The New World of Love is Coming, It’s Starting with the Kids Being Born Today! | NDE David Suich Pt2

The New World of Love is Coming, It’s Starting with the Kids Being Born Today! | NDE David Suich Pt2

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The New Planet of Enjoy is Coming, It is Starting off with the Little ones Being Born Right now! | NDE David Suich Pt2

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This is part 1 of my 2nd job interview with David Suich, a Near Death Experience Researcher!

Job interview 1 aspect 1:
Interview 1 part 2:
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  1. Cities, religions…all have different vibrations and we need that variety because we have different vibrations. Same with Heaven and Hell on Earth. There is a spectrum of vibration. Now actual Heaven is a spectrum of Heaven. The vibration holds and there isn't free will. People speak of the love vibration can become overwhelming and they can only tolerate so much.

  2. There is a on utube a new series called; the Ghost Inside my Child.Actual testimonials from children in the west remembering their past lives and beyond. These narratives gives a better insight into the reincarnation process.

  3. You judged that the Muslim praying the light that stood in front if him was Jesus.
    Nde of a Christian who never knew quran spoke to God and mentioned his 100th names that us muslim know only 99 of them.
    So 50% 50% here…

    I love Christians and love muslim

  4. Then why did God have the Israelites kill every living thing in different religions to take their land? Yes, they worshipped other Gods, but did they know any better? So now it is good to protect other religions instead of killing them, which is what I have agreed with. That is why I could barely read the Old Testament-but then again, I sure would want God to do something about those religions that sacrificed babies using horrific painful methods. But why kill all living beings? Innocent ones? I am so confused,

  5. The world will only start getting better when Jesus Christ returns.
    Tragically, evil and violence in the world is only increasing-mass shootings in the US, a horrific slaughter in Ukraine …and millions suffering.

  6. I really don't trust the idea that children being born are now more evolved. That idea is usually a cover for adults who think children would be more evolved or enlightened if only they were being programmed by these adults.

  7. 11:52 interesting someone who get blessed by the Catholic church and is on his way to sainthood (Blessed Carlos antionos) mother got a vision of him saying that he is going to blessed and become a saint and there is going to be a new generation of saints

  8. Love these videos but I don't like the insinuation that Islam is a violent religion. There is, and never has been a more violent religion in the world that Christianity. The U.S. which is predominantly Christian has killed so many innocent people throughout its history and done just deplorable things under the name of Christ. Killing women and children in bombing raids almost daily in Germany in world war 2. Killing hundreds of thousands of women and children in Japan in World war 2, first with napolm bombings and then with atomic weapons. Slavery, mass extinction of native Indians, prejudice against so many different ethnicities, these senseless wars in countries they have no business being in and on and on.

  9. If God expressed itself as all things then why not evil. We think its evil because we have a balance on this planet, we know both dark and light, but can you imagine being born in a realm that we would describe as heavy, evil, dark – its normal to those beings. We see it as evil, they don't. Its like I find humans eating animals so vile but its not considered evil here – maybe in a higher plane someone is looking at us as if this is a hellish planet when they see the young animals being separated from their mothers to be eaten. Its all relative.

  10. Fascinating!!
    Maybe tribes were necessary to survive and support each other, but it is time for expanding from tribes to globalism.
    Maybe we can help pave the way so we can look forward to more peace in our next life.
    Delores question: are we all in each wave… reincarnated, evolved, ready to reap the rewards of our collective expansion?
    Sure hope so!

  11. I have a simple hypothesis that the 'bad guys' here on earth are equally beings of light….
    But like Christian Sundberg referenced, his frequency for earth life was dialed down lower than he anticipated. So what if the bad actors are veiled by the lower frequency and narcissism, etc., to effectively play a contrasting role for all to experience their responses and to keep them from popping out when their role is needed for contrast…. just an idea.
    And it surely turns my ideas and awareness to treat everyone kindly with gratitude for their roles that provide valuable experiences.

  12. Why some people experience hellish manifestations during a NDE – in the earths atmosphere there is what is known as the physic/astral realms – these realms have been created by mankind’s destructive thoughts, feelings, and spoken words also by destructive music, destructive sounds, or any negative vibrations they have projected into the atmosphere of earth. When a person leaves the body thru NDE those most likely to experience so called hell are those whose vibration is low and they get caught in that realm. The people always speak of going through a dark tunnel into the light . They are passing through that realm. When the discord on earth has been completely removed the physic/astral realm will no longer be.

  13. Expressing a spiritual life:

    Love and the result which is Joy.

    Then comes peace of mind and patience.

    We stop pushing our weight around and act from Good.

    Speaking with confidence and goodness.

    Our life becomes an example of good.

  14. This is what I used to argue about with a Jehovahs Witness I worked with. He thought that when he died he would go to a Paradise for eternity. I would say, yes, but after a while it would not be considered a Paradise, it would just be normality. So would he not get bored with it? Especially if he was going to live there for eternity. And no matter what you could do there to occupy your mind, you would one day start to feel negative emotions about your situation. He would not listen.

  15. Not just your children, I’m constantly amazed by my son and his ability to love all with unconditional acceptance of differences in their religion, nationality or sexual orientation. He tells me all the time that his generation will change the world. I hope he’s right.