She Was Taken To A Room Of Knowledge During Her Near Death Experience – Vicki Button 285

She Was Taken To A Room Of Knowledge During Her Near Death Experience – Vicki Button 285

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Podcast guest 285 is Vicki Button. Vicki had an allergic reaction and had a near death experience. All through her NDE experience she was taken to a room of information by a light remaining. She has experienced a daily life time of experiences, stories and has been doing readings for people today for the past 35 yrs. She posts her predictions on the internet or with friends and then they usually happen inside a 1 to 5 yr time frame.

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  1. If her face changes that's called "transfiguration" and it indicates that she has the ability of a physical phenomena medium which is very rare. Great interview, and I could really relate to her.

  2. LOVE it when someone is SO credible. Thank You for telling your story . The idea of death has freaked me out since I was a small boy. Ive had a great life so Im not paralyzed by the thought of it and it has not stopped me from taking a LOT of chances in life and doing adventurous stuff. I try to consider my Death everyday and sometimes it seems over-whelmimg… Real NDE's like this are very helpful. So Ill continue to take chances. .

  3. 47:18 I have had sleep paralysis many times, but I have never felt what she is describing. If it happens to anyone of you reading this, dont panic, be calm and wait for like a minute and then you can move again

  4. Hello Jeff from Tahiti ! Vicki mentionned that she looked at the doctor and the nurse while out of her body and that she knew everything about them. Did she go to them after and tell them things about them to prove what she had experienced ? Thank you for your work !

  5. I was spending the night at my friend's house when I was about 26 and that night a force held my face down into my pillow. She and I were the only ones in the house and she was sleeping in the next room. I could hear her snoring. Whoever this was scared me to death. I felt like a vibration on my neck while this being was holding me down. Needless to say, I never stayed there again.