Science of Consciousness – Dr.Jane Katra

Science of Consciousness – Dr.Jane Katra

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Science minded Dr. Jane Katra acquired a PhD in Community Health from the University of Oregon exactly where she served as a professor in the 1980’s. She has also been a practising spiritual healer considering that getting instructions through a near‑death experience in 1974. In this presentation, amid other matters, Jane Katra talks about her time in India studying about the Science of Consciousness.

The Science of Consciousness from India tells us that humans are incomplete, we do not die, and that we’re in this article to evolve as fields of conscious recognition advancing in complexity, capacities, and energetic electric power. Neuroscience offers corroborating proof for the neuroplasticity of our brains, demonstrating modifications in neuron density correlated with changes in a person’s environment as properly as with willful alterations in the written content of types mind. Parapsychological research and quantum physics give proof for our ability for psychic operating and our nonlocal (nonphysical) mother nature.

Quite a few NDErs find they have produced capacities for telepathic interaction, precognition, and electrical power healing, as perfectly as a shift in values in direction of resonance, cooperation, sharing, and supporting. NDErs have specifically expert a state of conscious consciousness of staying connected to all types of lifetime. NDErs’ change in values to sensing Getting coherently connected, and emotion the connection’s blissful higher vibrational condition accompanied by improved psychic sensitivity and capability for radiating healing strength, reveal attributes of a more innovative species of human.
Source: 2011 IANDS Convention

Dr. Jane Katra retains a PhD in Public Well being from the College of Oregon wherever she taught in the 1980’s. Dr. Katra has also practiced as a spiritual healer considering the fact that 1974, after acquiring instructions during a near‑death experience. She is stated in Who’s Who of American Ladies, and is the creator with physicist Russell Targ of the books Miracles of Mind: Checking out Nonlocal Consciousness & Spiritual Healing, and The Heart of the Mind: Making use of Our Mind to Completely transform Our Consciousness. Dr. Katra has presented positive facts in experiments of remote viewing and precognition as well as of psychokinesis wherever she has affected the route of photons in the double-slit experiment, the GSR and EEGs of men and women at a distance, and the randomness of transferring dots on a laptop or computer watch. She teaches lessons in Awakening Electricity Consciousness, and Suffering from Your Personal Evolving Consciousness.

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  1. This is a wholesome, authentic, riveting testimonial of your experience and it had me captivated. I’ve had some unusual experiences myself for a decade of my life, I danced the line between the veils. I’m extremely extremely sensitive. I experienced lots of headaches and my heart beat changes drastically at rest. The list goes on. I’ve had all the medical tests and this was something that truly resonated with me. The challenge is learning how to utilize what feels like a weakness, as your strength. I’d love to learn more about this particularly. Thank you so much

  2. Well, Impressions. My mother got the "feelings, knowing's, etc.", God rest her soul. I get them also and one example is when in 2016/2017 I was having my house here in DC remolded, full gut. At the tale end of the work, and while staying at my brother's house in the basement, I got a strong "feeling". My environment was quiet, not a lot of going on or noise or people, nothing. I was in the basement where I stayed. I got the feeling to go by my house which is closer to downtown DC; brother lives about 15 minutes up town. I went up the basement steps and while he was in the kitchen, said to him something tells me to go by the house. I did so and what I found burned me up. My security storm door at the rear was unlocked, glass door unlocked and the kitchen window closest to the back door wide open, screen and all. I knew someone was inside for sure, so I decided to go in through the front door. Well, I went in and no one was there. But… I just had thousands of dollars worth of appliances, still in shrink wrap, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, etc., also $700 or more goods from Home Depot, door pulls, towel bars, door handles, lights everything sitting on the new kitchen island and such. I called my contractor and raised Cain for sure. Someone would have had a great early Christmas. I drove back to my brother's house and told him what I found and grabbed a few things, air mattress for one, and slept at my house that night. I never got any other warnings, nor feelings to check on the house since then; moved in July 2017. This is only one, I feel, spiritual intuition I've gotten over the years.

  3. I have issues with the phrase, raising your frequency. How would we determine our current frequency versus a higher frequency? Or any frequency? How does one find this out? It seems to me like a meaningless phrase if one cannot establish a baseline frequency, then test for higher frequencies.

  4. I´ve researched alot and we are not forced to come over and over again, if you prefer to work on your soul in the Spiritual Realm, you can do that, after you fullfilled your contract for this time, but it takes longer. There is no time on the other side. You can bet that i will not come back!