SOULMATES in the Afterlife

SOULMATES in the Afterlife

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Matt Fraser is America’s Best Psychic Medium, most effective-marketing author, and star of the hit television sequence on E! Leisure.



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About Matt Fraser Psychic Medium:

Matt Fraser is America’s Best Psychic Medium and star of the hit television series Meet The Frasers on E! Leisure.

His offered-out live activities, television appearances, and spiritual teachings have authorized him to deliver healing, hope & laughter to a world-wide viewers of followers and followers from all all around the entire world. From heartfelt emotional readings to beautiful revelations, Matt Fraser has audiences on the edge of their seats with his outrageous individuality and distinctive tactic to mediumship.

His readings guide attendees by means of a rollercoaster of thoughts from laughing to crying, turning skeptics into believers with stunning specifics. His dynamic readings regularly include things like names, dates, and spots he couldn’t quite possibly know, only incorporating to his long-established name. Matt’s uncanny skills and severe precision have authorized him to get to hundreds of thousands world-wide from A-record stars and influencers, to everyday folks seeking to get in touch with those people they have missing.

The bestselling writer of When Heaven Phone calls and a psychic phenomenon, Matt has caught the attention of major media outlets throughout the country which includes the New York Instances, Persons magazine, and CBS Radio. He has also been a sought-immediately after guest on well-liked Tv reveals this sort of as The True Housewives, Botched, The Doctors, and a lot of more.

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Psychic medium Matt Fraser, creator of When Heaven Calls, is back again to unpack the quantity 1 problem folks talk to him: “What takes place after death?” Although we could possibly hope a complicated reply, it is actually rather basic: We never ever die!

Drawing from hundreds of discussions with Spirit, Matt pulls back again the curtain on life’s concealed revelations:

-What takes place when we cross more than
-The wonderful realities of heaven and everlasting daily life
-The guardian angels who keep us protected on Earth (like our pets who have passed)
-The role of dreams and how souls look to the living
-Enjoy, romance, and soul mates over and above lifetime
-Ghosts, hauntings, unfavorable souls, vitality vampires, and psychic safety
-Future, free of charge will, and 2nd likelihood
-Regrets, amends, and forgiveness from heaven
-Figuring out your gifts and objective
-Karma, kindness, and residing in the divine movement
-How to identify the symptoms and messages our loved ones mail us from heaven

As Matt points out, “We all have our possess ‘phone line’ to talk with heaven. All we have to do is figure out how to use it.”

Exposed via never-just before-explained to tales and Matt’s conversations with the dearly departed, the wisdom in We By no means Die is ideal for any individual trying to find uplifting answers about life’s most significant questions. Explore the healing and achievement that await us and our loved ones in the afterlife—plus how these truths can deliver us comfort, indicating, and advice in our earthly life.

Observe Matt’s Reality Tv Collection:

He’s Unfiltered, In excess of the Prime, & A Renowned Psychic Medium. Meet up with Matt Fraser & His Family!

Matt Fraser is his own greatest lover – and for great motive! The 28-yr- aged is an intuitive psychic medium with a sharp wit, brutal honesty, and a wicked sense of humor. The self-created gentleman thinks he has all the responses – and no one particular, dwelling or lifeless, can influence him normally. Impeccably dressed, perfectly-groomed, Matt’s image can be witnessed all around town blown up to billboard size and plastered on his Cadillac Escalade. Some could call him vain, but Matt just knows what he likes, and how he likes it….and he normally ends up receiving it!

In this 50 %-hour actuality sitcom, E! will observe the humor, coronary heart and hijinks of Rhode Island’s rising golden pair, 28-year-aged psychic medium Matt Fraser and his beauty queen girlfriend, Alexa, and their extended people.

View Now on NBC: up with-the-frasers

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  1. So let’s say a there is a husband and wife and they are madly in love. Then the husband dies. Then years later she meets a new person who she loves and he loves her back. Does that mean that’s her new soulmate if they both choose eachother and not choose her ex husband. And what happens to the ex husband, will he still find someone in heaven ? Or is he single forever ?

  2. I'm now with my soulmate we grew up together in the same street I knew at 10rs old I loved him he felt the same but we never told each other and so went on to get married to different people and have kids forward 30yrs. I just knew we had to be together he reached out and he was single but I was still in my marriage which had got very difficult and yes stayed together for the kids which by this time were not little kids anymore I knew it was time and we are living together now, engaged and getting married soon. Life is hard and everyone has their ups and down and we do but we love each other so much its like nothing I've felt before.

  3. This is a lie there is another lady that I have been in contact with , for a while and she stated that soulmates are sometimes we don’t see them and our lifetime and they could be a brother or a sister and mother it’s not just an a partner partner

  4. Ok then, question…

    So what happens if you have a wonderful significant other. That person is a good person.
    You love them. Your with that person. But you feel they aren't your soul mate.

    Then what?

  5. My soulmate was killed, my husband knew he was my soulmate. He came through in person, in dreams, & actually led me to the Other Side, so I have never had any doubt he chose me. He tells me I am the love of his life, he sends me love songs. I also begin to see strangers loved ones after that. I became more psychic when I met him when I was 17. His birthday was a week ago & his death day was yesterday.

  6. Matt! So far no soul mate in life, so I may not meet him until after death? Then when asked at the door what soul I want to be with, how will I know if we've not met yet? Is there a line of singles? Lol.

  7. Matt – I have two questions. You said that in the case of adoption, the adoptee will be with their adoptive family on the other side. I am a natural (birth) mother. I had no choice in giving up my baby and it almost destroyed me. Fifty years later I am still trying to make sensei of something that didn't make sense in the first place. Why did I have to go through that and why do I never get my child back? It left me feeling that I didn't/don't matter, my thoughts and feelings were/are not important.Also I have a question re soulmates but I don't know how to ask it so maybe I should think a bit more about it.