Spirituality in Clinical Practice (Theresa Yuschok)

Spirituality in Clinical Practice (Theresa Yuschok)

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Rilke wrote, “It is not much too late to dive into your rising depths, the place life calmly speaks to you its solution.” When we invite other individuals to explore their depths of spiritual experience, health care professionals must approach this with an open regard, in compliance with the recommendations of their professions, prepared with issues to commence and go on the discussion, an recognition of interpersonal or intrapsychic blocks and appreciation for the considerable symbols. Medical examples and poetry will illustrate the value of spirituality in clinical observe. (Resource: IANDS 2011 Meeting)

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  1. I think I’ve heard this lecture before? Was therapeutic to hear again. I write because I wasn’t necessarily open to it, (YouTube auto-play chose it for me), but the speaker’s sincere and humble approach to the subject of compassion and therapy gently opened me. Also seems to me much of what is said could benefit society leaders who direct the ‘social flow,’ not just individuals seeking their own cure from trauma or general melancholy. Thank you for posting!