done this before. His methodology didn't speak of planning with family close by. For him to man handle a woman in a bloodied slippery area wreaks of poor planning. very strange story. I wonder what her behavior was like for decades, did she drive him crazy? or, was he a closet sociopath who had been awakened? his words ; 'i know this is a ruse' , and the fact he was following her directions to strip and enter the shower . There is more to this story
    something is off here!!! I'm even considering that the entire story is BS

  9. JESUS is the TREASURER of our Life, Strength, Health. Provider, Healer, Protector, Savior, LORD of Lords and KING of Kings. Our Future is in His hand. Yes, JESUS IS OUR ALL AND ALL. WITHOUT DOUBT HE IS THE ALPHA & OMEGA read
    (REV 1:7-8) and in SPIRIT, HE is GOD (JOHN 1:1-5).

  10. Everything we experience leads back to God. It seems to prove He hears us no matter how horrible our ordeal. Minister Henry Gruver rolled his car in Colorado. The leg of the luggage rack went through the roof of the car into his brain. While in the hospital morgue his daughter prayed life back into his dead body. Sorry to hear of such tragedy but be on the alert, God is still on His throne. Best wishes…