Suicide and Near-Death Experiences

Suicide and Near-Death Experiences

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The subject of death is mainly a taboo in our culture but even additional so when we discuss about suicide. Suicide or self-inflicted death is about hopelessness, guilt, and ending life by choice, so really the contrary to what we imagine when we believe about dying in dignity.

Are there any near-death experiences of persons regarded who have been saved from committing suicide? Is there a link in between the way of life of a human being and the high-quality of his or her near-death experience?

00:00:42 Are there any near-death experiences of people regarded who were saved from committing suicide?
00:01:08 Do folks who commit suicide experience near-death experiences in a different way?
00:06:35 Is there a connection involving the life-style of a individual and the quality of his or her near-death experience?

Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-around: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Werner Huemer
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

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  1. I having a hard time with this topic lately as a believer in Jesus Christ. I’ve heard my share of NDE’s from people who were believers and who weren’t. I’ve heard mixed NDE experience with people who have seen hell, only to be rescued after calling upon the name of Christ many many times. Then I’ve heard experiences of people who were not believers and everything was just fine and dandy up in the heavens. Also I’ve heard people who became believers in Christ after their NDE and others who were once believers in Christ fall out of faith after their NDE. Makes me wonder how many of the NDE stories are legit and how many where there consciousness wasn’t fully out of body per se. with this all states, I will remain a believer in Christ being the only way. My faith is stronger than it ever has been and I grew up an atheist. My faith now is in Christ and Christ alone

  2. Excellent question. If someone’s state of mind is too stubbornly negative and survives the separation from the human animal, then how is this handled? We can see from NDEs that the universe is profoundly accommodating to all disincarnate consciousness. A lingering negative state of mind upon exit is accommodated with various realms appropriate to their degree of negative orientation. These are time-out realms such as might be used by a child to come down from an agitated state. The darkest of these time-out realms are what humans have labeled “hell.”

    But most negative states of mind just prior to exiting the corporeal body appear to simply fall away along with the body. This is likely due to the fact the maybe around 90% of our Earthly consciousness is rooted in the animal brain and only maybe 10% is from our pure true self. For example, sex is extremely important to us now because of the animal we are married with, but as soon as we part from it, sex suddenly becomes of absolutely no concern and we are returned to a much more pure state relative to these dirty animals we are using – no matter how fancy we make these animals look, such as how well Werner has cleaned up his animal in this video.

  3. Thank you for the consistent quality, diversity of experiences you cover and for always staying unbiased.

    Do you have links to interviews with the mentioned cases in this video?
    I understand that those cases are usually about people the Dr met, and may not be published
    But if any are published, I'd love to read more

  4. Something or someone is uploading our consciousness at death – we need to figure out where are we uploaded too and for what reason…. ! Is it nature’s next evolutionary stage or is there advanced technology at work –

  5. does anybody die happy? is normal to be deep depressed and suffering emotional and physically. There is a lot of stigma about suicide due to religion. I'm sure if there is a God he will understand such suffering with compassion and love. People who comit suicide are good persons strongly suffering,they are no criminals.

  6. Normally this channel comforts me but what he's saying about suicide is very disturbing. God will do whatever he wants with the person. He has his own opinions my daughter took her life almost exactly 5 years ago and she was the most meek loving compassionate kind person I knew and she was put on a bad med that caused suicide ideation and she took her life and she kept saying she felt trapped in her body she just wanted to stop the pain so you don't know. You can do your little studies and everything but this does not bring comfort to me at all! I have heard other near death experiences where people said they have seen their loved ones in heaven and these were people who had chose to end their pain. Also I read that when people take their lives to get back at somebody or do something evil then that has an influence. But don't sit there and try to put everything in a box this is something that is not the same for everyone. I have struggled so many times worrying where my daughter will spend eternity. Stupid religious dogma teaches if you take your life you go to a bad place. God is merciful and Jesus Christ died for that suicide. And the week before my daughter passed away she said she started praying again. So don't try to figure everybody out. Sometimes science is just crap! I have a broken heart and I will never get over it. She was not in her right mind and that doctor gave her a horrible antipsychotic drug which my daughter was not psychotic! I have to forgive that doctor everyday!