The Light Within Me – A Story of Survival | Ewa Nickolay's Near-Death Experience

The Light Within Me – A Story of Survival | Ewa Nickolay's Near-Death Experience

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At the age of 16, Ewa Nicolay had a motorbike incident. This tragedy resulted in a suicide endeavor – and in a near-death experience.

00:00:58 What precisely occurred when you experienced a motorbike incident with significant injuries at the age of 16?
00:02:21 How did you sign up that you are suffering from amnesia?
00:03:27 What was the cause for your attempted suicide?
00:04:32 What did you experience?
00:05:09 Were you amazed about that near-death-experience?
00:06:07 What gave you that concept that it is not correct to end one’s possess everyday living?
00:07:14 You say that you have acknowledged your correct house. Is it what you describe with light and love?
00:07:51 “An ailment that lasted for twelve decades, a terminal illness according to the doctors, has awoken me up inside of and healed me.” – What particularly transpired?
00:10:27 And then the healing approach was prosperous?
00:10:34 Just after the healing you had refrained from solid food items for some time and lived an ascetic daily life?
00:11:53 You have also observed that you have the capacity to assist in the healing method. Are you a healer?
00:13:21 What transpires when we heal? How does it do the job for you?
00:13:53 Is there, aside from the reality of your expertise, a purpose why artwork is so critical to you?
00:14:54 What notion of human kind do you have? What is the meaning of life?
00:15:39 Can you bring your lifestyle experience to your social get the job done?
00:16:48 What is your mind-set to death?
00:17:30 You consider that is the deal, to guide a extra conscious existence?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Edda Raab
Editorial contribution: Alexandra Grasmik, Heike Funke
Voice-around: Alexandra Grasmik, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editor: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2022 Thanatos Television EN

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  1. Mr. Frederick Olsen communicating with famous British direct voice medium, Leslie Flint a few months after Olsen's passing: "People should consider themselves lucky the day they kick the bucket. I would not come back (to the earth) for all the gold in China!" Olsen was a regular sitter at Flint's home circle in London. Life on earth is a living hell. No one should want to stay here. Death is an escape from hell. Just look at what is going on in this devilish world today!

  2. I was born with a brain injury and it's crazy it's like I know how it happened of course the Dr wasn't sure my mom either how , what or why my left side of my brain didn't develop this Dr's told my parents I would be a vegetable I actually was a gymnist starting at 4 years old but I also has a few experiences I don't know if I would call them NDE or OBE's not sure really all 3 times I was in life threatening situations in one I was only 20 and pregnant I was a bad gestational diabetic and my sugar was up all I knew was God needed to talk to me which he did I was in a garden by a rock God was holding my hand as I knelt before him he spoke a different language to me and I remembered it when the paramedics bought me back i really don't know what to call these things I went through but I definitely feel God has stepped in when I was unable to fight for my own life I love this channel and I know there's an afterlife

  3. The part about "we have to come back here to experience ever kind of feeling, the whole thing" just strikes me as complete hogwash. Until someone supplies a sound philosophical argument for why anyone should consider that the case, there is absolutely NO reason to accept it. She was right the first time in wanting to leave. And making a choice to be here is void and without value if we don't have an authentic choice to leave.