Spiritually Transformative Experience Panel (IANDS Conference)

Spiritually Transformative Experience Panel (IANDS Conference)

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In this captivating video, two people share their profound, life-changing, spritual transformative experiences at an IANDS conference.

About Bruce Davis
Bruce Davis had his first NDE like experiences as a graduate student from a Shaman who took him to “dream classes” on the other side to access the Akashic Records. Here spirits and people would receive spiritual lessons. Afterwards, Bruce lived with the psychic healers in the Philippines, an ashram in India, Balinese priests experiencing many NDE like experiences through the years. Recently Bruce lived for twelve years in Assisi Italy where he was deeply touched by Franciscan spirituality. Bruce has a life long journey in the mystical experiences in modern and undeveloped cultures where his connection grew to the heart inside his heart, God. He has faced the life challenges of how we are so human and at the same time so Divine. This presentation shares Bruce’s spiritual adventure as he discovered the heart based spiritual practices of these different cultures as keys to unlocking our true spiritual nature, purpose, and path in this world. Bruce Davis website: http://www.silentstay.com/bruce-davis-phd.html

About Nancy Van Alphen
Five years ago I was catapulted out of my comfort zone by a series of three “core” spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) that occurred over a short 2-month period. At the time, I was living a happy, stress-free life. I was not a “seeker,” and would have considered myself agnostic or even atheist, had I cared enough to even classify myself. Given my nature, I struggled to accept that what had happened to me was real. I poured over extensive amounts of literature, but it was the NDE material that proved the most compelling. In this presentation, I juxtapose elements of my STE with NDEs and NDE research to highlight the commonalities (and even differences!) that provided me with much-needed validation, understanding and comfort. Nancy Van Alphen website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancyvanalphen/

(Video Source: IANDS 2017 Conference)

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  1. Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  2. I am enjoying these testimonies very much but feel that there is something missing. What is the purpose of our temporal physical life as it relates to our eternal spiritual life? Or why did God create both worlds, and what is the purpose of this world given that the spiritual world is the ultimate reality?

    I am a member of the Unification Church, i.e. a follower of Rev. Moon and his teaching, the Devine Principle. The first chapter is about God’s ideal of creation. It outlines the basic principles through which God created the universe and His purpose of creation. I would like to offer it up to you all as a way of explaining the truth behind the phenomenon and understanding our purpose. I also believe that these principles can serve as a basis for unifying world religions and unifying religion and science. Enjoy.

  3. so awesome – I too 'argue' with god 😉 & there are many planes of existence, realities, etc: there can be many lives that are lived that are not lived 'just' on earth…..many mansions in god's home 😉

  4. I need some serious advise from iands. About 15yrs. Ago I got very ill from a small hospital in rural area transfered me in ambulance to wpg large city hospital gravely ill with infection. While on way I felt myself sinking loosing contains next I was going down a very black hole at an extreme speed and I thought what is going on. I felt better then ever in this life my mind felt very sharp. Then I was looking at myself how bright white I looked in this black hole I was looking at my as and I could see through it. What seemed funny to me was how can I travel this fast and my hospital gown stayed in place. Then I realized I must of died but i.m going the wrong way I should be going up not down . Where am I heading to then I started to worry. I did not see or hear anyone through my tunnel travel.then my husband and foster children CE to my mind l can't die I have to raise them who is going to love them like I do. I knewy husband would be oke. It seemed I was traveling for hrs. Not seeing even a speck of light ahead. Then I thought about Jesus and god. I totally handedy life over to god. Exact words were god I handy life over to you do withe as you will. At that second I was back in my body in ambulance with sirens on hearing she's back. After that I knew I was going to be well for god sent me back. Although since that experience i.m on my 3rd cancer care till now2020. It's funny how I can feel what people are about to say I wish I didn.t it's hard on me. I could not talk to people in.. family. When I told my husband he give me a funny look so that was that. I believe and love god very much. I have tried to do good as I could in my adult life although I had a terrible childhood
    But I know God loves me. I am human do yes I still make mistakes in life but I try to learn from it. Love is everything in life and forgiveness for without it we cannot survive this crazy world we live in. Do I believe in life after death you better believe it I hope you do too for at some point in life you also will exit your body so be ready. Love to all


  5. Bali the whole culture is giving? It was in Bali that I met the only truly evil thing I've known in my sheltered life. I mean that afterwards that's the feeling I got, the understanding my mind gave me, that I'd met real evil.

    It was a group, a small group, one girl, two or three men, who would catch foreigners, tourists, single men like me and perhaps only single men, I don't know, take them off to a remote walled house somewhere and involve them in a game of cards.

    It was, I suppose, a simple confidence trick perhaps much practiced all around the world where such things happen. They ask you to play cards for money. You say you don't play cards. Doesn't matter, just to pass the time while we wait for these students that are keen to meet you and practice their English talking with you – the pitch that first got you in.

    I won't play for money. Doesn't matter, we'll give you the money, it's just how the game works.

    Then segue into we've got a friend coming who is a really bad man. He stole money from us. We want to get back at him.

    We want to involve him in a card game and trick him and make him lose a lot of money. You can help us.

    I don't want to help, I won't help.

    Doesn't matter. All you have to do it this and this.

    I will not lie, I will not cheat, I will not put any money in the game…

    And so on. I forget the particulars. It gets boring. Upshot is simple, well known to con artists I suppose: the fixed game that is going to 'fix' this bad man and make him owe enormous amounts of money goes awry and instead 'we' owe him!

    And you, the 'mark', must pay your share.

    Even though you have disclaimed any involvement from the beginning.

    This is now the crunch. You pay up or else.

    Luckily I had been steadfast from the beginning. The allure they put before you in their scam is very great. Just a tiny thing here and a tiny thing there and you can profit enormously.

    That's the well known feature of con artist's presentations, scams, everywhere, what they plead in exoneration: that they only catch the greedy, that the greedy catch themselves…

    Fortunately I was instinctively against it from the beginning and truly had no desire to profit and smelled a rat perhaps to my wide reading of novels about shady characters or something.

    I say 'fortunately' because I feel there was something there. They judged me. They judged that I was indeed innocent and so they 'let me off'. So to speak. I had to give them something. Those were (their) rules. Innocent or not they'd run their scam and they don 't lose, they always profit. So I had to pay something.

    Understand I had no idea where I was, had no transport, no cellphone (before the days of smartphones) no friends in Bali, no Indonesian, nothing..

    They drove me to an ATM and I gave them some money and they took it and left me.

    And I had this certain knowledge within me that I'd just brushed up against real evil.

    That was my Bali.

    The truth may be that Bali is my Bali and his Bali both, at the same time. I can accept that. But it certainly is not only, solely, the Bali he says it is.

  6. I believe that reincarnation is much more rare than presented here. If we are spirits having an earthy experience, it may be possible that if one's mortal life is prematurely ended by a mass shooting, suicide or other misuse of another's use of free will, especially if young, it would be justifiable they could be offered the option of a second bite at the apple of mortal life. From there they could have the experiences of falling in love, having children or whatever else they were wrongly deprived of.

    My first thought was, the son of David was surely not the only person who had that name, Abshalom. It could have been as common as the proverbial Tom, Dick and Harry of 40 years ago. Here in 2019, thousands of people around the world are named Barack, but 25 centuries from now, there may be only historical and archeological evidence of one.

  7. So she sees the Christ but won't read the bible ? then she doesn't understand the cross which is the greatness act of love God fore planned for the world. Never trust the wisdom of anyone new to spiritual belief. The true spiritual path always requires a cost most are not willing to pay. If your belief does not require you dig deep in your quest for understanding God and yourself ( even when he shows you things you wish he hadn't ) then you have gained no understanding. It's a free gift to enter but the road of growth ahead demands a requirement of acknowledging where in our lives our selfish hearts rule. All sin is born from the foundation of self rule for it will not yield to ultimate trust in God's way. Many Christians don't even understand this. . We are happy to find God but don't like it when pure love ask us to make changes in our lives, changes that push us into faith territory. so many simply hang out at the gates of salvation and barely take the walk God has ordained for them. We are all called to the specific work God has for you to do. Meditation and falling in love with God is primary. so many Christians either get caught up in having to be seen doing something for God ( without having spent intimate alone time with him ) or they become so sin minded they forget the reason why Christ came in the first place, not realizing the forever debt of sin has already been paid, you are already forgiven and obedience isn't for obedience sake. It's so we are able to stand in the white love of the presence of God and have God manifest his love for us in this flesh and blood world. for darkness cannot reside in the light and we need to be on our knees with honest hearts, asking God to transform the dark places we keep hidden in ourselves. But darkness holds it's desires in two clenched fist and is often fearful of the kind of life God has planned…so they never get around to seeing him manifest in their lives and they slide back into their familiar world life. IMPORTANT – if you think you are going to have final say over your life, doing what ever you like and see the glory of God, think again. PS. evidence of paranormal activity wrapping itself around your new found spirituality is not evidence of spiritual maturity or confirmation and more often than not is confirmation of a spiritual deception in the works. for if your focus of your new found spirituality is craving spiritual manifestations above the inner works of God's love that he places in your heart than you are deceived.

  8. I was wondering- what was the meaning for her to find she was probably Abshalom? I mean- after finding that you were this or that figute- what is this new knowledge good for? I wish I could ask her that- in what way does she feel this knowing helped her– apart from getting to believing in re-incarnation? Actully I listen now to what she is saying at Minute 46:55 & Its starting to answer.

  9. the silence inside the heart …..the emptiness of the heart hmmm america has no culture has no religion america lost everything america worship a man GOD IS NOT A MAN like jesus was we all are he just was a special and close to GOD bye GODS will he was not his will ….

  10. My question about reincarnation is, if we are born into another body after we die, how can we be in heaven and greet loved ones who die and be born on earth as another being at the same time? I hope you understand my question. I was in a roll over accident almost 2 years ago and suffered some brain damage, so I have a hard time with words and memory. Thanks, I loved your testimonies.

  11. 30:30 – Adam Kadmon. Yeah, I've heard this kind of thing before. In particularly there was a blonde girl, maybe in her early 20's, who mentioned something about an epileptic fit at a party and coming in contact with a being whose voice was the weighted average of all voices. Supposedly that being is centered in Tiphareth, and from that perspective the 'true vine' part makes sense. It's helpful for me to hear stories like this because for a long time I've been stuck on what to do with the Jesus story – ie. I've had to consider the historicity of his life deeply suspect and yet, at the same time, His appearance in NDE's as well as all of echoes from Tamuz and Adonis up to Dionysus, Horus, and eventually Jesus of Nazareth seem to have some incredibly rich symbolic import (I tend to go Hermetic with this though as that's where my read of the old and new testaments previously took me). Any lectures like these are a blessing because I often find myself every so often dancing closer to the edge of reductive materialism, even after years of studying this stuff, and I get the reminders both that a) yes – it's real and b) the experiences I had which lead me on the path of studying this stuff weren't a mere subconscious hiccup.